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Avon Valley Railway 10K / 4K - November Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=60, Online=68%)

Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 17 August 2017

Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename.

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Name Age
Club Country  
10K (51)
11Adam BeaumontM40UnattachedGBR
9Victoria BenjafieldWSENUnattachedGBR
7Luke BibbeyMSENSouthville Running ClubGBR
34*Allison BlairW45UnattachedGBR
16Vanessa BridgwaterW45Wessex CanicrossGBR
32*Jess BrookesWSENUnattachedGBR
6Michelle ByrneWSENUnattached GBR
21Sam ChanMSENUnattachedGBR
54*Emma CockramWSENUnattachedGBR
24*Nicola CoganWSENUnattachedGBR
13Charlie CoggansMSENUnattachedGBR
12Samantha CoggansWSENUnattachedGBR
31*Steven CullifordM50UnattachedGBR
43Charlotte FarmerWSENSouthville Running ClubGBR
44Stephen FarmerMSENSouthville Running ClubGBR
56Deb FarrellW50Emerson's Green Running Club GBR
8Frances FergusonW45Cleeve LadiesGBR
55Caron FinnW45Emerson's Green Running Club GBR
57Yasmin FrickerWSENUnattached GBR
19Anika GardinerWSENUnattachedGBR
53*Malwina GawlikWSENNBRGGBR
30*Kathryn GiddingsWSENUnattachedGBR
36*Philip GiddingsMSENUnattachedGBR
39Jon GlanvillMSENUnattachedGBR
45Paul GodwinM45NBRGGBR
4Katy HateleyWSENAvon Valley RunnersGBR
40Murray HolmesMSENUnattachedGBR
18Jack HughesMSENUnattachedGBR
14Harleigh JanesWSENUnattached GBR
22Sophie JarzebowskiWSENUnattachedGBR
50Adam JonesMSENUnattachedGBR
59Carrie JonesWSENUnittachedGBR
58Jake JonesMSENUnittachedGBR
23*Lucy KershawWSENUnattachedGBR
37Robert KingMSENUnattachedGBR
25*Janejira KittivorapartWSENUnattachedGBR
10Elizabeth LawlerWSENCleeve LadiesGBR
3*Dan LawrenceMSENUnattachedGBR
47Susan MaceyW55Unattached GBR
17Jenny MiltonWSENUnattached GBR
26*Kay RidgwellW55Westbury HarriersGBR
42Oli RobinsonMSENUnattachedGBR
60Georgina SaundersWSENUnattachedGBR
35*Belinda SingletonW45UnattachedGBR
33*Rachel SmithWSENUnattachedGBR
38Ben SpeakeM40UnattachedGBR
29*Jannete StevensWSENNorth Bristol Running GroupGBR
46Rachel WatmoughWSENUnattached GBR
41Alex WoodwardMSENNoneGBR
27*Louise WottonW40UnattachedGBR
28*Robin WottonMSENUnattachedGBR

4K (8)
48Linda BaileyW50UnattachedGBR
5*Anne DyteW40UnattachedGBR
20Bev ElliottW50Southville RCGBR
15Georgina HewsonW40UnattachedGBR
49David HoltM55UnattachedGBR
51Joanna MauleW45Somer ACGBR
52Tyler MauleMU13Somer ACGBR
2*Kelly WoodWSENUnattachedGBR

10K Canicross (1)
1Diana WilsonWSENWessex canicross GBR

4K Canicross (0)

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