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(D) WMOA Relays Start List

Team Statistics (Total=44, Online=100%, Declared=98%)

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Team Name                   Club IOF   Declared
Mini-relay M/W12- (3)
81ODd MinisODGBRDeclared
192WRE 1WREENGDeclared
203WRE 2WREENGDeclared

Junior Women (0)

Intermediate Women (1)
21101WRE 3WREENGDeclared

Open Women (3)
22152WRE 4WREENGDeclared
33153POTOC Ladies 1POTOCENGDeclared

Senior Women (1)
23201WRE 5WREENGDeclared

Veteran Women (2)
15251Ladies that rule!HOCENGDeclared
40252Chasing VictoryWCHENGDeclared

Super Veteran Women (3)
5301ODds and EndsODGBRDeclared
24302WRE 6WREENGDeclared
34303POTOC Ladies 2POTOCENGDeclared

Junior Men (2)
7351ODd BodsODGBRDeclared
9352Mammas MeatballsHOCENGDeclared

Intermediate Men (1)
6401ODd JuniorsODGBRDeclared

Open Men (4)
1451ODd One OutODGBRDeclared
25452WRE 7WREENGDeclared
38454HOC Young GunsHOCENGDeclared
39453Chasing GloryWCHENGDeclared

Senior Men (4)
18502HOC or LiebfraumilchHOCENGDeclared
26503WRE 8WREENGDeclared
27504WRE 9WREENGDeclared

Veteran Men (6)
3551ODd Bits and BobODGBRDeclared
10552Golden EaglesHOCENGDeclared
16553HOC HurrahHOCENGDeclared
17554HOC key cokeyHOCENG
35555POTOC MenPOTOCENGDeclared
41556Chasing TriumphWCHENGDeclared

Super Veteran Men (4)
11601Grey GeeseHOCENGDeclared
12602Grey or Gray?HOCENGDeclared
28603WRE 10WREENGDeclared
29604WRE 11WREENGDeclared

Mixed Ad Hoc (10)
13651Rosie's TeamHOCENGDeclared
14652Catherine's TeamHOCENGDeclared
30653WRE 12WREENGDeclared
31654WRE 13WREENGDeclared
36656POTOC Mixed 1POTOCENGDeclared
37657POTOC Mixed 2POTOCENGDeclared
42658Chasing InfamyWCHENGDeclared
43659Chasing the OthersWCHENGDeclared
44660Chasing ChasersWCHENGDeclared

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