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(D) Northern Night Cup Round 6 - Aviemore Golf Club Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=38, Online=100%)

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Long (19)
2800657Paul FrostM60BASOCGBRtba
42125157Alec KeithM55INVOCGBRtba
52079997Megan KeithW16INVOCGBRtba
7716617Mehmet KaratayM35BASOCSCOtba
8574343Gemma KaratayW35BASOCSCOtba
91411533Jon ShepherdM50INVOCGBRtba
12503372Stuart ThompsonM40MORSCOtba
139000064Colin MathesonM60MORSCOtba
148190775William NicolsonM40INVOCSCOtba
157207226Marsela McLeodW50INVOCGBRtba
17400175Steven BarrettM55BASOCGBRtba
188630963James LairdM50INVOCGBRtba
23886402Ade ChapmanM55MORGBRtba
25661977Janette MacleodW40BASOCGBRtba
312079949David WeirM55MORGBRtba
338645269Mairi WeirW18MORGBRtba
359200905Johannes PetersenM35BASOCGBRtba
377205955Eddie HarwoodM65MORGBRtba
38895265Jon HollingdaleM55MORGBRtba

Medium (17)
1552008Lynne WalkerW65BASOCGBRtba
32800611Jo CummingW70BASOCGBRtba
6219727Gilly KirkwoodW55INVOCGBRtba
101235515Freya ShepherdW20INVOCGBRtba
112085329Oscar ShepherdM14INVOCGBRtba
168040504Anna CoxW14BASOCGBRtba
2033938Elizabeth FurnessW60MORGBRtba
2133914Paul FurnessM60MORGBRtba
22HireDavid RitchieM60MORGBRtba
248654209Ian AddisM60MORGBRtba
2611110Ewan CameronM60INVOCGBRtba
2711111Joy CameronW55INVOCGBRtba
28525899Nicholas BarrM55MORGBRtba
29HireIain MacDonaldM50INDGBRtba
322079950Philippa WeirW55MORGBRtba
34HireClare KemsleyW50BASOCGBRtba
36503572Alan HallidayM60MORGBRtba

Short (2)
19HireAnn McGouganW50BASOCSCOtba
30HireIona ScottW10INVOCSCOtba

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