(C/C) Gainsborough Park Springs Sprint & Urban Start List

Saturday 22 June 2019 Competitor Statistics (Total=105, Online=100%, Event1=93, Event2=94)
Event 122/06/19 Starts 10:30 to 12:00YHOA Sprint Championships
Event 222/06/19 Starts 12:30 to 14:00Middle Distance Urban
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Times
Event 1Event 2
Men Open (M18-M35) (4)
38066697Craig Lucas M21 LOGGBR tbatba
188021295Thomas Entwistle M21 SYOGBR tbatba
778050393Christopher MacKenzie M21 CLOKGBR tbatba
958020588Liam Harrington M21 LOGGBR tbatba

Veteran Men (M40+) (7)
68091170Liam Corner M45 MDOCENG tbatba
121009689Nick Martin M45 CLOKGBR tbatba
59TF HireTony Udris M50 SYOGBR tbatba
721407014Brian Hostad M50 HALOGBR tba (h)tba
948024766David Todd M50 SYOGBR tbatba
97HireRichard Edwards M40 AIREENG tbatba
101HireMike Byron M40 HALOGBR tba (h)tba (h)

Super Veteran Men (M55+) (20)
18270258Graham Capper M60 LOCGBR tbatba
88130758Stephen Wells M60 LOGGBR tbatba
98656108Paul Turner M60 SELOCENG tbatba
107300088Andy Lewsley M60 BLGBR tbatba
248632893Nick Lyons M65 LOGGBR tbatba
308250362Brian Ward M55 HALOGBR tba (h)tba (h)
338385971Peter Harris M60 HALOGBR tba (h) (h)
498641851Michael Muggeridge M55 HAVOCENG tbatba
558150558John Embrey M60 DEEGBR tbatba
601398920Chris Simmonds M55 HALOGBR tba (h)tba (h)
658629999Robert Parkinson M60 NOCGBR tba
73TF HireDavid Lawson M55 ODGBR tbatba
758191055Mike Capper M60 WAOCGBR tbatba
788581223Stephen Kimberley M60 DVOGBR tba
808110747Peter Gorvett M70 SYOGBR tbatba
868120411Bruce Bryant M60 ODGBR tba
888160962Andrew Ridgway M55 NOCENG tbatba
898091957Paul Bradbury M60 SYOGBR tbatba
104TF HireSteve Webb M55 AIREGBR tbatba
105HireAndy Furnell M55 LOGGBR tbatba

Ultra Veteran Men (M65+) (18)
78632903Bill Hanley M65 SYOGBR tbatba
2037028Guy Patterson M65 AIREGBR tba
2137028Guy Patterson M65 AIREGBR tba
2212432Christopher Drew M70 EBORENG tbatba
258130645Doug Dickinson M70 DVOGBR tbatba
268050148Gerry Symes M70 AIREGBR tbatba
378111049Kevin Gallagher M70 LEIGBR tbatba
458632884Peter Carey M75 ODENG tbatba
4750014Fred Ross M70 EPOCGBR tba
528657528Grahame Crawshaw M70 MDOCENG tbatba
548101112Mick Smith M70 HHGBR tbatba
578645292Brian Slater M70 HALOENG tba (h)
6750405Henry Marston M70 SYOGBR tbatba
698170252John Williams M65 MDOCENG tbatba
718010451Jeffrey Baker M65 LOGGBR tbatba
858120411Bruce Bryant M60 ODGBR tba
1008040749Roman Kotecky M70 ODGBR tbatba
1039101450Kenneth Hutson M65 HALOGBR tba (h)tba (h)

Hyper Vet Men (M75+) (3)
278001888Guy Goodair M80 EPOCGBR tbatba
357300076John Butler M75 HALOCYM tba (h)tba (h)
501421944Michael Smith M75 HALOGBR tbatba

Junior Men (M16-) (2)
142061498George Martin M14 CLOKGBR tbatba
938110206Sam Todd M14 SYOGBR tbatba

Young Junior Men (M12-) (1)
152049824James Martin M10 CLOKGBR tbatba

Women Open (W18-W35) (7)
58220491Alice Leake W21 AIREGBR tbatba
178433132Alice Rigby W21 CLOKGBR tbatba
328251092Charlotte Ward W21 HALOENG tba (h)
438100699Megan Harrison W20 EPOCGBR tbatba
448110601Laura Harrison W18 EPOCGBR tbatba
62899185Helen Bowes W20 CLAROGBR tba
68HireRebecca Gray W21 AIREGBR tbatba

Veteran Women (W40+) (9)
408067676Ruth Ker W50 CLAROGBR tbatba
428160772Emma Harrison W45 EPOCGBR tbatba
587050395Helen Chan W40 HALOGBR tba (h)tba (h)
638668926Sharon Bowes W50 CLAROGBR tbatba
668629998Helen Parkinson W50 NOCGBR tba
708201070Tanya Taylor W45 LOGGBR tbatba
7437017Vivianne Lawson W50 ODGBR tbatba
768640445Clare Hanna W50 LOGGBR tbatba
928280366Robyn Stanyon W50 SYOGBR tbatba

Super Veteran Women (W55+) (11)
28250660Louise Dunn W55 LOCGBR tbatba
48291262Amanda Roberts W55 LOGGBR tbatba
118641503Stella Lewsley W65 BLGBR tbatba
168031259Janet Leake W60 EBORGBR tbatba
318040363Amanda Ward W55 HALOGBR tba (h)tba (h)
348657490Isoldt Harris W60 HALOGBR tba (h) (h)
568170958Jacqueline Embrey W60 DEEGBR tbatba
798260760Anne Kimberley W55 DVOGBR tba
878120412Liz Phillips W55 ODGBR tbatba
968171255Karen Clark W60 EBORGBR tbatba
1028251056Sue Hartley W60 WAOCGBR tbatba

Ultra Veteran Women (W65+) (11)
19411831Arabella Woodrow W65 EPOCENG tbatba
238657606Liz Drew W70 EBORENG tbatba
298333125Helen Gardner W65 EBORGBR tbatba
36203137Maureen Webb W65 LEIGBR tbatba
4137597Sheila Smith W70 EBORENG tba
468632885Sheila Carey W70 ODENG tbatba
488160248Gill Ross W70 EPOCGBR tbatba
511833381Dorothy Smith W70 HALOGBR tbatba
618005444Jackie Page W65 EPOCGBR tbatba
648011191Jean Payne W65 DEEGBR tbatba
998657609Jean Lochhead W70 EPOCCYM tbatba

Hyper Vet Women (W75+) (3)
288640444Judith Goodair W75 EPOCGBR tbatba
538657529Irene Crawshaw W75 MDOCENG tbatba
988001934Ursula Oxburgh W85 WAOCGBR tbatba

Junior Women (W16-) (3)
132049825Natalie Martin W16 CLOKGBR tbatba
39444848Tamsin Ker W16 CLAROGBR tba
908210808Anna Todd W12 SYOGBR tba

Young Junior Women (W12-) (1)
918210808Anna Todd W12 SYOGBR tba

Sprint A (0)

Sprint B (0)

Sprint C (1)
848100753Alexander Gymer M65 HALOENG tba (h)

Sprint D (1)
82TF HireKathleen Gymer W65 HALOENG tba (h)

Sprint E (0)

Urban 1 (0)

Urban 2 (0)

Urban 3 (0)

Urban 4 (2)
38444848Tamsin Ker W16 CLAROGBR tba
838100753Alexander Gymer M65 HALOENG tba (h)

Urban 5 (1)
81TF HireKathleen Gymer W65 HALOENG tba (h)

Urban 6 (0)

Urban 7 (0)

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