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Cressbrook Crawl Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=84, Online=100%)

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Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Senior Men (18+) (14)
2Mark DungworthMSENLincoln & District RunnersGBRtba
3Matthew JacksonMSENHeanor RCGBRtba
5Luke TaylorMSENUnattachedGBRtba
8Ben TaylorMSENUnattachedGBRtba
10John UffMSENCambridge and ColeridgeGBRtba
11Jonathan HendersonMSENLincoln and DistrictGBRtba
12Matthew StrawbridgeMSENUnattachedGBRtba
14Chris DeadmanMSENStamford StridersGBRtba
19John TaylorMSENUnattachedGBRtba
20Jonathan BreezeMSENUnattachedGBRtba
28Simon LimbertMSENN/AGBRtba
34Joe OsbourneMSENUnattachedGBRtba
56Ian RidgewayMSENUnattachedGBRtba
58Jordan StreetMSENClowne Road Runners ClubGBRtba

M40 (22)
13Robin BoonM45UnattchedGBRtba
16Matthew KeffordM45Stamford StridersGBRtba
18Steven HallM40Stamford StridersGBRtba
30Paul StephensonM40UnattachedGBRtba
33John HamptonM40Pegtown PloddersGBRtba
35Billy NaylorM40Unattached GBRtba
36Bryan PennyM45NoneGBRtba
38Zachary HollandM45Unattached GBRtba
40Rick AldredM40Buxton ACGBRtba
49Ian HewittM40Derby Triathlon ClubGBRtba
52Simon ConroyM45Dark peakGBRtba
55Will MeredithM40Pennine Fell RunnersGBRtba
57Robert PinfoldM40UnattachedGBRtba
60Simon GregoryM40Handsworth Road HogsGBRtba
64Trevor HibbertM40SinfinGBRtba
65David BrockbankM40Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBRtba
67Brian WarnerM45Sinfin running clubGBRtba
78Mark PlattsM40Staffs Moorlands ACGBRtba
80Stuart BlackM45UnattachedGBRtba
81Simon NewtonM40UnattachedGBRtba
82Chris MossM45Congleton HarriersGBRtba
84Andy VirginM40Handsworth RoadhogsGBRtba

M50 (21)
1John MackintoshM50UnattachedGBRtba
6John RichardsonM50Handsworth RoadhogsGBRtba
7Dean MorrisM50Handsworth roadhogsGBRtba
22Nick BatesM50Derwent Runners (Derby)GBRtba
25Chris DuroM50Derwent Runners (Derby)GBRtba
31Andrew GoodallM45UnattachedGBRtba
32Ian FulliloveM50Tideswell Running ClubGBRtba
37Mark CroweM55UnattachedGBRtba
41Adi BakerM55Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBRtba
44Sean JohnstonM50UnattachedGBRtba
45Bryn OwensM50UnattachedGBRtba
48Richard ThorowgoodM50UnattachedGBRtba
59Jonathan KempsterM50UnattachedGBRtba
61Joseph Allan WallM55U/AGBRtba
66Anthony HorsfallM50Handsworth roadjogsGBRtba
69Paul StevensonM55Sinfin RCGBRtba
72Ed GambleM50Cheshire Hill RacersGBRtba
73Neil ClarkeM55Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBRtba
74Julian BrownM50Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBRtba
77Andrew WatkinsM50Tideswell Running ClubGBRtba
83Roger WillisonM50Sinfin RCGBRtba

M60 (5)
26Andy WilkinsM60Glossopdale HarriersGBRtba
29Les ThurstonM65Matlock ACGBRtba
43Andy HauserM60Holmfirth Harriers ACGBRtba
68Alan AshforthM65Handsworth RoadhogsGBRtba
79Colin BostockM60Long Eaton RCGBRtba

M70 (1)
62Barry BlythM70Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBRtba

Senior Women (18+) (7)
9Melanie StaleyWSENCambridge and ColeridgeGBRtba
15Katie ArnoldWSENStamford StridersGBRtba
17Claire MaxtedWSENStamford StridersGBRtba
27Rachel LimbertWSENN/AGBRtba
47Amy WiddosonWSENNoneGBRtba
50Clare HarrisonWSENSinfin RCGBRtba
53Vicky WoolleyWSENUnattachedGBRtba

F40 (6)
4Tessa FlettW40Unattached GBRtba
39Ruth GowersW40Buxton & District ACGBRtba
54Jeanette AveryW45Adhbourne run clubGBRtba
63Caroline ScottW45SinfinGBRtba
71Emma FoxW40UnattachedGBRtba
76Jo MossW45Congleton HarriersGBRtba

F50 (7)
21Estelle McGuireW50Stockport Harriers & ACGBRtba
23Lucy BeckW50Derwent Runners (Derby)GBRtba
24Debbie StarrsW50Unattached GBRtba
42Jean ShotterW55Holmfirth Harriers ACGBRtba
51Jane CrowsonW50Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBRtba
70Mary JealW55Glossopdale HarriersGBRtba
75Andrea FrostW50Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBRtba

F60 (1)
46Julie CaesarW60NoneGBRtba

F70 (0)

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