South Wales Three Peaks Trial Challenge Walk Start List

Saturday 30 March 2019 Competitor Statistics (Total=146, Online=85%) Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 29 March 2019 Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. All entrants must bring the following kit:

Map* - 1:25,000 or 1:50,000, Compass*, Torch, Whistle, Emergency Rations, simple First Aid Kit - including plasters and a blister kit, Waterproofs - including overtrousers, Sensible footwear - boots with ankle support and good tread; experienced runners should have appropriate footwear.

For contact in an emergency it would also be useful if walkers carried a mobile phone.

* For entrants walking as groups for the entire route, one map and compass for each three entrants is acceptable.
See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
Silver (112)
5006*Homfray Andrew GBR
33Mandy Aston GBR
32Mark Aston GBR
101Victoria Bannon GBR
69Richard Bennett GBR
61Rachel Bevan GBR
5005*Arthur Brent GBR
52Claire Brice Swindon StridersGBR
53Daniel Brice Swindon StridersGBR
106Roger Bull GBR
91Rachel Calder GBR
5008*Bowen Catrina GBR
74Craig Chapman TargetGBR
55George Clark GBR
12Daniel Clarke GBR
13Deborah Clarke GBR
50Eleanor Crosby GBR
93David Cullen GBR
73Chris Davidson FacoffsGBR
64Ellen Davies GBR
5010*Blowfield Diana GBR
107Graham Dickerson GBR
118Colin Dixon Islwyn RCGBR
42Aleks Domanski GBR
68Megan Dunlop GBR
95Misty Eastman GBR
119Karan Edwards Brynna juniors fcGBR
120Mark Edwards Brynna juniors fcGBR
96Michele Fitzpatrick GBR
24Emma Flexon GBR
39Ted Fox GBR
70Zak Francis GBR
87Keith Gibbons GBR
112Vicky Grinnell-Wright GBR
65Caradog Hanna-Davies GBR
15Richard Harrison GBR
11Steve Hart GBR
29Ian Hewitt FAC OFFGBR
38Tim Hewlett GBR
75Karl Hole TargetGBR
94Monique Horne GBR
30Mark Howell GBR
81David Ingram GBR
5002*Holmes Ioan GBR
51Sonja Jefferson GBR
5012*Parham Jo GBR
5003*Grobbelaar Johannes GBR
66Lizzy Johnson GBR
17Rachael Jones GBR
79Sian Jones GBR
100Greta Bridget Joyce GBR
25Sue Kingdon Avon Valley RunnersGBR
111David Kinge GBR
36Daniel Laforges GBR
37Martin Laforges GBR
58Peter Larkin FACC OFFGBR
98Lesley Lay GBR
99Matt Lay GBR
97Rob Lay GBR
113Lisa Lee GBR
85Diane Lewis GBR
31Richard Lewis GBR
80Craig Lloyd GBR
10David Lloyd GBR
90Lucy Lockwood GBR
76Scott Matthews TargetGBR
108David May GBR
16Ryan Maycock GBR
5009*Roberts-Hicks Meleri Hab GBR
105Rachel Moore GBR
89John Morris GBR
88Nicola Morris GBR
124Usman Muhammed GBR
40Jo Murray GBR
41Natasha Murray GBR
56Mario Nash GBR
57Lois Noble FACC OFFGBR
114Alison O Doherty GBR
115Neil O Doherty GBR
48Bridget Pairaudeau GBR
63Cara Pathy GBR
5004*Richards Paul GBR
14Alex Pay GBR
59Michelle Pearson GBR
86Becky Penny GBR
23Allison Perkins GBR
35Jonathon Poyner GBR
71Izzy Reed GBR
54Laura Rees GBR
117Pat Richardson LliswerryGBR
116Sian Richardson Lliswerry RunnersGBR
45Debbie Roberts GBR
5013*Haddock Sabrina GBR
121Caroline Scanlon Brynna juniors fcGBR
5011*Taylor Sian GBR
21Andy Simpson GBR
22Tracie Simpson GBR
82Richard Snowzell GBR
72Scott Spanswick Silver route SPSGBR
60Laura Stanway GBR
104Patrick Stephens GBR
5007*Clarke Stevie GBR
5001*Bain Stuart GBR
49Frances Symington GBR
78Tom Thornicroft GBR
67Kitty Towl GBR
123Steven Vuong GBR
28Rebecca Webb FAC OFFGBR
34Katie Williams GBR
84Mike Williams GBR
83Molly Williams GBR
62Alex Yang GBR

Bronze (34)
6004*Elphick Amanda GBR
26Ben Anderson GBR
27Mingaile Anderson GBR
8David Bayliss GBR
18Hannah Coyle GBR
19John Coyle GBR
9Sammy Lou Creasey GBR
6005*Hodges Edward GBR
92Julie Frankland GBR
6009*Carlisle Gibril GBR
6002*Robinson Ian GBR
3Ceri John GBR
44Katharina Linge-Webb GBR
6001*Wiecko Max GBR
6003*Homfray Nia GBR
1Susan Parry GBR
43Katie Phillips GBR
109David Pickard GBR
110Jeremiah Pickard GBR
6Nigel Redman GBR
7Sarah Robinson GBR
6007*Williams Roger GBR
20Daniel Rogerson GBR
77Caro Russell GBR
122Sarah Scanlon Brynna juniors fcGBR
46Hilda Schoeman GBR
6008*Carlisle Sheena GBR
2Adele Smith GBR
6006*Luxton Tony GBR
47Anita Walker GBR
5John Ward GBR
4Pamela Williams GBR
103Laura Wyatt GBR
102Sebastian Wyatt GBR

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