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3ROC Christmas Score Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=25, Online=100%)

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Open Score (50 minutes) (21)
11006553Mike LongM55AJAXIRLtba
21006577Catherine KingW50AJAXIRLtba
39200754Roisin LongW21UCDOIRLtba
49200753Ruairi LongM18UCDOIRLtba
51399014Claire WalshW75SetantaIRLtba
6551095Cliona McCulloughW21DUOIRLtba
71399420Paul SmythM55AjaxIRLtba
8440957Aine JoyceW50GENIRLtba
9434728Andrew ButterfieldM55GENIRLtba
13889775Tommy BurkeM60Fingal IRLtba
14806017Fearghal BurkeM21Fingal IRLtba
158270501Aidan McCulloughM163ROCIRLtba
161006610Dave WestonM50SetantaIRLtba
17445471Eileen WalshW50Setanta IRLtba
182066827Frank BrazilM55Setanta IRLtba
19HireFaolan BrazilM20Setanta IRLtba
20HireNeasan BrazilM18Setanta IRLtba
212009278Des DoyleM65GENIRLtba
232066904Ciaran DonaghyM55GENIRLtba
242066891Aoife DonaghyW18GENIRLtba
252069582Cliodhna DonaghyW16GENIRLtba

Short Score (50 minutes) (4)
102081299Joseph ButterfieldM16GENIRLtba
11361663Paul ButterfieldM14GENIRLtba
122067879Gabrielle KingW50Fingal IRLtba
222078584Edith BridcutW50GENIRLtba

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