(C) QO Galoppen - Croydon Hill Deer Park Start List

Sunday 10 February 2019 Competitor Statistics (Total=115, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Brown (25)
48628625Paul Chavasse M55 QOGBR tba (h)
77660311Spencer Modica M50 DEVONGBR tba
218005362Phil Newall M55 KERNOGBR tba
238282821Steve Robertson M65 QOGBR tba (h)
307601002Rob Hick M55 WSXGBR tba
35889782Richard Jackson M40 DEVONGBR tba
401409709Andrew Howard M45 WIMGBR tba
412020447Jeff Pakes M45 QOGBR tba (h)
4537899Brian Pearson M55 QOGBR tba (h)
488637591Peter Foster M60 BOKENG tba
528050663Clive Hallett M55 BOKGBR tba
558630942Ben Chesters M40 DEVONENG tba
602020561Richard Sansbury M50 QOGBR tba (h)
711239141Jolyon Medlock M45 WSXGBR tba
758270027Jamie Hicks M21 SOCGBR tba
77HireBertie Kingsley M21 INDGBR tba
83202117Rob Taylor M50 NGOCENG tba
888401461Peter Ward M45 NGOCGBR tba
94698696Peter Stagg M45 BOKGBR tba
969050505Harry Stagg M18 BOKGBR tba
1017205319James Jackson M45 DEVONGBR tba
102333984Robin Carter W55 DEVONGBR tba
109HirePatrick Wooddisse M45 NGOCGBR tba
1122089569Ben Stevens M18 DEVONGBR tba
1149101443Richard Cottle M50 BOKGBR tba

Blue (19)
118051968Martin Lewis M50 QOGBR tba (h)
168163250Chris Virgo M65 DEVONCYM tba
178645239David Faulkner M55 BOKGBR tba
198657682Graham Hartley M55 QOGBR tba (h)
208031161Adele Newall W55 KERNOGBR tba
258030303Bryan Smith M65 DEVONGBR tba
319154473Richard Rossington M55 BOKGBR tba
328637594Alison Simmons W60 BOKGBR tba
338637595John Simmons M65 BOKGBR tba
37HireChris Philip M65 QOENG tba (h)
498637593Jo Foster W60 BOKENG tba
518230357Jackie Hallett W60 BOKGBR tba
568190546Matthew Carter M40 QOGBR tba (h)
658657479Tom Perry M16 DEVONGBR tba
66333968Chris Perry M50 DEVONGBR tba
857207797Elizabeth Horsler W16 WIMGBR tba
868640483Tamsin Horsler W50 WIMGBR tba
877207796Sarah Horsler W18 WIMGBR tba
95698693Jane Stagg W45 BOKGBR tba

Green (31)
1202190Tony Hext M70 QOGBR tba
6HirePete Akers M65 QOGBR tba (h)
128011966Karen Lewis W50 QOENG tba (h)
147111057Angela Modica W45 QOGBR tba (h)
15HireStephen Lysaczenko M55 QOGBR tba
18400977Mike Kite M70 WIMGBR tba
26442936Elizabeth Treherne W50 BOKGBR tba
278210954Simon St Leger-Harris M65 BOKGBR tba
297201300Carolyn Dent W55 BOKGBR tba
34889783Rebecca Jackson W40 DEVONGBR tba
422049748Mark Maynard M50 QOENG tba (h)
468070554Tony Lloyd M65 BOKGBR tba
502015798Andrew Graham M60 SARUMENG tba
53263689John Chesters M65 DEVONENG tba
617121967Chris Hasler M50 QOENG tba
63202152John Trayler M75 QOENG tba (h)
64202182Jim Nickolls M50 QOGBR tba (h)
741784341Rebecca Medlock W45 WSXGBR tba
82202102Judith Taylor W50 NGOCENG tba
842089679Rose Taylor W14 NGOCENG tba
898220870Michelle Ward W45 NGOCGBR tba
908230880Rebecca Ward W16 NGOCCYM tba
92261703Alan Simpson M75 DEVONENG tba
93414306Laurence Gossage M65 BOKGBR tba
971012004Bryony Stagg W16 BOKGBR tba
981121212Edith Stagg W16 BOKGBR tba
99HireSam Gibb M50 INDGBR tba
1042038701Robert Green M60 QOGBR tba (h)
1082120480Phil Warry M65 BOKGBR tba
110440651Steve Perrelle M60 DEVONGBR tba
115HireJohn Fisher M70 QOGBR tba (h)

Short Green (14)
28130347Roger Hargreaves M70 KERNOGBR tba
38190946Elsie Hargreaves W70 KERNOGBR tba
51263675Stephen Williams M60 QOGBR tba (h)
2250055Julia Robertson W65 QOGBR tba (h)
248639642Carol Iddles W60 BOKENG tba
28401141Tony Milroy M70 QOENG tba (h)
47HireKay Johnson W65 BOFGBR tba
54236290Ruth Chesters W65 DEVONENG tba
68HireJanet Scott W55 QOGBR tba (h)
692127373Ray Toomer M65 QOGBR tba (h)
10037554Tony Noott M80 BOKGBR tba
10341293Jill Green W75 DEVONGBR tba
106202171John Pearce M75 DEVONGBR tba
107260550Carol Pearce W70 DEVONGBR tba

Light Green (11)
88007625Andrew Page M14 QOGBR tba (h)
13HireTate Modica M16 QOGBR tba (h)
431405873Sarah Maynard W45 QOGBR tba (h)
44HireEvelyn Maynard W14 QOGBR tba (h)
621361015Sarah Hasler W50 QOENG tba
678668904Ben Perry M12 DEVONGBR tba
702127371Sue Toomer W60 QOGBR tba (h)
721204796Lyra Medlock W12 WSXGBR tba
768191098Georgia Jones W21 DEVONENG tba
80HireChloe Emery W20 INDENG tba
918655902Jessica Ward W14 NGOCCYM tba

Orange (6)
381409707Harry Bratcher-Howard M12 WIMGBR tba
578166495Dawn Carter W40 QOGBR tba (h)
78HireDarius Lee M21 INDENG tba
79HireMax Tindal M21 INDGBR tba
81HireDaniel Jones M21 INDGBR tba
1052038702Elaine Green W55 QOGBR tba (h)

Yellow (7)
97021307Annabelle Lewis W12 QOGBR tba (h)
107063008Oliver Lewis M12 QOGBR tba (h)
391409708Monty Bratcher-Howard M10 WIMGBR tba
588174847Annabel Carter W14 QOGBR tba (h)
731107061Eskarina Medlock W10 WSXGBR tba
1112064135Harry Green M14 DEVONGBR tba
113440659Oliver McWilliams M12 DEVONGBR tba

White (2)
36HireLottie Jackson W10 DEVONGBR tba
598034299Chloe Carter W10 QOGBR tba (h)

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