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Cheshire Ring Canoe Race Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=48, Online=88%)

Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 17 June 2017

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Name Age
Club Country   Team Name
Single Kayak (K1) all the way (2)
9Robert PearsonM50GBR
1Jules TaylorM55Bristol Canoe ClubGBR

Single Kayak (K1) relay (0)

Double Kayak (K2) all the way (6)
7Peter WalkerM50Pangbourne Canoe ClubGBRPangbourne Canoe Club
Steven McCluskeyM60Pangbourne Canoe ClubGBR
12Robert PassmoreM55Tonbridge Canoe ClubGBRTonbridge Canoe Club
Julia PassmoreW50Tonbridge Canoe ClubGBR
13Aaron JordanMSENMaidstone Canoe ClubGBRBarking and Dagenham Canoe Club
Leanne BrownWSENBarking and Dagenham Canoe ClubGBR

Double Kayak (K2) relay (34)
3Feryal Melville-PolatW45MADCCGBRMADCC Women's Team (Neil's Riotous Potatoes)
Margaret HuytonW65MADCCGBR
Natalie AbbottW55MADCCGBR
Charlotte StormWU19MADCCGBR
Rosemarie CraggW50MADCCGBR
Helen PriceW55MADCCGBR
Rachael ClarkeW40MADCCGBR
Anna LaverickW45MADCCGBR
4Adele BlakeboroughW40Chester Canoe ClubGBRChester Chicks
Jean AshleyW55Chester Canoe ClubGBR
Rona FishburnWU17Chester Canoe ClubGBR
Georgia HuntWU23Chester Canoe ClubGBR
Carol HattonW55Chester Canoe ClubGBR
Timea HarrisWSENChester Canoe ClubGBR
6John SpeakmanM60Manx Paddle SportsGBRManx Paddlesport
James BetteringMSENManx Paddle SportsGBR
Jennifer ChanceW50Manx Paddle SportsGBR
Steve WattM55Manx Paddle SportsGBR
Joe LeachMSENManx Paddle SportsGBR
James SpeakmanMSENManx Paddle SportsGBR
11Felicity DyndorWSENBanbury and District Canoe ClubGBRThe BDCC Ladies
Zoe DyndorWSENBanbury and District Canoe ClubGBR
Rachael NixonWSENBanbury and District Canoe ClubGBR
Dawn BuzzardW50Banbury and District Canoe ClubGBR
Irene HillsW50Banbury and District Canoe ClubGBR
Kirsten Suenson-TaylorW55Banbury and District Canoe ClubGBR
14*John BroadheadM45Runcorn Canoe ClubGBRRuncorn CC
Josh EdwrMSENRuncorn Canoe ClubGBR
Stephen MarnellM45Runcorn Canoe ClubGBR
Andrew HastwellMSENRuncorn Canoe ClubGBR
James MayaersM40Runcorn Canoe ClubGBR
Rebecca StormWU17Runcorn Canoe ClubGBR

Double Kayak (K2) relay x10 (senior + junior) (0)

Double Kayak Tourer relay (senior + junior) (0)

Single Canoe (C1) all the way (2)
10Paul StenningM40Leighton Buzzard Canoe ClubGBR
5Sharon WilkinsW40PaddlesportsGBR

Single Canoe (C1) relay (2)
8John ShackletonM60IndependentGBRC1's Indigo
Colin WilsonM60IndependentGBR

Double Canoe (C2) all the way (2)
2Hugh BirdMSENVKC BedfordGBRFlyathletes
Jessica BirdWSENGBR

Double Canoe (C2) relay (0)

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