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Clevedon Aquathlon Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=30, Online=100%)

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Name Age
Club Country   Team Name Start Time
Sprint (21)
1Anthony DaunceyM40PAC-TriGBRtba
3Glenda GillW50GBRtba
4Ieuan LaramanMU23GBRtba
5Paula CardwellW45GBRtba
6Michelle WalkerW45South West Seals / CLASSGBRtba
9Paul RedmanM50GBRtba
10Tim SayerM50Middle Yeo Surf Lifesaving ClubGBRtba
12Kirsten LassW50GBRtba
13Clare SimmsW45GBRtba
14Claudia AmosW45SEALSGBRtba
15Sophie HeathWSENClevedon ACGBRtba
16Clare MactaggartW45CLASSGBRtba
17Chloe CrockfordW40GBRtba
18Franchesca BridgeW50GBRtba
19Ian DuncanM45GBRtba
20Heather DuncanWU15GBRtba
21Alex DuncanMU13GBRtba
23Sarah AndrewsW40GBRtba
24Ashley WellerM40PAC-TriGBRtba
26Andrew HoldenM40GBRtba
27Emma JolliffeWSENThe Triathlon Shop Race TeamGBRtba

Sprint Team (6)
7Rowan ClarkeWSENSouth West SealsGBRBubbles and Squeaktba
Adam ClarkeMSENGBRtba
11Billie OliverW60CLASSGBRShout Out For Wendytba
Jayne AlmozninoWSENCLASSGBRtba
22Christina PooleWSENGBRHunky Dorytba
Alex PoultonMSENGBRtba

Novice (3)
2Richard NuellM65GBRtba
8Rufus ClarkeMU13GBRtba
25Charlotte HayesWSENGBRtba

Novice Team (0)

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