Talgarth Walking Festival 2019 Start List

Friday 03 May 2019 - Monday 06 May 2019 Competitor Statistics (Total=261, Online=70%, Event1=25, Event2=80, Event3=84, Event4=72) Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 03 May 2019 Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
01 Opening Talk (25)
10Michael Ahmed GBR
2David Beven GBR
214*Corinne Brown GBR
215*Sue Brown GBR
6Steven Chandler GBR
181Brenda Charlewood GBR
60*John Gibson GBR
68*Catherine Hawkins GBR
106Janet Hubner GBR
264Kathryn Jeffs GBR
188*Jansev Jemal GBR
45*Ann Jones GBR
49*Graham Jones GBR
205Christopher Lewis GBR
172Sally Lewis GBR
21Jim Parkington GBR
17Lesley Parkington GBR
75Lesley Parsons GBR
220*Ellis Peters GBR
219*Steph Peters GBR
28Amanda Price GBR
161Anthony Pyman GBR
136Gethin Roberts GBR
139Glenda Roberts GBR
185Judy Weston GBR

02 Views Yews and Pews (1)
48*Graham Jones GBR

03 Black Mountains Dingles (5)
242Julia Elkington GBR
199Doreen Miccio GBR
236Sarah Price GBR
160Anthony Pyman GBR
238Sharyn Rosewell GBR

04 Summits Stone and Steam in the BM (12)
9Michael Ahmed GBR
110Judith Burt GBR
117*Paola Cervi GBR
5Steven Chandler GBR
145Caroline Edwards GBR
143John Edwards GBR
155Nic Groombridge GBR
20Jim Parkington GBR
16Lesley Parkington GBR
99Robert Rogers GBR
102Valerie Rogers GBR
13Ian Taylor GBR

05 Lost Lakes and Forgotten Forts (10)
163Gethin Allsop GBR
190John Edgeley GBR
263Kathryn Jeffs GBR
174Sasha Johnson GBR
173Tara Morris GBR
154Don Nelson GBR
135Gethin Roberts GBR
138Glenda Roberts GBR
228Terence Robinson Talgarth Walking FestivalGBR
248Isabel Sánchez Valle GBR

06 Discovering the Brecon Drover’s Routes (21)
94John Anders GBR
153Clare Barker GBR
108Peter Broxton GBR
95Catherine Evans GBR
115Ceri Goring GBR
113Tom Goring GBR
195*Caroline Hafner GBR
67*Catherine Hawkins GBR
119*Roger Ibbotson GBR
118*Susan Ibbotson GBR
92Lyz Jones GBR
66Ruth Ozier GBR
74Lesley Parsons GBR
93Nicola Peate GBR
97*John Price GBR
178Rosalyn Saunders GBR
120*David Simpson GBR
152Justine Thompson GBR
112Justine Wallace GBR
121*Chris Ward GBR
122*Rosemary Ward GBR

07 Cwmdu Circular (10)
245Clare Booth GBR
246John Booth GBR
168Roger Carmody GBR
166Sally Carmody GBR
243Gill Dicken Walk 7GBR
216Carys Evans GBR
247Rachel Giles GBR
218Rosaleen Hughes GBR
171Sally Lewis GBR
244Michele Wehden Walk 7GBR

08 Barefoot on the Brechfa (2)
180Brenda Charlewood GBR
184Judy Weston GBR

09 Kids Climb and Conquer a Mountain (4)
260*Elizabeth Jackson Children's walkGBR
258*Emma Jackson Children's walkGBR
259*James Jackson Children's walkGBR
26*Anna Watson GBR

10 Outdoor Photography (3)
40Andrew Beaton GBR
42Melinda Beaton GBR
164Sherrie Dooney GBR

11 Tree Spotting (1)
105Janet Hubner GBR

12 The Happy Feet Club (2)
241*Robert Knight GBR
225Deborah Robinson Talgarth Walking FestivalGBR

13 Workshop - Map Interpretation (2)
202John Lane GBR
222Natalia Lopes GBR

14 Film - Captain Fantastic (7)
72*Jennifer Bennett GBR
71*Richard Bennett GBR
1David Beven GBR
187Ken Evans GBR
186Merlin Evans GBR
204Christopher Lewis GBR
203Sally Lewis GBR

15 Black Mountain Ridges (10)
8Michael Ahmed GBR
4Steven Chandler GBR
55Rachel Cooper GBR
148Gareth Jones GBR
54Jane Law GBR
221Natalia Lopes GBR
101Valerie Rogers GBR
250Sharyn Rosewell GBR
12Ian Taylor GBR
78Eric Woods GBR

16 Restoring our Heather Moorlands (6)
133Sharon Gardner Talgarth Walking FestivalGBR
262Kathryn Jeffs GBR
27Amanda Price GBR
159Anthony Pyman GBR
208Janice Wareham GBR
207Neil Wareham GBR

17 Castell Dinas Y Grib and Rhiw Cwnstab (8)
162Gethin Allsop GBR
109Judith Burt GBR
144Caroline Edwards GBR
142John Edwards GBR
212Jan Evans GBR
134Gethin Roberts GBR
137Glenda Roberts GBR
253Sandra Yeomans GBR

18 Three Commons (15)
107Peter Broxton GBR
86*Fiona Cowtan GBR
90*Freda Goldup GBR
81Fern Hamilton-Taylor GBR
58*David Hendey GBR
59*Janet Hendey GBR
88*Jane Jones GBR
140Tanja Linder GBR
83Maureen Morroson GBR
19Jim Parkington GBR
15Lesley Parkington GBR
175Beth Picton GBR
176Jeanette Picton GBR
177Mark Picton GBR
141Claudia Schmehrer GBR

19 History of Talgarth & Bronllys Hospitals (14)
39Andrew Beaton GBR
41Melinda Beaton GBR
57Carmel Hand GBR
128*Roger Ibbotson GBR
150Logan Jack GBR
151Tish Jack GBR
77Susan Jenner GBR
76Keith Lane GBR
52*Victoria Manning GBR
65Ruth Ozier GBR
51*John Pilliner GBR
147*Peter Roberts GBR
129*Chris Ward GBR
149Jane Weller GBR

20 Strolls ’n’ Stories around Talgarth (5)
237Ronald Farr GBR
256Cynthia Freeman GBR
53Hilary Hicks GBR
257Charlotte Wall GBR
265*Bethan Williams GBR

21 Restoring Ancient Woodland (7)
179Brenda Charlewood GBR
210Helen Horton GBR
104Janet Hubner GBR
44*Ann Jones GBR
47*Graham Jones GBR
227Terence Robinson Talgarth Walking FestivalGBR
183Judy Weston GBR

22 Gardens walk (8)
200*Sue Gibson GBR
231*David Gladwin GBR
232*Shirley Gladwin GBR
123*Susan Ibbotson GBR
170Sally Lewis GBR
224Deborah Robinson Talgarth Walking FestivalGBR
124*David Simpson GBR
125*Rosemary Ward GBR

23 Nordic Walking (6)
230Dianne Croll GBR
229Haydn Croll GBR
251Angela Ford GBR
252Peter Ford GBR
169Rosemary Grogan GBR
91*Gaynor Richards GBR

24 Talgarth’s History (5)
235*Denise Davies GBR
234*Malcolm Davies GBR
61*Gillian Evans GBR
239Jackie Gantley GBR
240Richard Hibbs GBR

25 Over the Top to the Blacksmith’s Anvil (7)
7Michael Ahmed GBR
116*Paola Cervi GBR
3Steven Chandler GBR
198Doreen Miccio GBR
98Robert Rogers GBR
100Valerie Rogers GBR
11Ian Taylor GBR

26 Black Hill and Cat’s Back (8)
85*Fiona Cowtan GBR
89*Freda Goldup GBR
114Ceri Goring GBR
46*Graham Jones GBR
87*Jane Jones GBR
226Terence Robinson Talgarth Walking FestivalGBR
213Darren Snaith GBR
111Justine Wallace GBR

27 A Cannon a Grave and a Cave (2)
197David Harris GBR
196Denise Harris GBR

28 In the Foothills of the Black Mountains (7)
167Roger Carmody GBR
165Sally Carmody GBR
217Rosaleen Hughes GBR
33*Beverley Jones GBR
249Deryck Jones GBR
64Ruth Ozier GBR
254Carol Travers GBR

29 Meadows Moats and Mountain Views (10)
84Fern Hamilton-Taylor GBR
130*Roger Ibbotson GBR
193Jane Key GBR
194Kathy Milosevic GBR
82Maureen Morroson GBR
18Jim Parkington GBR
14Lesley Parkington GBR
96*John Price GBR
131*David Simpson GBR
132*Chris Ward GBR

30 Arts and Crafts (0)

31 A Walk on the Welsh Side (3)
63*Mary Barkham GBR
211Jan Evans GBR
62*Gary Smith GBR

32 Allt yr Esgair (4)
261Kathryn Jeffs GBR
191Emilie Ricketts GBR
201Lorna Ricketts GBR
146*Peter Roberts GBR

33 Saints and Sinners (6)
157*Kim Bell GBR
156*Owain Bell GBR
158*Seren Bell GBR
267*Judith Coles GBR
266*Elaine Curtis GBR
73Lesley Parsons GBR

34 Wild Flowers and Commons above Hay (20)
189Sue Boon GBR
206Sharon Cook GBR
255Antony Feltham-White 000GBR
43Philippa Feltham-white GBR
80*Richard Gardiner GBR
233*David Gladwin GBR
24Phil Griffiths GBR
25Sue Griffiths GBR
192*Caroline Hafner GBR
56Carmel Hand GBR
209Helen Horton GBR
103Janet Hubner GBR
126*Susan Ibbotson GBR
223Deborah Robinson Talgarth Walking FestivalGBR
79*Mary Rutherford GBR
32Paula Trenberth GBR
31Sian Trenberth GBR
127*Rosemary Ward GBR
50Wendy Watson GBR
182Judy Weston GBR

35 All the Views All the Family None of the Climb (5)
35*Jess Mellors GBR
36*Mime Mellors GBR
38*Peta Mellors GBR
37*Seren Mellors GBR
34*Stuart Mellors GBR

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