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Forest 5 Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=140, Online=100%)

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Name Age
Club Country  
5.6 miles (140)
91Barry ArchboldM40Wilmslow RCGBR
51Mike ArrowsmithM40Wilmslow Striders GBR
54Jo AskeyF40Sandbach StridersGBR
16Lynsey AstlesF40Sandbach StridersGBR
123Heather AutyF55Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
6Rob BaileyM45Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
79Jon BaleM55Wilmslow Running ClubGBR
17Louise BanksF40Sandbach stridersGBR
61Jon Bannard-Smith MUnattached GBR
60Layla Bannard-SmithF35Unattached GBR
138Katy BarnesF35Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
37Andrew BestM35UnattachedGBR
38Antony BethellM35Macclesfield gentlemanGBR
96Vincent BoothM50Wilmslow RCGBR
107Marc BradfordM40Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
35Lee BradleyM40UnattachedGBR
122Julie BrindleF55Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
36Andy BuckroydM50Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
81Don BulloughM60Wilmslow RCGBR
67Abigail BurbidgeFN/AGBR
66Hannah BurbidgeFN/AGBR
116Diane BygraveF40WilmslowGBR
117Jeremy BygraveM40WilmslowGBR
69Chris CannonM60Wilmslow RCGBR
33Heather CarterF40Sandbach StridersGBR
94Jon CheshireM35Wilmslow RCGBR
111Lisa CoxF45Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
100Mark CrosslandM45Wilmslow RCGBR
14Catharine CrossleyF35Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
20Claire DaltonF40Sandbach StridersGBR
7Dawn DevineF50Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
44Andrew DoddM45Wilmslow StridersGBR
45Sally-Ann DoddF40Wilmslow StridersGBR
80Rob DownsM50Wilmslow RCGBR
48Paul DoyleM40Wilmslow StridersGBR
119Kim EasthamF50Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
34Craig EdwardsM40Sandbach StridersGBR
74Janine EllisF45Wilmslow RCGBR
103James EyreM40Wilmslow RCGBR
137Zoe EyreF40Wilmslow RCGBR
41Daniel FlemingMUnattached GBR
64Cathy FlorentineF50Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
139Andrea FrostF50Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
19Heather GallowayFMacclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
124Elspeth GibsonF45Wilmslow RCGBR
8Rachel GillilandF45Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
113Mark GoddenM60Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
106Roger GrandM40Trentham running clubGBR
97Patrick GrannanM65Wilmslow RCGBR
43Ben GrayM35UnattachedGBR
72Katy GreenF40Wilmslow RCGBR
59Tony GriffithsM45Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
105Tom GrimesM35Macclesfield harriersGBR
13Sian GulliverFMacclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
32Alison GunnF55Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
15Neil GunnM55Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
18Tracey HaleF55Sandbach StridersGBR
26James HallingMSandbach StridersGBR
76Louisa HarrisonF40Wilmslow GBR
9Robert HaslerM35Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
10Saranya HaslerFMacclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
132David HaytonM55Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
46Lorraine HewittF35Wilmslow StridersGBR
120Billy HicksMMacclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
31Lisa HighfieldFSandbach StridersGBR
90Gail HillF40Wilmslow RCGBR
115Mike HillM50Wilmslow RCGBR
82Richard HironsM50Wilmslow RCGBR
29Chris HoldenM35Sandbach Striders GBR
129Justin HolmesM45Buxton & District ACGBR
101Jarrod HomerM45Wilmslow RCGBR
112David HughesM35Macc WheelersGBR
68Tony HulmeM70Wilmslow RCGBR
73Craig HuntM45Wilmslow RCGBR
23Mick HutchinsM40Sandbach StridersGBR
109Anna IrelandF45Macclesfield HarriersGBR
135Robert JacksonMWimlslow RCGBR
70Sharon JonesF50Wilmslow Running ClubGBR
118David KeateM40UnattachedGBR
62Alastair KnocktonM50Macclesfield harriers GBR
126David LarkinM40Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
57Jonathan LawtonMWilmslow StridersGBR
110Matt LewisM50Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
71Amy LongmoreFWilmslow Running ClubGBR
56Helen LonsdaleF35Northwich RCGBR
88Julie LucasF50Wilmslow RCGBR
47Emily MarnerFWilmslow StridersGBR
102Catriona MarshallF50Wilmslow RCGBR
28Tom MayellM40Sandbach StridersGBR
131Bernard McCarronM50UnattachedGBR
86Brian McCoubreyM35Wilmslow RCGBR
140Tom McGaffM60Wilmslow RCGBR
30Stepehn McleanMSandbach StridersGBR
128Catherine MellorF35Wilmslow Running ClubGBR
121Sarah MilesF35Wilmslow RCGBR
11Steven MillarM40Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
136Robert MillsM40Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
85Nicky MowatF55Wilmslow running clubGBR
84Adam NealeM45Wilmslow RCGBR
5Peter NieldM40Macc harriers GBR
55Amy NormanF35Sandbach StridersGBR
93Paul NorrisM60Wilmslow RCGBR
125Kathleen O'DonnellF40Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
53Jan PeakeM40Sandbach StridersGBR
114Robbie PealMU18Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
27Mark PlattsM40Staffordshire Moorlands A.C.GBR
77John PorteousM60WilmslowGBR
2Melanie PowerF45Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
92Sally PriceF40WilmslowGBR
12Lindsay PurdieF45Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
99Huma RahmanF45Wilmslow RCGBR
127Sue ReidF45UnattachedGBR
65Huw RickettsM35UnattachedGBR
98Christine RitchieF60Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
3Lindsey RussellF50Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
104Geoff SandersM60Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
39Joe SandwickMUnattachedGBR
4Michael SmithM45Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
89Wendy SpreadburyF60Sandbach Striders GBR
78Peter StockM60Wilmslow RCGBR
49Jason StottM45Pennines Fell RunnersGBR
50Jenny SuttonFWilmslow StridersGBR
75Matthew TaylorM40Wilmslow RCGBR
22Tony TaylorM50Sandbach StridersGBR
130Gill Thompson F50Buxton & District ACGBR
83Gareth TrimbleM40Wilmslow RCGBR
24Jaynie TurnerFSandbach Striders GBR
63Darren VarleyM35Sandbach striders GBR
108Catherine VoyceF40Macclesfield GBR
87Andy WattsM65Wilmslow RCGBR
1Stewart WaudbyM40Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
40Gareth WildM35UnattachedGBR
52Dave WilsonM40UnattachedGBR
25Catherine WindersF40Sandbach StridersGBR
133Elaine WoodF60Sandbach StridersGBR
134Matthew WoodM60Sandbach StridersGBR
21June WrayF55Sandbach StridersGBR
95Jan WylesF50Wilmslow RCGBR
42Martin YarnellMGreased Lightning Inc GBR

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