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Competitor Statistics (Total=59, Online=100%)

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Track (Ride) (22)
38100468Ifor PowellM45BOKCYMtba
7442447Greg BestM55NGOCGBRtba
88314159Paul MurrinM40Chepstow HarriersGBRtba
101411532Sion JamesM45Black Mountains MBOGBRtba
127654654Alan HoneyM55BOKGBRtba
1339903Keith GarnerM60Dursley Running ClubGBRtba
148215761Christopher AldousM50Black Mountains MBOGBRtba
16HireEsther CaldwellW40Chepstow HarriersGBRtba
177205308Nick DallimoreM60MDCGBRtba
25HireMike ManningM55Black MountainsMBOGBRtba
288282828Richard CroninMSENMynyddwyr De Cymru (MDC)CYMtba
337601002Rob HickM55Wessex Orienteering Club GBRtba
351993029Richard PurkisMSENNGOCGBRtba
36260407Shirley RobinsonW60NGOCGBRtba
41219471Chris PorterM55GBRtba
49HireMichelle PeaceyW50Forest of Dean ACGBRtba
501470635James BrownMSENBlack MountainsGBRtba
53408422Fraser StephensM45SPLOTGBRtba
54HireKate StephensW40SPLOTGBRtba
56HireVanessa PeglerWSENForest of Dean ACGBRtba
579060969Jason HowellM45HOCGBRtba
5837528Steve WilliamsM60NGOCGBRtba

Trail (Run) (37)
1HireTony GrandonM65Outdoor FitnessGBRtba
2HireNathan LandegMSENGBRtba
4HireNick SloperM45Chelsea Running ClubGBRtba
5HireAnne JennerW55Chepstow HarriersGBRtba
6HireDan SandfordM40Forest of Dean ACGBRtba
9HireDebbie WhiteW45Forest of Dean AC GBRtba
11HireJoanna CowellW50GBRtba
15HireJanet RayW45GBRtba
187205307Caroline DallimoreW60MDCGBRtba
192089679Rose TaylorWU12Harlequins Orienteering ClubGBRtba
20HireLauryn BenthamWSENCaldicotGBRtba
21HireIan MacklinM45Mynyddwyr De Cymru (MDC)GBRtba
22HireJoc (Joyce) DoddW60Chepstow HarriersGBRtba
23HirePaul DoddM60Chepstow HarriersGBRtba
24HireDickie HuddM45Chepstow HarriersGBRtba
26HireHelen BrownW40Forest of Dean ACGBRtba
27HireAdam RawlingsM45GBRtba
291310710Jess MiklausicWSENNGOCGBRtba
302096687John MiklausicMSENNGOCGBRtba
31HireSue AshtonW65Chepstow HarriersGBRtba
32HireAndrew KnottMSENForest of Dean ACGBRtba
347201300Carolyn DentW55Westbury HarriersGBRtba
37HireCaroline RickardsW40Forest of Dean ACGBRtba
38HireDonna RickardsW40GBRtba
39HireSophie ReevesWU23GBRtba
40HireDeb DavisW45GBRtba
42HireChris HawkinsM65Forest of Dean ACGBRtba
43HireJo EdwardsW50Forest of Dean ACGBRtba
44HireJane CreedW40Forest of Dean ACGBRtba
45HireSara PooleW40GBRtba
46HireJonathan CarterM45Chepstow HarriersGBRtba
478371968Sarah BaylissW45SPLOTCYMtba
48661974Martyn FairlambM50GBRtba
51HireDavid JenkinsM40Forest of Dean ACGBRtba
52HireDean FionaW40GBRtba
5532859Brian LaycockM70HOCGBRtba
59HireJonathan HancockM60Usk RunnersGBRtba

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