(B) WAOC ONLY - Sherwood Pines CSC Qualifier Start List

Sunday 17 March 2019 Competitor Statistics (Total=50, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co. Start Near
Entry No. / Name
Start Time
Brown (Men Open) (5)
4921016Jonathan Cronk M21 WAOCGBR 10:58
23416818Rowan Lee M21 WAOCENG 11:52
368281090Ben Windsor M21 WAOCGBR 11:34
388000123Paul Pruzina M21 CUOCIRL 12:10
458657678Tom Beskeen M35 WAOCGBR 11:16

Short Brown (M20- M40+) (4)
98459081Stephen Borrill M45 WAOCGBR 12:09
112046414Sam Hague M18 WAOCGBR 11:36
279921864Ben Wetherill M20 WAOCENG 11:51
438665420Lorant Farkas M45 WAOCGBR 10:42

Blue Women (Women Open) (3)
169200384Helen Bickle W35 WAOCGBR 11:44
318020391Fiona Llewellyn-Beard W21 WAOCGBR 10:50
37224892Zuzka Strakova W21 WAOCGBR 11:32

Blue Men (M50+) (9)
13223467Philip Hague M50 WAOCGBR 11:34
19442434Mark Scaife M50 WAOCGBR 10:58
202080033Andrew Henderson M55 WAOCGBR 12:13
248210864Dil Wetherill M55 WAOCENG 11:52
282080092Robin Bourne M55 WAOCGBR 10:43
33503584Graham Louth M55 WAOCGBR 12:31
398667381Chris Rampton M50 WAOCENG 11:12
46HireRich Kerswell M50 WAOCGBR 11:19
508330366Robert Campbell M50 WAOCGBR 12:22

Green Women (W20- W45+) (5)
101999201Helen Hague W50 WAOCGBR 11:39
18442435Muriel Scaife W50 WAOCGBR 10:45
221410810Camilla Darwin W50 WAOCGBR 11:21
268130564Judith Wetherill W55 WAOCENG 11:57
34260536Caroline Louth W55 WAOCGBR 11:03

Green Men (M60+) (7)
28641517Peter Woods M60 WAOCGBR 12:08
850214Ian Smith M60 WAOCENG 7 John Harris11:11
298657676Chris Brown M65 WAOCENG 12:23
308191055Mike Capper M60 WAOCGBR 10:35
32HireRichard Ingham M21 WAOCGBR 10:53
40753117Bob Hill M60 WAOCGBR 11:57
498230758Peter Haynes M60 WAOCGBR 11:04

Veterans Short Green (M70+ W60+) (9)
1260511Sue Woods W60 WAOCGBR 12:22
38641532Janet Cronk W60 WAOCENG 10:52
5202103Hally Hardie M75 WAOCGBR 11:28
7260529John Harris M70 WAOCENG 8 Ian Smith11:13
148260573Hazel Bickle W65 WAOCGBR 11:43
158200904Michael Bickle M70 WAOCGBR 12:07
178251056Sue Hartley W60 WAOCGBR 10:34
35261811Noreen Ives W65 WAOCENG 10:44
442085192Chris Morley M75 WAOCGBR 12:28

Junior Men (M18-) (2)
127892003Daniel Hague M16 WAOCGBR 11:32
258280103Alex Wetherill M16 WAOCENG 11:50

Junior Women (W18-) (0)

Orange Men (M14-) (1)
422107021Oskar Farkas M14 WAOCGBR 10:35

Orange Women (W14-) (3)
21300460Hebe Darwin W12 WAOCGBR 12:08
47HireSophie Kerswell W14 WAOCGBR 10:53
48HireEleanor Kerswell W12 WAOCGBR 11:14

Super Veterans Short Green (M80+ W70+) (2)
61191934Ursula Oxburgh W85 WAOCGBR 11:57
41264238Seonaid Dudley W80 WAOCGBR 11:39

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