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Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Men Open (18)
38400168Scott Collier M21 KERNOGBR tba
58003008Alastair Thomas M20 EUOCGBR tba
6555552Iain Embrey M21 SROCGBR tba
18442930Mark Sammon M45 SELOCGBR tba
198667399Sam Stead M21 WCOCENG tba
258655922Mike Harrison M45 WCOCENG tba
318291290Alasdair McLeod M21 AIREGBR tba
468360586Francis Shillitoe M45 NATOENG tba
60HireBen Abdelnoor M35 INDGBR tba
63HireDan Duxbury M45 INDGBR tba
648026486Rhys Findlay-Robinson M21 WCHCYM tba
682066616Jon Green M45 SROCGBR tba
70600499Jack Wright M21 LOCGBR tba
76236199Simon Caldwell M55 EBORGBR tba
818310580Jeff Powell Davies M35 BLGBR tba
828669941Steven Breeze M45 WCOCGBR tba
841420619Matt Driver M21 SELOCGBR tba
862011207James Todhunter M40 SROCGBR tba

Men Vet 50+ (38)
28002008Martin Skinner M55 WCOCENG tba
77150558John Embrey M60 DEEGBR tba
98641512Mike Hind M65 CLAROGBR tba
118411300Mark Edwards M50 SROCENG tba
128657409David McCann M55 MDOCGBR tba
14241278Brian Jackson M70 SROCENG tba
15401781Nick Howlett M50 LOCGBR tba
16641109Charlie Adams M55 SYOENG tba
178210162Mark Seddon M55 SELOCGBR tba
20HireStuart Parker M55 WAROCGBR tba
218200646Philip Gager M70 SROCGBR tba
228201066Duncan Harris M50 DEEENG tba
279670930Darren Baker M50 DEEENG tba
298030958Gavin Smith M60 SROCGBR tba
338260967Alan Irving M50 WCOCGBR tba
348634054James Crawford M60 BLGBR tba
35222330David Wilson M55 SROCGBR tba
37220729Graham Watson M55 WCOCGBR tba
392105302Paul Taylor M50 MDOCENG tba
429691951John Britton M65 MDOCGBR tba
478657495Paul Ferguson M65 SROCGBR tba
4811721John Nash M65 LOCGBR tba
50HireChris Taylor M50 SELOCENG tba
528657403Mark Simmonds M55 LOCGBR tba
5432909John Ferris-Worth M50 BLGBR tba
578459900Julian Lailey M70 SROCENG tba
598657473Kev Latham M60 SELOCGBR tba
6111761Tim Field M55 LOCGBR tba
628150154Dave Walton M65 LOCENG tba
65HireMichael McLoughlin M65 INDGBR tba
719453071Derek Fryer M65 LOCGBR tba
72600104Tim Tett M55 SYOENG tba
748632174Karen Parker W55 BLENG tba
758632175Dan Parker M55 BLENG tba
788657401Richard Tiley M60 LOCGBR tba
799197024Richard Towler M70 LOCGBR tba
838669965Ian Turner M70 SOLWAYSCO tba
85223269Ian Teasdale M55 WCOCGBR tba

Women Open (9)
48333330Anne Edwards W21 TVOCGBR tba
108070393Charlotte Watson W21 WCOCGBR tba
268632894Ange Jackson W40 WCOCENG tba
32568324Bryony McLeod W21 AIREGBR tba
458640474Isabel Berry W35 BLGBR tba
538628628Mark Chapman M50 SYOGBR tba
77236200Carmen Elphick W45 EBORGBR tba
808670628Joanne Larty W45 LOCGBR tba
87342246Lucie Todhunter W35 SROCGBR tba

Women Vet 50+ (16)
18004008Susan Skinner W55 WCOCENG tba
138669961Jane McCann W50 MDOCGBR tba
238081103Anna Harris W16 DEEENG tba
289670529Elaine Sutton W50 DEEENG tba
308310759Mary Ockenden W60 SROCGBR tba
368133188Jackie Chapman W60 LOCGBR tba
389101494Carol Edwards W60 BLGBR tba
418191157Judy Burge W60 LOCGBR tba
492064128Janet Nash W65 LOCGBR tba
551270519Julie Ferris-Worth W50 BLGBR tba
588628550Sian Calow W55 DEEGBR tba
668641503Stella Lewsley W65 BLGBR tba
678150456Debbie Thompson W60 BLGBR tba
698142003Caitlin Irving W16 WCOCGBR tba
7312537Chris Lates M75 BLGBR tba
882049821Dave Fenwick M75 WCOCGBR tba

Others (7)
88066681Karen Blackburn W70 BLENG tba
248130569Ruth Harris W50 DEEENG tba
408100242Steve Burge M75 LOCGBR tba
43HireDavid Spencer M18 INDENG tba
44HireIan Spencer M40 INDENG tba
51217722Tony Wagg M70 MDOCGBR tba
568645275Tom Barkas M70 LOCGBR tba

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