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(C) SW Galoppen - Turf Hill & Millersford (New Forest) Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=25, Online=100%)

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Brown (2)
48140776Sarah RollinsW40SNGBRtba
208639640Chris HookerM55SOENGtba

Blue (6)
3442417Tim HoulderM60WSXGBRtba
61239141Jolyon MedlockM40WSXGBRtba
119154473Richard RossingtonM55BOKENGtba
12771273Julian HartwellM60SOCGBRtba
131032007Gavin RobinsonM50WIMGBRtba(h)
2150451Karen FrenchW50WIMGBRtba(h)

Green (6)
11288559Julie AstinW65WSXGBRtba
2434457Sarah HoulderW55WSXGBRtba
10363987Martin CrossM70WIMGBRtba(h)
14HireHelen WheelwrightW60SOCGBRtba
19HirePete InnessM50BKOGBRtba
22364708Andrew FrenchM50WIMGBRtba(h)

Short Green (5)
71784341Rebecca MedlockW40WSXGBRtba
15HireBarry SowerbuttsM60SOCGBRtba
16HireAntje InnessW50BKOGBRtba
24202221Peter HambletonM75SARUMCYMtba
25342273Joan HambletonW75SARUMENGtba

Light Green (0)

Orange (4)
514071976Thomas RollinsM12SNGBRtba
81204796Lyra MedlockW12WSXGBRtba
17HireTom InnessM14BKOGBRtba
23401841Grace FrenchW12WIMGBRtba(h)

Yellow (2)
91107061Eskarina MedlockW10WSXGBRtba
18HireRobin InnessM10BKOGBRtba

White (0)

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