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(D) BOK Winter Series - E Harptree Woods (Mendips) Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=26, Online=100%)

Bristol Orienteering Klub looks forward to your joining us.

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Green (19)
18210954Simon St Leger-HarrisM60BOKGBRtba(h)
28280268Elizabeth TreherneW50BOKGBRtba(h)
38180453Chris JohnsonM65BOKENGtba
49154473Richard RossingtonM55BOKGBRtba
52049896David FaulknerM55BOKGBRtba
71340948Alex EvansM55NGOCENGtba
81783408Christopher MoonM65BOKGBRtba
9221279John ParfittM75BOKGBRtba
117111057Angela ModicaW45QOGBRtba
129005238Owain JonesM35BOKGBRtba
158645272Alice OwenW45BOKGBRtba
168645271Matthew OwenM50BOKGBRtba
182120480Phil WarryM65BOKENGtba(h)
198100260Rob HickM55WSXGBRtba
207909197Chris AtkinsM40BOKGBRtba
211239141Jolyon MedlockM40WSXGBRtba
221784341Rebecca MedlockW40WSXGBRtba
258639642Carol IddlesW60BOKENGtba
262019680Mike ForrestM60BOKGBRtba

Light Green (4)
6HireVictoria HolbrookW21BAOCGBRtba
138645274Guy OwenM14BOKGBRtba
148645273Ruby OwenW14BOKGBRtba
231204796Lyra MedlockW12WSXGBRtba

Orange (2)
10HireTate ModicaM14QOGBRtba
172059638Elizabeth CopeW60BOKGBRtba

Yellow (1)
241107061Eskarina MedlockW10WSXGBRtba

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