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(D) WIM Boxing Day Canter 2017 Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=39, Online=100%)

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Solo (31)
1400977Mike KiteM70WIMGBRtba
41674117Harry LockM50INDGBRtba
88643385Robin SmithM65SOCGBRtba
92023391Dale GarwoodM50INDGBRtba
102023392Wendy LloydW50INDGBRtba
11517980Carol ProsserW55BAOCENGtba
12504966Ian ProsserM60BAOCGBRtba
131288559Julie AstinW60WSXENGtba
14434457Sarah HoulderW55WSXGBRtba
15442417Tim HoulderM60WSXGBRtba
178401765Margaret WilldigW60ODGBRtba
188401766Keith WilldigM65ODGBRtba
198630873Arthur VinceM75KERNOGBRtba
207300113Christine VinceW60KERNOGBRtba
2150061Ian SayerM65WSXGBRtba
222052919Kay SayerW70WSXGBRtba
231591010David SaundersM55HHGBRtba
241590610Alison SaundersW55HHGBRtba
258140776Sarah RollinsW40SNGBRtba
269140776Tommy RollinsM10SNGBRtba
272015612Lily ScarponiW21CCRITAtba
282015647Miles ScarponiM18CCRITAtba
292038849Sofia Yacoub-RollinsW14SMOGFRAtba
302021334Helen RollinsW55CCR RomaITAtba
338241284Linda PakulsW60GOGBRtba
348630898Mike FrizzellM55BADOGBRtba
35HireSue HillmanW50INDGBRtba
369000280Mike HamptonM70ODGBRtba
37339766Caron GaisfordW55SARUMGBRtba
38HireVicki LeeW40INDENGtba
39HireJude LeeM10INDGBRtba

Family Group Leader (5)
2HireMary KiteW70WIMGBRtba
3HireNick BucklandM45INDGBRtba
5HireIzabella LockW45INDGBRtba
168630854Matthew GrantM40SNGBRtba
31HireTom BlandfordM40INDENGtba

Family Group Member - no map or dibber (3)
6HireJan LockM10INDGBRtba
7HireMaria LockW10INDGBRtba
32HireJoseph BlandfordM10INDENGtba

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