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UKA British Fell and Hill Relay Championship 2017 Start List

Team Statistics (Total=181, Online=96%, Declared=0%)

Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 17 September 2017

Team declaration will open in early September.

See the Event Website for ‎further details.

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Team Name                   Club IOF   Declared
Male Open (69)
2Helsby menHelsby Running ClubENG
5Black Combe BlokesBlack Combe RunnersENG
9Pennine young menPennineENG
13Sale Harriers ASale Harriers ManchesterGBR
14Sale Harriers BSale Harriers ManchesterGBR
15Sale Harriers CSale Harriers ManchesterGBR
18Preston Harriers APreston HarriersENG
19Preston Harriers BPreston HarriersENG
20Erewash-ed upErewash Valley RCENG
22Mynydd Du MMynydd DuCYM
27Bowland OpenBowland Fell RunnersENG
29Ripley Men ARipley Running ClubENG
30Ripley Men BRipley Running ClubENG
33DP RamblersDark Peak Fell RunnersENG
34DP FairbrookDark Peak Fell RunnersENG
35DP Kinder SurpriseDark Peak Fell RunnersENG
40Penistone FRPenistone Footpath RunnersENG
44Ambleside MenAmbleside ACENG
46Mow Cop A TeamMow Cop RunnersENG
52MDC MenMynyddwyr de CymruCYM
58Dallam menDallam Running ClubENG
60Settle Harriers Settle Harriers GBR
64Altrincham AAltrincham and District ACENG
65Altrincham BAltrincham and District ACENG
66York Knavesmire AYork Knavesmire HarriersENG
68Glossopdale HunksGlossopdale HarriersENG
72Shettleston MenShettleston HarriersSCO
77Ochil HROchil HRSCO
78Wharfedale AWharfedale HarriersENG
79Wharfedale BWharfedale HarriersENG
87Pudsey and Bramley APudsey and Bramley ACENG
88Pudsey and Bramley BPudsey and Bramley ACENG
89Totley MenTotley ACGBR
91Keswick Men AKeswick ACENG
92Keswick Men BKeswick ACENG
96CVFR ACalder Valley Fell RunnersENG
99CVFR BCalder Valley Fell RunnersENG
101Rossendale ARossendale HarriersENG
107Southwell RCSouthwell RCENG
108Wrecham AACWrexham AACCYM
110Ilkley Harriers AIlkley HarriersGBR
111Pensby MenPensby RunnersENG
115Holmfirth Mens AHolmfirth HarriersENG
118Bingley MenBingley Harriers & ACENG
120Denby Dale ADenby Dale ACENG
122Edinburgh Uni BEdinburgh University H&HSCO
123Edinburgh Uni AEdinburgh University H&HSCO
124Macc LadsMacclesfield HarriersENG
128Horwich A TeamHorwich RMI HarriersENG
132Mercia AMercia Fell RunnersGBR
133Mercia BMercia Fell RunnersGBR
139Clayton Harriers AClayton le Moors HarriersENG
140Clayton Harriers BClayton le Moors HarriersENG
146Helm Hill Men AHelm Hill Runners ENG
147Helm Hill Men BHelm Hill Runners ENG
152Staffs Moorlands MenStaffordshire Moorlands ACENG
154Steel City VulcansSteel City StridersENG
156Cumberland ACumberland Fell RunnersENG
157Helm Hill Men CHelm Hill RunnersENG
160Trawden boysTrawden ACENG
163Ambleside Men 'B'Ambleside ACENG
164*Eryri Men AEryri HarriersCYM
165*Eryri Men BEryri HarriersCYM
171Barlick Fell ABarlick Fell RunnersENG
175NLFR men openNorth Leeds Fell RunnersENG
177Meirionnydd AMeirionnyddCYM

Male Vet 40 (24)
1Buckley Runners 'A'Buckley Runners CYM
3Helsby vetsHelsby Running ClubENG
10Pennine old menPennineENG
17Maldwyn MastersMaldwyn HarriersCYM
37DP Newly MaturedDark Peak Fell RunnersENG
41Penistone FRPenistone Footpath RunnersENG
54MDC MV40Mynyddwyr De CymruCYM
67Cheshire BilliesCheshire Hill RacersENG
73Shettleston MV40Shettleston HarriersSCO
81Wharfedale VetsWharfedale HarriersENG
84Todmorden MenTodmorden HarriersENG
97CVFR BCalder Valley Fell RunnersENG
98CVFR ACalder Valley Fell RunnersENG
102Rossendale V40'sRossendale HarriersENG
113Holmfirth V40Holmfirth HarriersENG
125Macc GentsMacclesfield HarriersENG
129Horwich VetsHorwich RMI HarriersENG
134Mercia 40Mercia Fell RunnersGBR
148Helm Hill MV40Helm Hill Runners ENG
155Steel City CutlersSteel City StridersENG
158The Old KeswickiansKeswick ACENG
168*Eryri MV40 AEryri HarriersCYM
169*Eryri MV40 BEryri HarriersCYM
172Barlick VetsBarlick Fell RunnersENG

Male Vet 50 (12)
7Black Combe OldiesBlack Combe RunnersENG
11Pennine mature menPennineENG
39DP Strongly MatureDark Peak Fell RunnersENG
55 Mercia MV50 AMercia Fell RunnersGBR
56Mercia MV50 BMercia Fell RunnersGBR
57Mercia MV50 CMercia Fell RunnersGBR
94CVFRCalder Valley Fell RunnersENG
114Holmfirth V50Holmfirth HarriersENG
119Bingley GentsBingley Harriers & ACENG
141Clayton Harriers VetClayton le Moors HarriersENG
143Helm Hill MV50Helm Hill Runners ENG
170*Eryri MV50Eryri HarriersCYM

Female Open (37)
4Helsby ladiesHelsby Running ClubENG
6Black Combe LadiesBlack Combe RunnersENG
8Ribble Valley ladiesRibble Valley Harriers ENG
12Pennine ladiesPennineENG
16Sale HarriersSale Harriers ManchesterGBR
23Mynydd Du FMynydd DuCYM
28Ripley LadiesRipley Running ClubENG
36DP RushupDark Peak Fell RunnersENG
45Ambleside LadiesAmbleside ACENG
53MDC LadiesMynyddwyr De CymruCYM
59Dallam WomenDallam Running ClubENG
61Settle Harriers LadiSettle Harriers GBR
62Buxton BellesBuxton A.CENG
69Glossopdale BabesGlossopdale HarriersENG
74Shettleston LadiesShettleston HarriersSCO
80Wharfedale LadiesWharfedale HarriersENG
86P&B LadiesPudsey and BramleyENG
90Totley LadiesTotley ACGBR
93Keswick WomenKeswick ACENG
95CVFRCalder Valley Fell RunnersENG
103Rossendale FemaleRossendale HarriersENG
116Holmfirth Ladies AHolmfirth HarriersENG
117Bingley LadiesBingley Harriers & ACENG
121EUHH Ladies AEdinburgh University H&HSCO
126Macc LassesMacclesfield HarriersENG
136Mercia Ladies AMercia Fell RunnersENG
137Mercia Ladies AMercia Fell RunnersENG
142Clayton Harriers FClayton le Moors HarriersENG
149Helm Hill Women AHelm Hill Runners ENG
150Helm Hill Women BHelm Hill Runners ENG
159Trawden girlsTrawden ACENG
161DP StanageDark Peak FellrunnersENG
166*Eryri Women AEryri HarriersCYM
167*Eryri Women BEryri HarriersCYM
174Barlick Fell RunnersBarlick Fell RunnersENG
176NLFR female openNorth Leeds Fell RunnersENG

Female Vet 40 (5)
38DP in HopeDark Peak Fell RunnersENG
42Penistone FRPenistone Footpath RunnersENG
70Glossopdale DarlingsGlossopdale HarriersENG
83Todmorden WomenTodmorden HarriersENG
144Helm Hill FV40Helm Hill Runners ENG

Mixed Any Age (3M/3F) (14)
24Mynydd Du MixedMynydd DuCYM
25Denbigh HarriersDenbigh HarriersGBR
49MDC MixedMynyddwyr De CymruCYM
50Horsforth AHorsforth HarriersENG
51Horsforth BHorsforth HarriersENG
63Harrogate HarriersHarrogate HarriersENG
75Rolls-Royce HarriersRolls-Royce HarriersENG
85Todmorden MixedTodmorden HarriersENG
100CVFRCalder Valley Fell RunnersENG
104Rossendale MixedRossendale HarriersENG
127Macc CuriousMacclesfield HarriersENG
145Helm Hill MixedHelm Hill Runners ENG
162Otley MixedOtley ACENG

Mixed (any combination) (20)
26Denbigh HarriersDenbigh HarriersGBR
43TringTring Running ClubENG
47MCR Dolly MixturesMow Cop RunnersENG
48Black Combe MixedBlack Combe RunnersENG
71Darwen DashersDarwen DashersENG
76Congleton HarriersCongleton HarriersENG
82Spectrum Striders ASpectrum Striders RCENG
105Clwydian Range Rns AClwydian Range RunnersCYM
106Clwydian Range Rns BClwydian Range RunnersCYM
109Ambleside MixedAmbleside ACENG
112Pensby MixedPensby RunnersENG
130Horwich MixedHorwich RMI HarriersENG
135Mercia CMercia Fell RunnersGBR
138Chorley Athletics & TriChorley Athletics and TriGBR
151Nidd ValleyNidd ValleyENG
153Staffs Moorlands MixStaffordshire Moorlands ACENG
173Wrecsam Tri ClubWrecsam Tri ClubCYM
178Meirionnydd B (mix)MeirionnyddCYM
182SaddleworthSaddleworth RunnersENG

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