Snowdonia Seven 2019 Start List

Saturday 06 July 2019 Competitor Statistics (Total=200, Online=100%) Force name - Please ensure you have used your Force name as your Club name. See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co. Team Name Start Time
Open (108)
3Adrian Moran Metropolitan Police GBR I Hate The Other Threetba
Graham Dowden Metropolitan Police GBR tba
Ryan Cowley Metropolitan Police GBR tba
Sam Hudson-Gool Metropolitan Police GBR tba
4Dominic Buck CHAOSGBR Herts A Teamtba
Neville Hanks CHAOSGBR tba
Speakman Christian CHAOSGBR tba
Hague Stephen CHAOSGBR tba
6Jay Puttock Norfolk ConstabularyGBR Chafing the dreamtba
Callum Watson Norfolk ConstabularyGBR tba
Mike Lefevre Norfolk ConstabularyGBR tba
James Bailey Norfolk ConstabularyGBR tba
7Stu Barnard Norfolk ConstabularyGBR The Beasts From the Easttba
Kev Simmonds Norfolk ConstabularyGBR tba
Matt Buckoke Norfolk ConstabularyGBR tba
Fraser MacNab Norfolk ConstabularyGBR tba
8Philip Bussy Essex PoliceGBR Three Men and a Little Ladytba
Russ Chamberlain Essex PoliceGBR tba
Andy Sawyer Essex PoliceGBR tba
Alex Warchol Essex PoliceGBR tba
9Steven Haywood Dorset LSDRGBR Dorset LSDRtba
Darren Tharme Dorset LSDRGBR tba
Louise Dutch Dorset LSDRGBR tba
Rob Chalkley Dorset LSDRGBR tba
11Scott Wood BTPGBR Never Again... Againtba
David Purdy BTPGBR tba
Christopher Lane BTPGBR tba
Matthew Brice BTPGBR tba
12Lee Bailey NWPGBR GO TEAM!tba
Matthew Stewart GBR tba
Gareth Jaggard GBR tba
Mark Jones GBR tba
16Trevor Dale SuffolkGBR Team Slaztba
Matthew Smy GBR tba
Craig Rumens GBR tba
Jack Burman GBR tba
18Carl Brandwood Suffolk ConstabularyGBR SHAT (Suffolk Hill Appreciation Team)tba
Steve Duncan Suffolk ConstabularyGBR tba
Tom Kent Suffolk ConstabularyGBR tba
John Camp Suffolk ConstabularyGBR tba
19John Very CheshireGBR The team has no nametba
Martin Campbell GBR tba
Chris Williams GBR tba
John Jaq GBR tba
20Will Uttley Lancashire Constabulary ACGBR Lancs Btba
Will Nelson Lancashire Constabulary ACGBR tba
Lawler Laura Lancashire Constabulary ACGBR tba
Jon Wright Lancashire Constabulary ACGBR tba
22Michael Poole Hertfordshire PoliceGBR CHAOS - CIUtba
Richard Hooley Hertfordshire PoliceGBR tba
David Seal Hertfordshire PoliceGBR tba
Mathew Wood Hertfordshire PoliceGBR tba
24Tim Viner West MerciaGBR Go on thentba
Stuart Leclere GBR tba
Colin Robinson GBR tba
Marc Whild GBR tba
25Andy Reid West MidlandsGBR EFTB tba
Timmins Chris GBR tba
Hewitt Jason GBR tba
Cosnett Michael GBR tba
26Simon Vaughan MerseysideGBR Merseyside Marauderstba
Chris Lowe MerseysideGBR tba
Steve O'Neill MerseysideGBR tba
Mal Gordon MerseysideGBR tba
31Simon Gray Cumbria ConstabularyGBR Cumbria Open 1tba
Chris Newman Cumbria ConstabularyGBR tba
Stewart Glendinning Cumbria ConstabularyGBR tba
Ross Jenkin Cumbria ConstabularyGBR tba
33Zeke Dixon Cumbria ConstabularyGBR Cumbria Open 2tba
Phil Cooper Cumbria ConstabularyGBR tba
Justin Bibby Cumbria ConstabularyGBR tba
Eelco Docter Cumbria ConstabularyGBR tba
39Dan Appleby GMPGBR GMP A Teamtba
Gwyn Dodd GMPGBR tba
Matt Oldham GMPGBR tba
Troy Wilson GMPGBR tba
40Rob Davies West MerciaGBR Snow chancetba
Tom Barrett West MerciaGBR tba
Gareth Bee West MerciaGBR tba
Damian Green West MerciaGBR tba
44Neil Coppack NWPGBR Generation X Y and Ztba
Craig Jones NWPGBR tba
Nick Jones NWPGBR tba
Chris Myles NWPGBR tba
46Thomas Howard Greater Manchester Police ACGBR GMP Team Dtba
Anthony Hanlon Greater Manchester Police ACGBR tba
Paul Armstrong Greater Manchester Police ACGBR tba
Sophie Barratt Greater Manchester Police ACGBR tba
47Rob Mahoney North Wales PoliceGBR NWP Ztba
Alex Griffiths North Wales PoliceGBR tba
Iwan Jones North Wales PoliceGBR tba
Marc Roberts North Wales PoliceGBR tba
48Julian Smith West Mercia PoliceGBR TF1tba
John Morris West Mercia PoliceGBR tba
Matt Harding West Mercia PoliceGBR tba
Tony Hare West Mercia PoliceGBR tba
49Matthew Williams Merseyside Police GBR We’ve got the runstba
Daniel Pilling Merseyside Police GBR tba
Tim Woodroffe Merseyside Police GBR tba
Ste O’Neil Merseyside Police GBR tba
50Chris Jones Herts CHAOSGBR Herts Atba
Terry Alcock Herts CHAOSGBR tba
Meg Sheppard Herts CHAOSGBR tba
Chris Lynn Herts CHAOSGBR tba
51Joss Stott North Wales PoliceGBR Lost Boystba
Cai Weightman North Wales PoliceGBR tba
Tom Coppack North Wales PoliceGBR tba
Sion Williams North Wales PoliceGBR tba

Ladies (0)

Mixed (Minimum 2 ladies) (40)
5Ian Sturgess Norfolk ConstabularyGBR Bearded Blondestba
Rebecca Messenger Norfolk ConstabularyGBR tba
Rebecca Taylor-Smith Norfolk ConstabularyGBR tba
Nicholas Dean Norfolk ConstabularyGBR tba
13Christopher Cawood Cheshire and North Wales Alliance Armed PolicingGBR Uncomfortable Alliance tba
Jason Ball Cheshire and North Wales Alliance Armed PolicingGBR tba
Kirsty Leathard Cheshire and North Wales Alliance Armed PolicingGBR tba
Nina Price Cheshire and North Wales Alliance Armed PolicingGBR tba
14Andy Parsons Beds.GBR All this for another mug and coastertba
Rob Clough GBR tba
Sophia Bartlett GBR tba
Jenny Bryce GBR tba
17Dennis Nelson Lancashire Constabulary ACGBR Lancs Atba
Iddon Natalie Lancashire Constabulary ACGBR tba
Sayle Arron Lancashire Constabulary ACGBR tba
Fallon Janine Lancashire Constabulary ACGBR tba
23Chloe Gilmore West Midlands PoliceGBR West Mids (mixed)tba
Beth Goucher West Midlands PoliceGBR tba
Harvey Mulingani West Midlands PoliceGBR tba
Mark Little West Midlands PoliceGBR tba
29Gary Corns Greater Manchester Police Athletics GBR GMP mixed tba
Steve Quinn Greater Manchester Police Athletics GBR tba
Cheryl Hughes Greater Manchester Police Athletics GBR tba
Marion Dixon Greater Manchester Police Athletics GBR tba
32Richard Unwin Cumbria ConstabularyGBR Cumbria Mixedtba
Helen Mavin Cumbria ConstabularyGBR tba
Mo Kelly Cumbria ConstabularyGBR tba
Paul Cullen Cumbria ConstabularyGBR tba
38Vicky Kehoe Cheshire ConstabularyGBR Cheshire Acestba
Jack Pilkington Cheshire ConstabularyGBR tba
Lindsay Dixon Cheshire ConstabularyGBR tba
Philip Monks Cheshire ConstabularyGBR tba
42Richard Martin Staffordshire Police GBR Staffs Mixedtba
Alex Clowes Staffordshire Police GBR tba
Charlotte White Staffordshire Police GBR tba
Lisa Benbow Staffordshire Police GBR tba
45Ian Mawdesley Beds GBR 4 in a Beds tba
Debbie Simpson Beds GBR tba
Rachel Stone Beds GBR tba
Chris Naughton Beds GBR tba

Vets (All 40+ on race day) (40)
2Simon Wanless South Yorkshire PoliceGBR Status Zerotba
David Hartley South Yorkshire PoliceGBR tba
Rachel Hayes South Yorkshire PoliceGBR tba
Ian Proffitt South Yorkshire PoliceGBR tba
10Lucy Campbell Norfolk ConstabularyGBR Norfolk N Chancetba
Chris Brooks Norfolk ConstabularyGBR tba
Leo Blyth Norfolk ConstabularyGBR tba
Nick Palin Norfolk ConstabularyGBR tba
15Baz Omo BedsGBR Iplodstba
Dick Cunningham GBR tba
Pete Ward GBR tba
Sean Sullivan GBR tba
27Richard Bunting South Yorkshire PoliceGBR I'm Tellin' Theetba
Michael Carver South Yorkshire PoliceGBR tba
Peter Brown South Yorkshire PoliceGBR tba
Kirk Hardwick South Yorkshire PoliceGBR tba
28Stephen Roberts NWPGBR The Flying Fyshtba
Gareth Evans NWPGBR tba
Robert Hind NWPGBR tba
Jonathan Fysh NWPGBR tba
30Matthew Jarrott WMPGBR FOU Dex's Heroes tba
Steve Morris WMPGBR tba
Jason Nunn WMPGBR tba
Stuart Manley WMPGBR tba
34Adrian Martin StaffsGBR Ada's Armytba
Peter O'Reilly StaffsGBR tba
Thomas Johnson StaffsGBR tba
Damon Millar StaffsGBR tba
35Rob Grantham Cheshire Constabulary GBR Cheshire Vetstba
Malcolm Fowler Cheshire Constabulary GBR tba
Tim Cope Cheshire Constabulary GBR tba
Neil Pettie Cheshire Constabulary GBR tba
37Mark White Dyfed-PowysGBR Dyfed-Powystba
Ash Brice Dyfed-PowysGBR tba
Matt Scrase Dyfed-PowysGBR tba
Marcus Wright Dyfed-PowysGBR tba
41Glyn Pattinson Staffordshire Police GBR Staffs Vetstba
Maxfield Andrew Staffordshire Police GBR tba
Lee Turner Staffordshire Police GBR tba
Dave Wain Staffordshire Police GBR tba

Supervets (All 50+ on race day) (12)
1David Rhodes Hertfordshire Cobstabulary CHAOS ClubGBR Old Herts still beatingtba
John Luck Hertfordshire Cobstabulary CHAOS ClubGBR tba
Paul Watts Hertfordshire Cobstabulary CHAOS ClubGBR tba
Ian Smith Hertfordshire Cobstabulary CHAOS ClubGBR tba
36Richard Mavin Cumbria ConstabularyGBR Cumbria Vet 50tba
Andrew Slattery Cumbria ConstabularyGBR tba
David Banks Cumbria ConstabularyGBR tba
Mark Webster Cumbria ConstabularyGBR tba
43Terry New NWPGBR 6 Ancient legs and a wonkey donkeytba
Chris Roberts NWPGBR tba
Sion Williams NWPGBR tba
Mark Pierce NWPGBR tba

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