(D/C/Activity) Tollymore Weekend Start List

Friday 21 June 2019 - Saturday 22 June 2019 Competitor Statistics (Total=137, Online=100%, Event1=57, Event2=80)
Event 121/06/19 Urban Event - Newry
Event 222/06/19NI Colour Series 3 - Slieve Croob
Event 323/06/19Fun Event - Tollymore - EOD only
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Times
Event 1Event 2
Long (26)
62120747Denis Murphy M60 LVOIRI tba
321879648David Masterson M40 CNOCIRL tba
361270303Meadow McCauley W16 LVONI tba
38521206Philip Baxter M65 LVONI tba
40900411Olivia Baxter W21 LVONI tba
482012584Ciaran Young M50 FingalIRL tba
501405885Eileen Young W50 FingalIRL tba
732800076Gerry Browne M12 GENIRL tba
752068111Deirdre Coyle W45 GENIRL tba
772068115Eoin Browne M45 GENIRL tba
812069582Cliodhna Donaghy W18 GENIRL tba
842066891Aoife Donaghy W20 GENIRL tba
861804199Shaun Henry M55 LVOGBR tba
911259025Matthew Vasey M18 LVOGBR tba
931259020Daniel Vasey M18 LVOGBR tba
958182999Richard Vasey M45 LVOGBR tba
982038974Mark Pruzina M55 LVOGBR tba
1028281956Andrew Cox M60 WATOIRL tba
1202107672Martina Rowe W45 GENIRL tba
1222107671Brian Rowe M50 GENIRL tba
1247110711Stephen Gilmore M55 LVOGBR tba
126510873Ger Power W65 INDIRL tba
128661166Lyle Fleming M55 LVONI tba
129HireBill Coyle M50 INDIRL tba
13411926Fionne Austin W35 LVONI tba
1371415161Gordon Stephens M60 LVOIRL tba

Medium (15)
217031051Barbara Foley-Fisher W65 LVOIRL tba
237062850Nigel Foley-Fisher M65 LVOIRL tba
377030474Joanne McCauley W45 LVONI tba
42550914Helen Baxter W60 LVONI tba
4411985Sinead Young W14 FingalIRL tba
651395953Liam O'Brien M40 CNOCIRL tba
67HireChristopher McClure M16 LVONI tba
792066904Ciaran Donaghy M55 GENIRL tba
832078584Edith Bridcut W55 GENIRL tba
1162107674Oscar Rowe M14 GENIRL tba
1182107673Emily Rowe W14 GENIRL tba
130HireTerre Duffy W50 INDIRL tba
131HireJames Coyle M16 INDIRL tba
132HireBrian Coyle M16 INDIRL tba
133HirePadraig Coyle M12 INDIRL tba

Short (16)
2448536Zach Murphy M14 LVOIRL tba
48141415Dan Murphy M14 LVOIRL tba
9HireCahal Power M10 LVOGBR tba
11HireAran Power M10 LVOGBR tba
13HireSenan O'Hare M10 LVOGBR tba
15HireAoife O'Hare W10 LVOGBR tba
17HireMarion O'Hare W35 LVOGBR tba
19HireJonny O'Hare M35 LVOGBR tba
26HireAoife Masterson W10 CNOCIRL tba
28HireConor Masterson M14 CNOCIRL tba
30HireAnne-Marie Masterson W40 CNOCIRL tba
4650644Orla Young W18 FingalIRL tba
52361695Daragh Young M12 FingalIRL tba
631395950Conor O'Brien M14 CNOCIRL tba
712068109Niamh Browne W10 GENIRL tba
1142107675Fionnuala Rowe W10 GENIRL tba

Brown (15)
338119001Andrew Elwood M18 LVONI tba
34442926Alan Elwood M45 LVONI tba
39900411Olivia Baxter W21 LVONI tba
549200753Ruairi Long M20 UCDOIRL tba
561006553Mike Long M55 AJAXIRL tba
578657476Billy Reed M50 LVONI tba
598657477Peter Reed M18 LVONI tba
608632892Des Fletcher M55 NWOCGBR tba
688651796Sam McNeilly W21 LVOGBR tba
901259025Matthew Vasey M18 LVOGBR tba
921259020Daniel Vasey M18 LVOGBR tba
948182999Richard Vasey M45 LVOGBR tba
962038975Stephanie Pruzina W50 LVOGBR tba
1108639638Richard Gamble M45 LVOGBR tba
127661166Lyle Fleming M55 LVONI tba

Blue (15)
311879648David Masterson M40 CNOCIRL tba
351270303Meadow McCauley W16 LVONI tba
43521206Philip Baxter M65 LVONI tba
491405885Eileen Young W50 FingalIRL tba
618656114Sharon Dickenson W40 LVONI tba
762068115Eoin Browne M45 GENIRL tba
972038974Mark Pruzina M55 LVOGBR tba
1018281956Andrew Cox M60 WATOIRL tba
107349160Geoffrey Collins M55 LVOGBR tba
112666173Heather Cairns W55 LVONI tba
1192107672Martina Rowe W45 GENIRL tba
1212107671Brian Rowe M50 GENIRL tba
1237110711Stephen Gilmore M55 LVOGBR tba
125510873Ger Power W65 INDIRL tba
1361415161Gordon Stephens M60 LVOIRL tba

Green (21)
1448536Zach Murphy M14 LVOIRL tba
38141415Dan Murphy M14 LVOIRL tba
52120747Denis Murphy M60 LVOIRI tba
207031051Barbara Foley-Fisher W65 LVOIRL tba
227062850Nigel Foley-Fisher M65 LVOIRL tba
24HireSimon Gardiner M40 LVOGBR tba
41550914Helen Baxter W60 LVONI tba
472012584Ciaran Young M50 FingalIRL tba
551006577Catherine King W50 AJAXIRL tba
581407042Chloe Reed W21 LVONI tba
66HireChristopher McClure M16 LVONI tba
742068111Deirdre Coyle W45 GENIRL tba
802069582Cliodhna Donaghy W18 GENIRL tba
822078584Edith Bridcut W55 GENIRL tba
851804199Shaun Henry M55 LVOGBR tba
871963281Julie Murphy W55 LVOIRL tba
881965027Aileen McCarron W50 LVOIRL tba
1002043494Harry Bell M70 LVOGBR tba
1062105321Alison Collins W55 LVOGBR tba
109HireSarah Gamble W40 LVOGBR tba
111235629Gavin Cairns M50 LVONI tba

Short Green (8)
7401460Harold White M75 LVOGBR tba
29HireAnne-Marie Masterson W40 CNOCIRL tba
782066904Ciaran Donaghy M55 GENIRL tba
89932210Cecil Armstrong M65 LVONI tba
992089506Anne Bell W65 LVOGBR tba
103767747Richard McCourt M75 LVOGBR tba
1052064235Rachel Collins W18 LVOGBR tba
1351601980Marlene Stephens W60 LVOGBR tba

Light Green (6)
5311985Sinead Young W14 FingalIRL tba
641395953Liam O'Brien M40 CNOCIRL tba
722800076Gerry Browne M12 GENIRL tba
108HirePeter Gamble M14 LVOGBR tba
1152107674Oscar Rowe M14 GENIRL tba
1172107673Emily Rowe W14 GENIRL tba

Orange (7)
27HireConor Masterson M14 CNOCIRL tba
4550644Orla Young W18 FingalIRL tba
51361695Daragh Young M12 FingalIRL tba
621395950Conor O'Brien M14 CNOCIRL tba
692068108Hugh Browne M14 GENIRL tba
104410853Luke Collins M16 LVOGBR tba
1132107675Fionnuala Rowe W10 GENIRL tba

Yellow (8)
8HireCahal Power M10 LVOGBR tba
10HireAran Power M10 LVOGBR tba
12HireSenan O'Hare M10 LVOGBR tba
14HireAoife O'Hare W10 LVOGBR tba
16HireMarion O'Hare W35 LVOGBR tba
18HireJonny O'Hare M35 LVOGBR tba
25HireAoife Masterson W10 CNOCIRL tba
702068109Niamh Browne W10 GENIRL tba

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