(C) Poole Out-of-Town Race Start List

Saturday 08 June 2019 Competitor Statistics (Total=47, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Men Open (M18-M35) (2)
89999050John Cook M60 WSXENG tba
44HirePeter Dobra M20 UBOCGBR tba

Men Veteran (M40+) (6)
52061395Guillaume Paget M50 WSXGBR tba
6HireMark Light M50 SOCGBR tba
157300240Steve Robertson M65 QOGBR tba
251239141Jolyon Medlock M45 WSXGBR tba (h)
357601002Rob Hick M55 WSXGBR tba (h)
398442211Paul Taylor M40 TVOCENG tba

Men Super Veteran (M55+) (3)
18270655Gavin Clegg M60 BOKENG tba
42049896David Faulkner M55 BOKGBR tba
36HirePhilip Evason M60 WIMGBR tba

Men Ultra Veteran (M65+) (5)
10202229David Mullins M70 SARUMGBR tba
18HireIan Tait M65 SARUMGBR tba
23300300Mike Elliot M65 MVSCO tba
28363987Martin Cross M70 WIMGBR tba
388628691David Battison M70 SARUMGBR tba

Men Hyper Veteran (M75+) (6)
1350209David Nixon M75 SOCGBR tba
319111945Richard Keighley M70 WIMGBR tba
328630834Bill Brown M80 WSXGBR tba
42261809Arthur Boyt M80 DEVONENG tba
43261851Tony Ludford M75 BADOGBR tba
468641882Peter Bennett M75 BKOGBR tba

Men Junior (M16-) (2)
211409707Harry Bratcher-Howard M12 WIMGBR tba
408388543Joel Taylor M14 TVOCENG tba

Men Young Junior (M12-) (2)
221409708Monty Bratcher-Howard M10 WIMGBR tba
41HireNathan Taylor M12 TVOCENG tba

Women Open (W18-W35) (0)

Women Veteran (W40+) (2)
24414091Tracy Crickmore W50 WSXSCO tba (h)
458138385Cat Edwardes W45 DEVONGBR tba

Women Super Veteran (W55+) (8)
28655911Katherine Pike W55 WIMGBR tba
7HireLouise Light W50 SOCGBR tba
128406772Helen Wheelwright W60 SOCGBR tba
162038704Helen Hodge W55 WIMGBR tba
17434457Sarah Houlder W60 WSXGBR tba (h)
19HireL-J Evans W40 WIMGBR tba
20HirePenny Rodgers W55 TVOCENG tba
347201300Carolyn Dent W55 BOKGBR tba

Women Ultra Veteran (W65+) (8)
3504555Julie Astin W65 WSXGBR tba (h)
92105327Sheila Gold W65 WSXGBR tba (h)
11202230Denise Mullins W65 SARUMGBR tba
148657384Mary Nixon W70 SOCGBR tba
29260284Gillian Cross W70 WIMGBR tba
30401230Yvonne Hodson W70 TVOCGBR tba
3359064Denise Harper W65 BKOGBR tba
37400491Hilary Pickering W65 WIMGBR tba

Women Hyper Veteran (W75+) (1)
47444816Gill Bennett W75 BKOGBR tba

Women Junior (W16-) (1)
261204796Lyra Medlock W12 WSXGBR tba (h)

Women Young Junior (W12-) (1)
271107061Eskarina Medlock W10 WSXGBR tba (h)

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