(C/C) Redditch Weekend Start List

Saturday 06 April 2019 - Sunday 07 April 2019 Competitor Statistics (Total=213, Online=100%, Event1=114, Event2=99)
Event 106/04/2019Redditch (WM Urban League)
Event 207/04/2019Arrow Valley Regional (WM League)
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Times
Event 1Event 2
Men Open (M18-M35) (9)
18tba8300788James Thomas M21 COBOCGBR tba
25tba7030880Robert Rose M35 HOCGBR tba (h)
43tba947191James Wilkinson M21 BKOENG tba(ve)
121tba8670625Mark Rookledge M50 ODGBR tba(e)
143tba8739661Elizabeth Hamer-Davies W50 MDOCCYM tba(e)
169tba8669936Sam Leadley M20 ODGBR tba(e)
171tba9101826David Leadley M55 ODGBR tba(e)
195tba800711Robert Atkins M35 HOCGBR tba(l)
196tba8643382Thomas Cochrane M21 NGOCGBR tba

Men Veteran (M40+) (19)
2tba8033136David Pal M50 WRECYM tba(ve)
10tba8180414Philip Caswell M55 LEIENG tba(e)
13tba304272Luis Perdigao M40 HOCGBR tba
26tba511965Simon Denman M50 NGOCGBR tba(ve)
35tba8100959Peter Langmaid M50 HOCGBR tba (h)
37tba8667400Ian Hopkins M50 WREGBR tba(m)
44tba8641546David Hunt M55 BOKGBR tba(e)
58tba2127376Russell Finch M50 SWOCGBR tba(ve)
67tba8641502Trevor Hindle M55 MDOCENG tba(m)
82tba8081572David Oxtoby M45 ODENG tba(l)
86tba8641527Rob Smart M50 ODGBR tba(ve)
88tba8630867Adrian Griffiths M50 WREENG tba(e)
93tbaHireJohn Rendall M40 ODGBR tba
130tba8221169Christopher McCartney M50 ODENG tba(m)
141tba8313391Clive Richardson M50 WREGBR tba(e)
150tbaHireAndy Howman M40 INDGBR tba(ve)
173tba2076117Mykyta Chubynsky M40 ODGBR tba(l)
177tba261749Adrian Bailey M50 HOCGBR tba(m) (h)
197tba8657541Tom Birthwright M40 NGOCGBR tba(m)

Men Super Veteran (M55+) (20)
15tba8445566Ray Collins M60 WCHGBR tba(m)
41tba2064223Mike Wilkinson M60 HOCGBR tba(ve)
45tba8001088Mike Goldthorpe M60 SOCGBR tba(e)
55tba260336Clive Caffall M55 NGOCGBR tba(l)
56tba8271254Richard Gardner M65 ODGBR tba(vl)
60tba8250362Brian Ward M55 HALOGBR tba(l)
66tba1008520Mike Farrington M60 HOCGBR tba (h)
69tba8581223Stephen Kimberley M60 DVOGBR tba(m)
102tba7630730Kevin Ross M55 ODGBR tba(m)
109tba8634099Philip Kirk M60 ODGBR tba(m)
126tba8640489Mike Snell M60 ODGBR tba(ve)
151tba8629999Robert Parkinson M60 NOCGBR tba(e)
159tba800555Roger Thetford M55 TVOCGBR tba(vl)
163tba2131656Leo Morgado M45 ODGBR tba
167tba8181962David Potter M55 BOKGBR tba(l)
182tba1396122Philip Eeles M60 SOCENG tba(e)
187tba442974Karl Kingsman M55 HOCGBR tba (h)
200tba8001122David Vincent M55 DVOENG tba(l)
201tba333631Ian Pickering M60 HOCGBR tba(m)
206tba12545Clive Giddis M55 DEEGBR tba(e)

Men Ultra Veteran (M65+) (22)
1tba8630952Nigel Hoult M65 BKOGBR tba(m)
6tba8301508Rick Roberts M65 HOCGBR tba(l) (h)
8tba423573Nigel Cousins M65 HOCGBR tba (h)
9tba9000280Mike Hampton M70 ODGBR tba(m)
21tba1831959Alec Maldar M60 SMOCGBR tba(e)
31tba8010948Eric Brown M70 HOCGBR tba(l)
54tba8669931Richard Lewis M65 WREGBR tba(ve)
73tba8130645Doug Dickinson M70 DVOGBR tba(m)
74tba8030249Mike Godfree M70 DVOGBR tba(e)
97tba7201839Tony Feltbower M65 ODGBR tba(e)
117tba8111049Kevin Gallagher M70 LEIGBR tba(e)
118tba8401766Keith Willdig M70 ODGBR tba(m)
120tba8657510Robert Scott M70 HOCGBR tba(m)
132tba2074498Mick Sadler M70 COBOCGBR tba(e)
134tba411118Stephen Nightingale M70 HOCGBR tba(ve)
136tba333910Ashley Ford M65 HOCGBR tba (h)
138tba8328138Paul Taunton M65 NGOCENG tba(m)
142tba436451Russ Fauset M70 HOCGBR tba (h)
158tba333621Barry McGowan M70 HOCENG tba (h)
179tba50035Martin Gibbons M70 WREGBR tba(m)
180tba522929Jonathan Howell M65 WCHGBR tba(m)
214tba8161153Dave Smith M65 WCHGBR tba

Men Hyper Veteran (M75+) (3)
12tba50138Robert Vickers M75 HOCGBR tba (h)
95tba260400Clive Wrench M75 TVOCGBR tba(e)
115tba8632884Peter Carey M75 ODENG tba(m)

Men Junior (M16-) (5)
47tba8260106Arthur Mitchell M14 HOCGBR tba (h)
49tba8090404Sebastian Mitchell M16 HOCGBR tba (h)
79tbaHireLewis Oxtoby M14 ODENG tba(l)
81tba8011203Jacob Oxtoby M16 ODENG tba(l)
156tba2127402Kieran Rose M12 HOCGBR tba (h)

Men Young Junior (M12-) (1)
191tba363989Jamie Atkins M10 HOCGBR tba(ve)

Women Open (W18-W35) (3)
184tbaHireEloise Lee W21 INDENG tba(l)
193tba37211Kath Atkins W35 HOCGBR tba(ve)
213tba8070579Tereza Maria Rush W40 BOKGBR tba(l) (h)

Women Veteran (W40+) (6)
83tba8040673Michelle Oxtoby W45 ODENG tba(l)
90tba8630866Diane Jacks W50 WREENG tba(e)
99tba32891Delia Kingsbury W50 WREGBR tba(ve)
105tba8190295Lesley Ross W50 ODGBR tba(m)
125tba8051004Heather Fellbaum W55 MDOCENG tba(ve)
152tba8629998Helen Parkinson W50 NOCGBR tba(e)

Women Super Veteran (W55+) (12)
23tba1121960Wendy Kent W55 SMOCGBR tba(e)
39tba442941Julia Wilkinson W60 HOCGBR tba(ve)
61tba8040363Amanda Ward W55 HALOGBR tba(l)
62tba1425850Miranda Mackereth W55 HOCENG tba (h)
64tba833339Carol Farrington W60 HOCGBR tba (h)
68tba8645285Hazel Hindle W55 MDOCENG tba(m)
70tba8260760Anne Kimberley W55 DVOGBR tba(m)
92tba2061374Lin Page W60 ODGBR tba
119tba8401765Margaret Willdig W65 ODGBR tba(m)
128tba9921698Joanne Leigh W50 ODENG tba(m)
166tba9200769Caroline Potter W55 BOKGBR tba(l)
205tbaHireGiedre Mockute W21 INDGBR tba(ve)

Women Ultra Veteran (W65+) (9)
4tba260207Susan Roberts W70 HOCGBR tba(e) (h)
19tba8011191Jean Payne W65 DEEGBR tba(m)
33tba8070150Lesley Brown W65 HOCGBR tba(l)
75tba8491807Liz Godfree W70 DVOGBR tba(e)
111tba8630929Karin Kirk W70 ODGBR tba(m)
113tba8632885Sheila Carey W70 ODENG tba(m)
116tba203137Maureen Webb W65 LEIGBR tba(e)
137tba220709Barbara Ford W60 HOCGBR tba (h) (h)
139tba8328268Rosalind Taunton W65 NGOCENG tba(m)

Women Hyper Veteran (W75+) (2)
29tba833122Alison Sloman W80 HOCGBR tba(ve) (h)
199tba8252235Jean Rostron W75 POTOCENG tba(l)

Women Junior (W16-) (2)
175tba333911Catherine Bailey W16 HOCGBR tba(m) (h)
212tba8180406Ella May Rush W14 BOKGBR tba(l) (h)

Women Young Junior (M12-) (0)

Adult Newcomers (1)
154tba333626Peter Rose M40 HOCGBR tba (h)

Easy (Wheelchair) Access (0)

Brown (9)
24tba7030880Robert Rose M35 HOCGBR tba (h)
36tba8667400Ian Hopkins M50 WREGBR tba(e)
42tba947191James Wilkinson M21 BKOENG tba(e)
50tba8170502Alexander Mitchell M18 HOCGBR tba (h)
57tba2127376Russell Finch M50 SWOCGBR tba(l)
129tba8221169Christopher McCartney M50 ODENG tba(l)
168tba8669936Sam Leadley M20 ODGBR tba(m)
170tba9101826David Leadley M55 ODGBR tba(m)
172tba2076117Mykyta Chubynsky M40 ODGBR tba(m)

Blue (24)
16tba8371616Jim Cooke M55 POTOCGBR tba(m)
17tba8300788James Thomas M21 COBOCGBR tba
34tba8100959Peter Langmaid M50 HOCGBR tba (h)
48tba8090404Sebastian Mitchell M16 HOCGBR tba (h)
51tba8011366Kerstin Mitchell W50 HOCGBR tba (h)
53tba8680550Dave Marr M65 ODGBR tba(m)
84tba8224466Jill Emmerson W55 ODGBR tba(m)
85tba8420248Andy Emmerson M60 ODGBR tba(m)
87tba8630867Adrian Griffiths M50 WREENG tba(m)
96tba7201839Tony Feltbower M65 ODGBR tba(e)
101tba7630730Kevin Ross M55 ODGBR tba(m)
104tba8190295Lesley Ross W50 ODGBR tba(m)
107tba8230556Barry Elkington M60 ODGBR tba(m)
124tba8051004Heather Fellbaum W55 MDOCENG tba(e)
140tba8313391Clive Richardson M50 WREGBR tba
144tba8246753Andy Johnson M55 HOCENG tba (h)
161tba8109667Robert Bambrook M45 ODGBR tba(m)
186tba442974Karl Kingsman M55 HOCGBR tba(ve) (h)
192tba37211Kath Atkins W35 HOCGBR tba(ve)
194tba800711Robert Atkins M35 HOCGBR tba(l)
207tba50320Richard Harrison M70 WREGBR tba
209tba416810Paul Watterson M65 HOCGBR tba(e)
210tba400986Nick Taylor M70 HOCGBR tba(e)
211tba8657599Ingwahang Jabegu M35 RSOCGBR tba(m)

Green (34)
5tba8301508Rick Roberts M65 HOCGBR tba(l) (h)
7tba423573Nigel Cousins M65 HOCGBR tba (h)
14tba8445566Ray Collins M60 WCHGBR tba(m)
27tba8641854Peter Ribbans M60 SWOCCYM tba(e)
30tba8010948Eric Brown M70 HOCGBR tba (h)
32tba8070150Lesley Brown W65 HOCGBR tba (h)
38tba442941Julia Wilkinson W60 HOCGBR tba(e)
40tba2064223Mike Wilkinson M60 HOCGBR tba(e)
46tba8260106Arthur Mitchell M14 HOCGBR tba (h)
65tba1008520Mike Farrington M60 HOCGBR tba (h)
71tba7300301Mike Baggott M65 ODGBR tba(ve)
80tba8011203Jacob Oxtoby M16 ODENG tba(vl)
89tba8630866Diane Jacks W50 WREENG tba(m)
98tba8009008Richard Rogers M55 WREGBR tba(m)
103tba9110839Trevor Simpson M80 ODENG tba(m)
108tba8634099Philip Kirk M60 ODGBR tba(m)
112tba8632885Sheila Carey W70 ODENG tba(l)
122tba341776Rhiannon Fadeyibi W55 NGOCGBR tba(e)
123tba8270154Henry Morgan M65 POTOCGBR tba(m)
131tba2074498Mick Sadler M70 COBOCGBR tba(e)
135tba333910Ashley Ford M65 HOCGBR tba (h)
145tba1040914Tabitha Lunn W16 ODGBR tba(l)
146tba9140904Florence Lunn W16 ODGBR tba(l)
147tba8120412Liz Phillips W55 ODGBR tba(m)
148tba8120411Bruce Bryant M60 ODGBR tba(m)
153tba333626Peter Rose M40 HOCGBR tba (h)
157tba333621Barry McGowan M70 HOCENG tba (h)
160tba8657393Matthew Bambrook M16 ODGBR tba(m)
176tba261749Adrian Bailey M50 HOCGBR tba(ve) (h)
181tba37768Paul Basher M65 HOCGBR tba (h)
183tbaHireEloise Lee W21 INDENG tba(m)
185tba400823Geoff Trewin M65 HOCGBR tba(l) (h)
189tba8630907Peter Wilson M60 BKOGBR tba(e)
208tba220023Will Wheeler M65 HOCENG tba

Short Green (23)
3tba260207Susan Roberts W70 HOCGBR tba(e) (h)
11tba50138Robert Vickers M75 HOCGBR tba (h)
28tba833122Alison Sloman W80 HOCGBR tba(ve) (h)
52tba8680549Carolyn Marr W70 ODGBR tba(m)
63tba833339Carol Farrington W60 HOCGBR tba (h)
76tba8033394Graham Urquhart M65 ODGBR tba(e)
77tba8655906Elizabeth Urquhart W65 ODENG tba(e)
91tba2061374Lin Page W60 ODGBR tba(l)
94tba260400Clive Wrench M75 TVOCGBR tba(m)
100tba9010839Hilary Simpson W80 ODENG tba(m)
106tba8050248Melanie Elkington W55 ODGBR tba(m)
110tba8630929Karin Kirk W70 ODGBR tba(m)
114tba8632884Peter Carey M75 ODENG tba(l)
127tba9921698Joanne Leigh W50 ODENG tba(l)
133tba411118Stephen Nightingale M70 HOCGBR tba(e) (h)
149tbaHireAndy Howman M40 INDGBR tba(m)
162tba2131656Leo Morgado M45 ODGBR tba(l)
164tba37084Hazel Waters W65 WCHGBR tba
178tba50035Martin Gibbons M70 WREGBR tba(m)
188tba50009Anne-Marie Hillier W65 BKOGBR tba(e)
198tba8252235Jean Rostron W75 POTOCENG tba(l)
203tba203350John Pearson M70 HOCGBR tba(l) (h)
204tbaHireGiedre Mockute W21 INDGBR tba(ve)

Light Green (5)
20tba1831959Alec Maldar M60 SMOCGBR tba(m)
22tba1121960Wendy Kent W55 SMOCGBR tba(m)
59tbaHireSharon Finch W50 SWOCCYM tba(l)
78tbaHireLewis Oxtoby M14 ODENG tba(vl)
174tba333911Catherine Bailey W16 HOCGBR tba(ve) (h)

Orange (2)
155tba2127402Kieran Rose M12 HOCGBR tba (h)
165tba37214Andrew Waters M65 WCHGBR tba

Yellow (0)

White (1)
190tba363989Jamie Atkins M10 HOCGBR tba(ve)

Adult Newcomers (Long Orange) (1)
202tbaHireAnna Smith W40 INDGBR tba

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