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Sunday 28 April 2019 Competitor Statistics (Total=125, Online=55%) Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 25 April 2019 See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
M10 (0)

M12 (0)

M14 (0)

M16 (1)
429101946Ben Mather M16 LOGGBR tba

M18 (0)

M20 (1)
558401576Thomas Jarvis M20 RAFOENG tba

M21 (2)
178401531David Murgatroyd M21 AIREGBR tba
278240189Daniel Sutcliffe M21 EPOCENG tba

M35 (0)

M40 (1)
65HireMike Byron M40 HALOGBR tba (h)

M45 (5)
188170574Simon Hodgson M45 SYOGBR tba
221270997David Harrison M45 EPOCGBR tba
328310374Peter Tryner M45 SYOGBR tba
418131070John Mather M45 LOGGBR tba
638339991Philip Johnston-Davis M45 RAFONI tba

M50 (2)
208170668James Garnett M50 SYOENG tba
481210808David Todd M50 SYOGBR tba

M55 (3)
377111963Dean Field M55 HALOGBR tba
568160962Andrew Ridgway M55 NOCENG tba
66400451Dennis Hooton M55 CLOKGBR tba

M60 (3)
198385971Peter Harris M60 HALOGBR tba (h)
348680542Jeff Harris M60 EBORENG tba
617571120Dave Brown M60 EBORGBR tba

M65 (3)
128100753Gymer Alex M65 HALOENG tba (h)
518130950Michael Nell M65 RAFOGBR tba
549102800Jeffrey Baker M65 LOGGBR tba

M70 (5)
18645292Brian Slater M70 HALOGBR tba (h)
308012247Chris Burden M70 AIREGBR tba
358047111Pete Shew M70 HALOGBR tba (h)
46263500Rod Williams M70 HALOGBR tba
5750117John Collyer M70 SOSGBR tba

M75 (3)
2933140Michael Wood M75 EPOCGBR tba
591421944Michael Smith M75 HALOGBR tba (h)
647300076John Butler M75 HALOCYM tba (h)

M80 (2)
101401533Rod Shaw M80 EPOCGBR tba
2650056Tom Crowther M80 AIREGBR tba

W10 (0)

W12 (0)

W14 (1)
438161006Hannah Mather W14 LOGGBR tba

W16 (0)

W18 (0)

W20 (1)
238100699Megan Harrison W20 EPOCGBR tba

W21 (0)

W35 (1)
168205309Anne Maguire W35 AIREGBR tba

W40 (0)

W45 (2)
318199072Pauline Tryner W45 SYOGBR tba
538201070Tanya Taylor W45 LOGGBR tba

W50 (1)
478280366Robyn Stanyon W50 SYOGBR tba

W55 (3)
33345612Jacky Dakin W55 SYOENG tba
381964145Roseanne Field W55 HALOGBR tba
528130464Joanne Nell W55 RAFOGBR tba

W60 (2)
38668918Jacqueline Edwards W60 HALOGBR tba (h)
621291059Pam Brown W60 EBORGBR tba

W65 (2)
1124841Margaret Shaw W65 EPOCGBR tba
13TF HireKate Gymer W65 HALOENG tba (h)

W70 (5)
28121934Mary Carrick W70 HALOGBR tba (h)
58657421Christine Roberts W70 EBORGBR tba
288160248Gill Ross W70 EPOCGBR tba
5850180Jenny Collyer W70 SOSGBR tba
601833381Dorothy Smith W70 HALOGBR tba (h)

W75 (0)

W80 (0)

Other White (1)
39240734Alexander Fernandes M10 WCHGBR tba

Other Yellow (0)

Other Orange (0)

Other Light Green (1)
158220651Patricia Simmons W65 HALOGBR tba (h)

Other Very Short Green (1)
498080246Richard Clark M70 EBORGBR tba

Other Short Green (5)
4260271Bill Griffiths M65 EBORGBR tba
258630904Helena Crutchley W55 HALOGBR tba (h)
40220022David Horn M70 EBORGBR tba
67423581Elspeth Hooton W55 CLOKGBR tba
6950156Wendy Taylor W60 CLOKGBR tba

Other Green (6)
6526683Ricardo Fernandes M45 WCHGBR tba
812502Jackie Barnes W70 CLAROGBR tba
148080851Paul Simmons M65 HALOGBR tba (h)
367050395Helen Chan W40 HALOGBR tba (h)
45347695Pauline Wilson W65 SYOGBR tba
508171255Karen Clark W60 EBORGBR tba

Other Blue (6)
712490Allen Barnes M75 CLAROGBR tba
99200884Michael Burt M60 Red RoosAUS tba
218160772Emma Harrison W45 EPOCGBR tba
248110601Laura Harrison W18 EPOCGBR tba
448670619Clive Wilson M65 SYOGBR tba
6850181Paul Taylor M70 CLOKGBR tba

Other Brown (0)

YBT Yellow Boys (18)
5001*2015385Evan Jenkinson M12 SYOGBR 10:40
5003*2015388Toby Townsend M12 SYOGBR 10:48
5004*2015389Freddie Holdsworth M10 SYOGBR 10:52
5005*2015390Isaac Oliver M12 SYOGBR 10:56
5007*1070510Rory Keen M10 SYOGBR 11:14
5008*1420618Jack Baxter M10 SYOGBR 11:14
5010*1220507John Doyle M12 SYOGBR 11:22
5012*2015395Luke Phoenix M12 SYOGBR 11:30
5014*221284Kai Harrison M12 SYOGBR 11:38
5016*2015400Rhys Caudwell M10 SYOGBR 11:46
5020*32502Stanley Preston M10 SYOGBR 12:02
5021*9251010Nathan Peel M10 SYOGBR 12:02
5022*8091504Pasco Reynolds M10 SYOGBR 12:06
5023*32501Will Preston M10 SYOGBR 12:10
5024*2072308Oliver Craggs M12 SYOGBR 12:14
5025*8011508Caspar Reynolds M12 SYOGBR 12:18
5026*1425846Rafferty Scrimshaw M10 SYOGBR 12:22
5054*Edward and Charlotte Byrne M12 HALOGBR tba

YBT Yellow Girls (10)
5002*8290408Margaux Hodgson W12 SYOGBR 10:44
5006*7110209Alice Pieters W10 SYOGBR 11:10
5009*2015392Beth Sykes W10 SYOGBR 11:18
5011*2015393Annabelle Maltby W12 SYOGBR 11:26
5013*2015398Sofia Stephenson W12 SYOGBR 11:34
5015*2015399Ellen Ash W10 SYOGBR 11:42
5017*2072301Olivia White W12 SYOGBR 11:50
5018*1140109Charlotte Chapman W10 SYOGBR 11:54
5019*8041068Ella Baxter W10 SYOGBR 11:58
5056*Georgia Cook W12 HALOGBR 10:30

YBT Orange Boys (7)
5027*2072309Benjamin Townsend M14 SYOGBR 10:41
5028*8200810Robbie Lightfoot M12 SYOGBR 11:11
5031*2072311Freddie Emmett M14 SYOGBR 11:23
5032*8241108Oscar Peel M12 SYOGBR 11:27
5033*2072310Ben Ash M12 SYOGBR 11:31
5034*1425839James Bryant M12 SYOGBR 11:51
5055*Harry Cook M14 HALOGBR 10:30

YBT Orange Girls (3)
5029*1311006Ciara Keen W14 SYOGBR 11:15
5030*8210808Anna Todd W12 SYOGBR 11:19
5035*8130307Freya Tryner W12 SYOGBR 11:55

YBT Light Green Boys (6)
5036*2072313Dylan Jenkinson M14 SYOGBR 10:42
5037*8151005Daniel Hill M14 SYOGBR 10:46
5039*8200512Jamie Lightfoot M14 SYOGBR 11:16
5040*8110206Sam Todd M14 SYOGBR 11:20
5043*8051104Matthew Morris M16 SYOGBR 11:32
5044*8260306Conrad Reuber M14 SYOGBR 11:52

YBT Light Green Girls (6)
5038*8470959Imogen Pieters W14 SYOGBR 11:12
5041*8123210Carys Phoenix W14 SYOGBR 11:24
5042*2072314Naomi Thornton W16 SYOGBR 11:28
5045*1112604Alex Crawshaw W14 SYOGBR 11:56
5052*Elspeth Jolly W14 HALOGBR tba
5053*Flora Jolly W14 HALOGBR tba

YBT Green Boys (4)
5046*8170804William Garnett M16 SYOGBR 10:43
5048*1311002Samuel Doyle M18 SYOGBR 11:13
5049*8261104Euan Tryner M16 SYOGBR 11:53
5051*8420888Sam Crawshaw M16 SYOGBR 12:01

YBT Green Girls (2)
5047*8270202Isabelle Hodgson W18 SYOGBR 10:47
5050*8131200Isobel Reuber W18 SYOGBR 11:57

YBS Yellow Boys (0)

YBS Yellow Girls (0)

YBS Orange Boys (0)

YBS Orange Girls (0)

YBS Light Green Boys (0)

YBS Light Green Girls (0)

YBS Green Boys (0)

YBS Green Girls (0)

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