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(D) ESOC Ultrasprint 2017 - Beeslack Woods Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=46, Online=100%)

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Men Open (M18-M35) (4)
237250Neil McMillanM21ELOGBRopen
168130193Jonathan CrickmoreM21EUOCGBRopen
231940101Andrew LindsayM21ESOCSCOopen
338645293Simon FinchM35FVOGBRopen

Veteran Men (M40+) (6)
7505036Martin QuirkeM40ESOCSCOopen
251051177Michael AtkinsonM40ELOGBRopen
30680804Ben StansfieldM45FVOGBRopen
329005127Terry JohnstoneM50ESOCGBRopen
408270876Walter ClarkM40ESOCGBRopen
468362975Paul LawlorM50ESOCGBRopen

Super Veteran Men (M55+) (3)
58640465Martin CaldwellM60ESOCSCOopen
181962218David RobertsonM55ESOCSCOopen
22424483Mark KassykM60ESOCSCOopen

Ultra Veteran Men (M65+) (5)
87300500Robin StrainM65ELOGBRopen
1050042Robert FindlayM65ESOCGBRopen
122036791Pat SquireM70INTGBRopen
147520421Ian HendrieM65FVOGBRopen
39540244Ian PyrahM70ESOCSCOopen

Junior Men (M16-) (3)
378220201Ben BrownM16ESOCSCOopen
422074495Jamie LawlorM14ESOCGBRopen
431555999Joseph LawlorM12ESOCGBRopen

Young Junior Men (M12-) (3)
211970213Calum RobertsonM10ESOCSCOopen
281170606Joel AtkinsonM12ELOGBRopen
359005215Ewan FinchM12FvoSCOopen

Women Open (W18-W35) (4)
157080595Laura HendrieW21FVOGBRopen
178090293Laura RobertsonW21ESOCNZLopen
24550194Rona LindsayW21ESOCSCOopen
271280579Jennifer AtkinsonW35ELOGBRopen

Veteran Women (W40+) (5)
191970321Hanne RobertsonW45ESOCSCOopen
298630902Alison CunninghamW50ESOCSCOopen
311160769Josie StansfieldW45FVOGBRopen
369690226Judith BellW45ESOCGBRopen
457969090Leonne HutchinsonW45ESOCGBRopen

Super Veteran Women (W55+) (2)
62049794Jackie CaldwellW60ESOCSCOopen
137030560Fiona HendrieW55FVOGBRopen

Ultra Veteran Women (W65+) (4)
137312Trina RogersonW65ELOGBRopen
440752Anne ThomW65ESOCGBRopen
91008516Sheila StrainW65ELOGBRopen
117772204Janet ClarkW75ESOCSCOopen

Junior Women (W16-) (0)

Young Junior Women (W12-) (4)
201128006Maja RobertsonW12ESOCSCOopen
261081208Emily AtkinsonW10ELOGBRopen
388170108Megan BrownW10ESOCSCOopen
417771228Zoe ClarkW10ESOCGBRopen

Maze Only (3)
341006378Esme FinchW10FVOGBRopen
441110904Rowan LawlorM10ESOCGBRopen
472089653Senan LawlorM10ESOCGBRopen

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