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Wrekin Relay Challenge 2018 Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=189, Online=100%)

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Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Male (63)
2Chtistian SmithLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Alex EvansLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Reynold WilliamsLawley Running ClubGBRtba
6Alistair PotterLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Dene MuirLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Jay PerksLawley Running ClubGBRtba
7Matt GilesTelford HarriersGBRtba
Thompson JohnTelford HarriersGBRtba
Andrew BuckleENGtba
16Andy PiggTelford HarriersGBRtba
Gus EarlandsonTelford HarriersGBRtba
Stephen DavisTelford HarriersGBRtba
20Kyle WhitbyGBRtba
Will BrookesLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Carl EvansLawley Running ClubGBRtba
22Gary NealLawley Running Club GBRtba
Mark WalkerGBRtba
Peter GallagherGBRtba
27Greg SmithTelford Harriers GBRtba
Jon MahoneyTelford Harriers GBRtba
Jamie CwdrllTelford Harriers ENGtba
28Matthew GrayGBRtba
Matthew GrayGBRtba
Ian ButterfieldGBRtba
30Andy ShirleyGBRtba
Sebastian SzulGBRtba
Melvin LilleyGBRtba
31Lee HowenGBRtba
Iain WheelerGBRtba
Stuart BickertonGBRtba
32Nicholas PollockShropshire ShufflersGBRtba
Ed MorrisShropshire ShufflersGBRtba
Tom YeomansShropshire ShufflersGBRtba
36Danny OliverGBRtba
Daniel LewisWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Ayden PreeceGBRtba
38James HaranLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Joseph HaranLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Peter FeredayLawley Running ClubGBRtba
40Daniel ThurstonWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Dave LeonardWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Marc ThorpeWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
42David HarleyLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Richard BradshawLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Kevin BrierleyLawley Running ClubGBRtba
46Kris WilliamsWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Craig TeckoeWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Shaun CromieWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
52Andrew HellowellWrekin College Triathlon ClubGBRtba
Cameron StampWrekin College Triathlon ClubGBRtba
Matt FrenchWrekin College Triathlon ClubGBRtba
54David RogersGBRtba
Chris PughGBRtba
Danny JonesGBRtba
60Daniel MaskewWolves & Bilston ACGBRtba
Jack AgnewMercia Fell RunnersGBRtba
Tom RooMercia Fell RunnersGBRtba
61Daniel ClarkeDaventry Road RunnersGBRtba
Adam NewmanDaventry Road RunnersGBRtba
Lee TaylorDaventry Road RunnersGBRtba
63James StatonLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Andrew CartwrightLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Andy HughesLawley Running ClubGBRtba

Female (21)
3Deborah Del PapaLawley Running Club GBRtba
Danielle WaltonLawley Running Club GBRtba
Kim KentLawley Running Club GBRtba
4Sally LillLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Janine FeltonLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Claire Aslett-RoundLawley Running ClubGBRtba
9Rebecca DaviesTelford HarriersGBRtba
Kim ChatfieldTelford HarriersGBRtba
Samantha McLellandTelford HarriersGBRtba
18Rebecca CurryLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Viv BarnettLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Rachael BrownLawley Running ClubGBRtba
25Tracie Trueman Lawley running club GBRtba
Louise MorganLawley running club GBRtba
Lauran PooleLawley running club GBRtba
48Maria BagnallWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Haz SullivanGBRtba
Emily ListerGBRtba
58Louisa DavidsonBirchfeild HarriersGBRtba
Sarah ConwayBirchfeild HarriersGBRtba
Linda HowellBournville HarriersGBRtba

Mixed (105)
1Simon PainterGBRtba
Richard BurtonShropshire ShufflersGBRtba
Dawn RutherfordGBRtba
5Scott LewisTelford HarriersGBRtba
Chris HockingsTelford HarriersGBRtba
Stacey HawkinsTelford HarriersGBRtba
8Georgina WestwoodTelford HarriersGBRtba
Phil ShieberTelford HarriersGBRtba
Elysia GapperTelford HarriersGBRtba
10Rachael HandleyPhysiqueGBRtba
Sue DovePhysiqueGBRtba
Stephen BunnPhysiqueGBRtba
11Matthew WrightLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Nicola WrightLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Chris JonesLawley Running ClubGBRtba
12David GibsonLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Warren NuttallLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Kim FawkeLawley Running ClubGBRtba
13Kelly KempinTelford HarriersGBRtba
Jo WeaverTelford HarriersGBRtba
Robbie ChebseyTelford HarriersGBRtba
14Dafydd ThackerLawleyGBRtba
Cheryl ThackerTelford HarriersGBRtba
Sarah Smith Telford HarriersGBRtba
15Caroline RigbyGBRtba
Stefan RigbyTelford HarriersGBRtba
Gary OfflandGBRtba
17Adam WalshGBRtba
Jacynta WalshTelford HarriersGBRtba
Mark RogersTelford HarriersGBRtba
19Louise BibbingsTelford HarriersGBRtba
Paul RuscoeTelford HarriersGBRtba
Mike WebbTelford HarriersGBRtba
21Marie ParkesLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Jennie BestLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Alex CombesLawley Running ClubGBRtba
23Clare SmithLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Richard SmithLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Silviu MarianLawleyGBRtba
24Will JohnsonGBRtba
Celeste CameronLawley Running ClubGBRtba
James CameronLawley Running ClubGBRtba
26Sophie Anne FlanaganTelford HarriersGBRtba
Dean AstonTelford HarriersGBRtba
Paul O'BrienTelford HarriersGBRtba
29Shirley WoodGBRtba
Philip HoldroydGBRtba
Matthew PriceGBRtba
33Chris DickensonGBRtba
Nicola HeywoodGBRtba
Craig LovattGBRtba
34Wendy WoodTipton HarriersGBRtba
Sheila CullinanGBRtba
David EvansCleobury MortimerGBRtba
35Emma WrightGBRtba
Penny LoweTelford HarriersGBRtba
David WrightTelford HarriersGBRtba
37Liz PerryGBRtba
James PerryGBRtba
Lee FieldGBRtba
39Stephanie EglestonTelford HarriersGBRtba
Egleston JamesTelford ACGBRtba
Aidan EglestonTelford HarriersGBRtba
41Stacey HooperLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Rob WoodLawley Running Club / Telford Triathlon ClubGBRtba
Mel HooperLawley Running Club GBRtba
43Mark HallWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Jane NichollsWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Adrian TalbotWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
44Debbie RidgeLawley Running ClubGBRtba
Esther GriffithsDolly MixturesGBRtba
Jim Morgans'LargeGBRtba
45Gaynor WilliamsLawley Running Club GBRtba
Neil TimmisLawley Running Club GBRtba
Wayne FlackLawley Running Club GBRtba
47Jean TurnerTelford HarriersGBRtba
Daron WindleTelford HarriersGBRtba
Andrew YoungTelford HarriersGBRtba
49Chris DaviesGBRtba
Julia AllinsonGBRtba
Sam LindsayGBRtba
50Rob ScotfordBridgnorth Running ClubGBRtba
Lisa LyonBridgnorth Running ClubGBRtba
Warren HullandBridgnorth Running ClubENGtba
51Steve HughesWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Isha AlsadekWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Rob WilliamsWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
53Rebecca RobbinsWrekin College Triathlon ClubGBRtba
Jordan StampWrekin College Triathlon ClubGBRtba
Rachel Simms Wrekin College Triathlon ClubGBRtba
55Lucy KesekGBRtba
Andrew HandleyWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Hannah TurnerWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
56Becci GoodallWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Craig DrewWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Warren SmithWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
57Sara McnameeBirchfeild HarriersGBRtba
Parmajit HansBirchfeild HarriersGBRtba
Sarah MaundBirchfeild HarriersGBRtba
59Craig JonesLawley Running Club GBRtba
Matt Ketteringham Lawley Running Club GBRtba
Ceri CardLawley Running Club GBRtba
62Mano HumphriesWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Robert WilsonWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba
Philip HowarthWrekin Road RunnersGBRtba

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