(C) Tilgate Regional & YBT SE Heat Start List

Sunday 03 March 2019 Competitor Statistics (Total=207, Online=100%) YBT heat entrants will have an allocated start time and will compete over the same courses as other runners. Other runners will be allocated an Open start and will be started at the next available slot by the start officials. See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Near
Entry No. / Name
Start Time
Brown (35)
58639640Chris Hooker M55 SOENG open
68456789Jon Chandler M50 LOKGBR open
257962428Zsolt Podolyak M50 SNGBR open
268630858Tom MacKenzie M21 SOGBR open
2750279Alex Wise M35 SOGBR open
368643397Alan Velecky M50 SOGBR open
388640488Will Heap M45 SOGBR open
4032527Mark Adams M55 HHGBR open
418630931James Lyne M21 SLOWGBR open
428131072Paul Luttman M45 SOGBR open
438140776Sarah Rollins W40 SNGBR open
488060162Neil Crickmore M55 SOGBR open
538628660Simon Moss M50 SLOWGBR open
5837876Charlotte Turner W21 SLOWGBR open
59345518Lydia Farzin-nia W21 SLOWGBR open
667209444Brais Pineiro M21 LOKGBR open
70HireAlan Yule M45 SOGBR open
788401576Thomas Jarvis M20 RAFOENG open
938143749Sue Carter W50 SLOWGBR open
1068657443Keith Belsey M50 SNGBR open
108964321Tim Longley M21 SLOWGBR open
1192064186Benjamin Brooker M40 SOGBR open
1218437711Edward Stott M35 SLOWGBR open
1231250165Paul Couldridge M45 SLOWENG open
1248311075Paul Todd M40 LOKGBR open
1328640490Simon Deeks M50 SAXGBR open
133HireYonadab Diez-Urkidi M50 BKOGBR open
147886754Guy Lidbury M50 HAVOCGBR open
1528388608Barry Jones M50 SOGBR open
1738656119Ben Lonsdale M35 RAFOGBR open
1808010976Ian Hargreaves M40 SOSGBR open
192TF HireTony Carr M50 SOENG open
1938657389Keith Masson M55 MVGBR open
1992136397Rob Leathley M45 SOGBR open
2078408100Donatas Tumaitis M35 SLOWGBR open

Blue (59)
28151150Mike Turner M65 SOGBR open
38235520Jill Blount W55 SOGBR open
4442932Gethyn Lewis M50 SOGBR open
98347697Paul Wilson M55 SOGBR open
138643385Robin Smith M65 SOGBR open
20217817David Young M65 SOGBR open
248630912Edward Cox M60 SOGBR open
28300300Mike Elliot M65 MVSCO open
298630889Carol Lovegrove W45 SNGBR open
3024989Alistair Lovegrove M45 SNGBR open
358220350John Pittam M65 SOGBR open
47401496Chris McDonald M75 MVGBR open
498080362Susan Crickmore W55 SOGBR open
51401597Dave Taylor M45 SOGBR open
548628565Stephanie Moss W40 SLOWGBR open
618630849Jon Darley M50 GOGBR open
621814630Malcolm Lyon M60 SLOWGBR open
638221446Penny Marsh W55 SOGBR open
648281298Liam Marsh M21 SOGBR open
65220212Anna Bartlett W50 SOENG open
71220296Michael Merritt M60 SOGBR open
738010460Jane Lambert W55 SOGBR open
758220856Ian Ditchfield M60 MVENG open
76220771Ruth Rhodes W75 SOENG open
778026302Steve Jarvis M55 SOGBR open
79223496David Dawson M60 DFOKGBR open
812072495John Pickup M50 MVENG open
85401587Andrew Clark M55 SOGBR open
871805550Simon Greenwood M60 SAXGBR open
882096600William Alexander M75 MVGBR open
898641542Joe Barrett M55 SOGBR open
908641883Andrew Parkinson M65 SOGBR open
1008639639Katie Clarke W45 SNGBR open
1048170652Don McKerrow M65 SLOWGBR open
1098084550Darren Warner-Swann M50 SOGBR open
1128641851Michael Muggeridge M55 HAVOCENG open
1138121937Chris Shaw M70 HAVOCGBR open
1167050232Garry Parmenter M70 HAVOCGBR open
1177203411Colin Swallow M60 SNGBR open
125345599Mark Thompson M60 TVOCGBR open
129236287Naomi Drewitt W40 DFOKGBR open
1307112426Adriana Stankova W35 SLOWGBR open
1348657435Zlatko Peev M45 SLOWGBR open
1418645227Colin Dickson M60 BAOCGBR open
14324828Paul Street M65 SLOWGBR open
150443881Nicholas Betts M55 SAXGBR open
1518643395Axel Blomquist M65 BAOCENG open
168TF HireWenwei Liu M21 GOGBR open
1708209071Neil Speers M50 DFOKGBR open
1719094018Geoff Goodwin M65 DFOKGBR open
172339754Colin Jackson M60 HAVOCGBR open
1778261168Melanie Slade W50 SNGBR open
184408492Simon Fitzpatrick M45 SOGBR open
186308934Peter Carlill M60 NORGBR open
1878101059David Saunders M60 HHGBR open
1898040743Tom Edelsten M75 GOGBR open
1961417770Stefan Peykov M50 SLOWGBR open
197436250Mel Taylor M55 SAXGBR open
2068640477Ian Roberts M50 MVENG open

Green (47)
18030951Di Turner W65 SOGBR open
78345678William Chandler M16 LOKGBR open
118108220Leslie Hooper M75 SOGBR open
128170756Steve Ewens M60 SOGBR open
15261238Judith Carder W60 SOGBR open
167300310James Parker M70 SOENG open
338657514Carol House W60 SOGBR open
348657515Joe House M65 SOGBR open
398150006John Morris M70 SOGBR open
45TF HireFfion Bricknell W16 SAXENG open
461420637Neil Bricknell M50 SAXENG open
5637888Charlie Turner M65 SLOWGBR open
608220373Angela Darley W45 GOGBR open
67HireGarry Greenstreet M45 SOENG open
742109806George Engelhardt M65 MVGBR open
82434495John Chappell M70 TVOCGBR open
83261245Leslie Coles M75 SOGBR open
86410893Nadine Clark W55 SOGBR open
9250214Ian Smith M60 WAOCENG open
978640447Philip Craven M65 DFOKGBR open
988041245Roger Pring M70 SAXENG open
998291046Beryl Pring W70 SAXENG open
1052105292Richard Hocking M65 SOGBR open
1072059640Jasmine Bennett W65 SOGBR open
110202211Barry Breed M70 HHGBR open
1142061376Helen Rivers W65 GOGBR open
1152079990Ben Rivers M75 GOGBR open
1188499000Ralph Phillips M70 SOENG open
1201848841Catherine Slade W40 SAXGBR open
1228101066Dorte Torpe Hansen W50 SLOWGBR open
1268654208Peter Dudman M65 SOGBR open
1428641782Elisabeth Dickson W60 BAOCGBR open
1448130952Sarah Brown W65 SLOWGBR open
14541275Jean Fitzgerald W65 SAXGBR open
1462120609Mike Solomon M75 SAXGBR open
165400942Kathleen Southall W55 SOGBR open
166401149Steve Southall M60 SOGBR open
1678639633Lucy Paton W55 SNGBR open
1692030744Mike Murray M75 SLOWGBR open
1741020221Philip Morgan M45 MVENG open
176HireBryn Morgan M12 MVENG open
181423594Nick Hockey M70 SOENG open
182217789Maureen Fitzpatrick W45 SOGBR open
1908373702Linda Hulley W60 SOGBR open
1911403079Mike Ralph M60 SOENG open
1948657390Nicky Masson W55 MVGBR open
1989200016Philip Gristwood M70 MVENG open

Short Green (21)
109101775Bridget Hooper W75 SOGBR open
178668911Susan Parker W75 SOENG open
23347640Gill Smith W80 SOGBR open
378197373Kate Turner W45 SOGBR open
501418843Einar J. Solgaard M70 SOGBR open
52401353Chris Taylor W65 SOGBR open
55260386Lorna Lindfield W70 SOGBR open
5737705Teresa Turner W70 SLOWGBR open
728641860Michael Gammon M85 SOGBR open
808050291Ian Wilson M65 SAXGBR open
84434493Sylvia Coles W75 SOGBR open
91260529John Harris M70 WAOCENG open
948669939Jeremy Oldershaw M80 SAXENG open
958641882Peter Bennett M75 BKOGBR open
96444816Gill Bennett W75 BKOGBR open
111347687Jane Breed W65 HHGBR open
1278651797Sue Gallagher W65 SOGBR open
128202156Michele Funnell W65 SOGBR open
131235614Douglas Deeks M80 SAXGBR open
135217780Gill Prowse W60 SNGBR open
1858645240Jim Prowting M70 TVOCGBR open

Light Green (3)
181417761Rebecca Wheatley W45 SOENG open
21333887Amaryllis Campbell W60 SOGBR open
69HireNicola Yule W45 SOGBR open

Orange (4)
8430451Priscilla Chen-Chandler W45 LOKGBR open
192072664Luke Temblett Wheatley M14 SOENG open
221420623Brian Smith M85 SOGBR open
183430471Kieran Fitzpatrick M14 SOGBR open

Yellow (3)
1481836905Charlie Maule-Lidbury M10 HAVOCGBR open
1492015528Hugo Maule-Lidbury M10 HAVOCGBR open
195TF HireWilliam Brackley M10 SNGBR open

YBT Green (6)
68TF HireJames Yule M16 SOENG 10:54
1538121935Adam Conway M16 GOGBR 09:42
154TF HirePhoebe King W16 GOGBR 11:22
1618030514Aimee Darley W16 GOGBR 10:06
2018127281Nathan Judd M16 MVGBR 10:22
2022127439Jack Penn M16 MVGBR 10:10

YBT Light Green (5)
1018100506Jocie Hilton W14 SNGBR 10:39
1559066719Ellie Mills-Hicks W14 GOGBR 11:23
1569064010Tina Mills-Hicks W14 GOGBR 11:11
1628051121Sarah Darley W14 GOGBR 10:07
2002130066Robert Greenway M18 MVGBR 10:23

YBT Orange (12)
14*1077701William Jones M12 SOGBR 11:20
31886749Rebecca Lovegrove W14 SNGBR 09:32
44TF HireTommy Rollins M12 SNGBR 11:32
102401725Aidan Hilton M12 SNGBR 10:40
136HireAnton Augustin M14 SNGER 10:20
137HireMatthew Jackson M14 SNGBR 10:32
157TF HireDylan Rooke M14 GOGBR 11:12
1589134500Luke Mills-Hicks M12 GOGBR 11:00
159TF HireFelix Abel M14 GOGBR 10:48
175HireEleanor Morgan W16 MVENG 09:40
178263481Charlotte Slade W12 SNGBR 10:52
203221519Thomas Fleming M12 MVGBR 10:08

YBT Yellow (12)
32300330Charlotte Lovegrove W10 SNGBR 09:41
103HireJake Hilton M10 SNGBR 10:41
138HireGeorge Cotton M10 SNGBR 11:13
139HireGeorge Harnden M12 SNGBR 10:21
140HireHarrison Iles M12 SNGBR 11:01
160TF HireJamie King M10 GOGBR 10:49
163TF HireHana Luu W14 GOGBR 10:37
164TF HireNoah Luu M10 GOGBR 11:21
179HireGeorge Wormleighton M10 SNGBR 10:17
188HireMax Muller von Blumencron M10 SNGBR 11:17
204HireEllis Argiolas M12 MVGBR 10:09
205HireAlex Pickup M10 MVGBR 10:25

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