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The Gilwern Grunt Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=20, Online=100%)

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Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
8 mile off-road race (20)
1Carolyn DentW55Westbury HarriersGBRtba
2Robert HickM55Town & Country HarriersGBRtba
3Louise QuatermassWSENLliswerry RunnersGBRtba
4Lauryn BenthamWSENCaldicot GBRtba
5Sarah BarkerWSENAvon Valley Runners GBRtba
6Mark PhillipsMSENUnattachedGBRtba
7Anthony TwycrossM40UnattachedGBRtba
8Jon StonesM40Lliswerry RunnersGBRtba
9Nick SloperM45UnattachedGBRtba
10Andy JamesM45Lliswerry RunnersGBRtba
11Sue JeddiW55Avon Valley RunnersGBRtba
12Helen TrollopeWSENMudstacleGBRtba
13Jill BrunsdonW55Unattached GBRtba
14Daniel ClarkMSENOgmore Phoenix RunnersGBRtba
15Peter HarropM55Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBRtba
16Mark GreatorexM55Bitton road RunnersGBRtba
17Mark HopkinsonMSENMynydd DuGBRtba
18Hannah HopkinsonWSENUnattachedGBRtba
19Randal JonesM55Lliswerry RunnersGBRtba
20Martin BeardM50Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBRtba

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