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Sunday 30 September 2018 Competitor Statistics (Total=133, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Brown (14)
51409709Andrew Howard M40 WIMGBR tba
178123999Luca Rizzi M20 ASCO LuganoSUI tba
271008511Neil Crickmore M55 SOGBR tba
3332819Ross MacLagan M40 SNSCO tba
67584778Ben Chesters M35 DEVONENG tba
737201841Robert Finch M21 SOCGBR tba
758639640Chris Hooker M55 SOENG tba
768042408Nicholas Jarvis M21 SOGBR tba
797205319James Jackson M45 DEVONGBR tba
88263687Robin Mills M50 WIMGBR tba
1027789456Peter Suba M40 WSXGBR tba (h)
1068657535John Oakes M45 WIMGBR tba
1168473992James Errington M21 HHGBR tba
122260343Alan Blanchflower M21 WSXENG tba (h)

Blue (42)
18643385Robin Smith M65 SOGBR tba
68270655Gavin Clegg M60 BOKENG tba (h)
7347698Laura Wilcox W55 WSXENG tba (h)
8202229David Mullins M65 SARUMGBR tba
142080015Bruno Smith M50 WSXGBR tba (h)
181239141Jolyon Medlock M40 WSXGBR tba (h)
231081051John Simmons M65 BOKGBR tba
241150655Alison Simmons W60 BOKGBR tba
26342275Chris Virgo M65 DEVONCYM tba
281661027Susan Crickmore W55 SOGBR tba
291591010David Saunders M55 HHGBR tba
322049896David Faulkner M55 BOKGBR tba
377771234Adam Cooke M21 WIMGBR tba
41364708Andrew French M50 WIMGBR tba
448641513Brian Johnson M65 WIMGBR tba
468021492Nicola Brooke W50 WSXGBR tba (h)
491032007Gavin Robinson M50 WIMGBR tba
51235544Nick Nourse M55 NWOGBR tba
568008002Mike Wimpenny M70 DEVONGBR tba
607601002Rob Hick M55 WSXGBR tba (h)
62560000Robert Lines M50 SOGBR tba
638444244Alexander Lines M21 SOGBR tba
642064127Kerria Rowan W21 SOGBR tba
687060257Peter Foster M60 BOKENG tba
697570925Jo Foster W60 BOKENG tba
707997999Charlie Smurthwaite M21 WIMENG tba
72202182Jim Nickolls M50 QOGBR tba
782800213Jason Falconer M45 WSXGBR tba (h)
80333984Robin Carter W55 DEVONGBR tba
829002212Gordon Parker M55 SLOWGBR tba
86202117Rob Taylor M45 HOCGBR tba
92771273Julian Hartwell M60 SOCGBR tba
93HireRobert Karaszi M40 INDGBR tba
949991947Philip Cooper M70 WIMGBR tba
957300240Steve Robertson M65 QOGBR tba
108408419Terry Smith M65 SOCENG tba
117300300Mike Elliot M65 MVSCO tba
1212074494Doug Greenwood M45 BKOGBR tba
12939952Philip Fawkner-Corbett M65 BOKGBR tba
131221700Martin Goddard M60 SARUMGBR tba
132347672Kevin Bracher M60 SOCGBR tba
133401161Colin Hicks M65 SOCGBR tba

Green (33)
2504555Julie Astin W65 WSXGBR tba (h)
9202230Denise Mullins W65 SARUMGBR tba
10434457Sarah Houlder W55 WSXGBR tba (h)
12HireDavid Wright M60 IndGBR tba
13HireLetitia Wright W45 IndGBR tba
211784341Rebecca Medlock W40 WSXGBR tba (h)
22202118Jim Graham M65 WIMGBR tba
258138385Cat Edwardes W45 DEVONGBR tba
301590610Alison Saunders W55 HHGBR tba
34560606Christopher Branford M70 WIMGBR tba
358630873Arthur Vince M75 KERNOGBR tba
382015798Andrew Graham M60 SARUMENG tba
39363987Martin Cross M70 WIMGBR tba
478031492Agnes Brooke W16 WSXGBR tba (h)
53HireMartin Lewis M50 QOGBR tba
58HirePete Akers M65 QOGBR tba
65263689John Chesters M65 DEVONENG tba
719005220Veronica Barette W45 SOCGBR tba
772105327Sheila Gold W60 WSXGBR tba
819002211Gail Parker W60 SLOWGBR tba
842034270Phil Stradling M60 BKOENG tba
85202102Judith Taylor W50 HOCGBR tba
902080036Mike Christopher M60 WIMENG tba
992032783Allan Darwell M65 BOKGBR tba
1038655911Katherine Pike W55 WIMGBR tba
107HireCharlotte Oakes W16 WIMGBR tba
114400914Carol Taverner W55 WIGHTOENG tba
118260161David Oxenham M60 SARUMGBR tba
1202074496Annika Greenwood W45 BKOGBR tba
123423560Roger Moore M60 WIMGBR tba
124401536Helen Bolton W50 WIMGBR tba
1268634099Philip Kirk M60 ODGBR tba
127HireL-J Evans W40 WIMGBR tba

Short Green (26)
11263433John Warren M80 WIMGBR tba
15202221Peter Hambleton M75 SARUMCYM tba
16342273Joan Hambleton W75 SARUMENG tba
318630834Bill Brown M80 WSXGBR tba (h)
367300113Christine Vince W65 KERNOGBR tba
40260284Gillian Cross W70 WIMGBR tba
458230248Sue Hands W70 WIMGBR tba
50401764John Coleman M80 NGOCGBR tba
57HireChris Barrington Brown M60 BAOCGBR tba
59HireKay Johnson W60 INDGBR tba
61444864Deborah Mays W55 WIMGBR tba
832017987Liz Stradling W60 BKOSCO tba
912080037Caroline Christopher W65 WIMENG tba
9650055Julia Robertson W65 QOGBR tba
988194272Clare Fletcher W75 BOKGBR tba
10041302Judith Bland W75 WIMGBR tba
10140270David Bland M75 WIMGBR tba
104HireNigel Morris M55 WIMGBR tba
105414091Tracy Crickmore W50 WSXSCO tba (h)
10941277Charlotte Thornton W70 SARUMGBR tba
1118194900Christine King W65 BOKGBR tba
113261860Richard Raynsford M70 BOKGBR tba
115400913Steve Taverner M60 WIGHTOENG tba
1258630929Karin Kirk W70 ODENG tba
12839917Daniele Fawkner-Corbett W65 BOKGBR tba
13041293Jill Green W70 DEVONGBR tba

Light Green (9)
31409707Harry Bratcher-Howard M12 WIMGBR tba
191204796Lyra Medlock W12 WSXGBR tba (h)
488041492Arthur Brooke M14 WSXGBR tba (h)
52HireKaren Lewis W50 QOGBR tba
66236290Ruth Chesters W65 DEVONENG tba
872089679Rose Taylor W12 HOCGBR tba
97HireAlison Innes W35 WSXENG tba
110HireLaura Bright W35 WIMENG tba
119260163Jan Oxenham W65 SARUMGBR tba

Orange (3)
42HireGrace French W12 WIMGBR tba
74HireNicole Frith W21 INDGBR tba
89HireBenjamin Mills M16 WIMGBR tba

Yellow (5)
41409708Monty Bratcher-Howard M10 WIMGBR tba
201107061Eskarina Medlock W10 WSXGBR tba (h)
54HireOliver Lewis M10 QOGBR tba
55HireAnnabelle Lewis W12 QOGBR tba
11237567Joseph Morris M10 BOKENG tba

White (1)
43401995Alice French W10 WIMGBR tba

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