Calday Grange Adult Aquathon Start List

Sunday 28 April 2019 Competitor Statistics (Total=55, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co. Team Name Start Time
Solo (45)
1Sarah Roberts Ellesmere Port Running ClubGBR tba
2Joanne Cook Ellesmere Port RCGBR tba
3Lynne Harris GBR tba
4Claire Haslam GBR tba
5Colin Lamprey Pensby runnersGBR tba
6Alison Macdonald Ellesmere Port Running ClubGBR tba
7Cathy Robertson Total Transition Triathlon CoachingGBR tba
8Paul Robertson Total Transition Triathlon CoachingGBR tba
9Joanne Yorke Mersey TriGBR tba
10Olivia Kennedy-Kidd GBR tba
11Olivia Kennedy-Kidd GBR tba
13Anna Simpson GBR tba
15Ruth Isaacs Pensby RunnersGBR tba
16Julie Cullen Chester Triathlon ClubGBR tba
17Briony Hunter Chester Triathlon ClubGBR tba
18Carola Robinson Mersey TriGBR tba
19Andrew Harris GBR tba
20Charlotte Croft GBR tba
21Dawn Williams GBR tba
22Keelan Mccorriston Mersey triGBR tba
23Robert McNulty GBR tba
24Michael Lisle MerseytriGBR tba
25Ashlin Laura GBR tba
28Simon Fox Mersey TriGBR tba
29Julie Fletcher-Fox Knutsford TriGBR tba
30Mark Humphreys Wallasey ACGBR tba
31Susie Fletcher GBR tba
32Morgan Paget Chester Triathlon ClubGBR tba
33Chris Ball Mersey TriGBR tba
34Lewis Hollywood GBR tba
35Anna Underwood Hoylake Swimming ClubGBR tba
36Jack Underwood GBR tba
37Annabel Underwood GBR tba
39Mark Atherton GBR tba
41Zoe O’Neill GBR tba
42Deborah Brandreth GBR tba
43Lisa Grantham Pensby RunnersGBR tba
44Oliver Chadwick Dockside RunnersGBR tba
45Nicola Harris GBR tba
46Mary Richardson GBR tba
47Val Martell Deva DivaGBR tba
48Jo Irvin UTS Run ClubGBR tba
49Martin Kirkman GBR tba
50Nicola Kirkman GBR tba
51Andy Dempsey Calday Grange Swimming ClubGBR tba

Relay (10)
12Mark Burgess GBR Lightning Warriorstba
Lindsey Whitley GBR tba
26James Ezard GBR Ezardstba
Mark Ezard GBR tba
27Lynne Corley GBR Selynnetba
Selina Howell GBR tba
38Rolf Westrum Wallasey ACGBR Wallasey ACtba
David McAlister Wallasey ACGBR tba
40Hayley Webb GBR Dayleytba
Dominic O’Shea GBR tba

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