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Brooksie's Bash 10 Mile Trail Race Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=119, Online=100%)

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Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Senior Men (18)
4Martyn RyanMUnattachedGBRtba
12Stuart LaurieM35UnattachedGBRtba
16Stephen PriceM35UKnetrunner.co.UKGBRtba
17Ian PatheyjohnsM45Shelton StridersGBRtba
22Richard FordM35Sinfin RCGBRtba
23Matt HarrisM35UnattachedGBRtba
25Jonathan GregsonMHatton DartsGBRtba
34John ReynoldsM35Ilkeston RCGBRtba
39Jonathan EvansM35Sinfin RCGBRtba
45Richard RecordM35Sinfin RCGBRtba
61Gareth BrownM35Shelton StridersGBRtba
71Lee SwalesMTeam Derby RunnerGBRtba
77Richard WebsterM35Sinfin RCGBRtba
78David JamesM60Sutton HarriersGBRtba
82Neil OliverM60Little Eaton HornetsGBRtba
90Neil AdamsM35Desford StridersGBRtba
92Paul ColemanMUnattachedGBRtba
105Glenn SmithMSouth Derbyshire Road RunnersGBRtba

M40 (24)
2James CobbM40South Derbyshire Road RunnersGBRtba
6Richard IliffeM45Ilkeston RCGBRtba
8Michael Wood M45UnattachedGBRtba
18Adam RichardsonM40UnattachedGBRtba
19Andy TatarczukM45UnattachedGBRtba
27Conrad MasonM45Unattached GBRtba
32Ian DavisM45UnattachedGBRtba
35Simon BrayM45Sinfin RCGBRtba
38Brian WarnerM45Sinfin RCGBRtba
51Gary MooreMUnattached GBRtba
52Jason WalshM45IPA HuntersGBRtba
57Jason BallM40Sinfin RCGBRtba
63Simon ThorneM40NaGBRtba
68Brett ClementsM45UnattachedGBRtba
75Brendan DevlinM45Sinfin RCGBRtba
80Ken TomlinsonM40Sinfin RCGBRtba
81Andrew GreavesM40UnattachedGBRtba
83Pete ReesM45Team Derby RunnerGBRtba
84Darren WilsonM45Team Derby RunnerGBRtba
85Ben PollittM35NoneGBRtba
86Steven PollittMNoneGBRtba
94Robert LaneM40Sinfin RCGBRtba
95Neil WilsonM40Derwent Runners (Derby)GBRtba
96Julian BloorM45Ilkeston running clubGBRtba

M50 (15)
15Andrew BennettM50Hatton Darts GBRtba
21Steve Robinson-DayM50Kimberley and District StridersGBRtba
47John FinnM50Hatton Darts RCGBRtba
48Ian JonesM55UnattachedGBRtba
60Damian CowlishawM50Long Eaton running club GBRtba
64Ian WallisM50Long Eaton Running ClubGBRtba
65Mark Jennison-BoyleM55UnattachedGBRtba
66Paul PhillipsM55Shelton StridersGBRtba
72Tim BentleyM50Shelton StridersGBRtba
87Conrad MaddisonM55Derbyshire DynamosGBRtba
88Roger SmithM55Desford StridersGBRtba
103Paul GloverM50South Derbyshire Road RunnersGBRtba
109Andrew GallimoreM50Shelton StridersGBRtba
112Chris PattisonM50DerbyshireDynamosGBRtba

M60 (7)
3Richard MillwardM60Hatton DartsGBRtba
50Paul AskewM55Unattached GBRtba
56Peter HoldenM65Ilkeston Running ClubGBRtba
58Steve CookeM60Team DerbyGBRtba
74Christopher MorrisonM60Sinfin Running ClubGBRtba
107Stephen TempestM65South Derbyshire Road RunnersGBRtba
116Tony EvansM60Team Derby RunnerGBRtba

M70 (1)
54Colin ArdronM70Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBRtba

Senior Women (11)
1Amaris Alice NerysF35Hatton DartsGBRtba
5Lisa WrightF35South Derbyshire Road RunnersGBRtba
14Fiona HawkinsF35Team Derby RunnerGBRtba
24Michelle Edmonds-JacksonFUnattachedGBRtba
31Carly MearFWashands Women RunnersGBRtba
33Rachel WiseFUnattached GBRtba
46Helen SmithF35Team Derby RunnerGBRtba
62Victoria AlldreadFShelton StridersGBRtba
97Lucy NiemzFUnattached GBRtba
110Laura HickeyFIlkeston running clubGBRtba
118Emily ElsonFUnattatchedGBRtba

F40 (28)
7Teresa WoodF45UnattachedGBRtba
9Sarah RidgewayF45UnattachedGBRtba
10Joanne Severn F35UnattachedGBRtba
11Jo VallansF45UnattachedGBRtba
20Kerstine HerbertF40Kimberley and District StridersGBRtba
28Perie CordnerF40UnattachedGBRtba
29Helen JoyF40Team Derby RunnerGBRtba
30Sharon PalmerF45Team Derby RunnerGBRtba
36Zarina BroughF40UnattachedGBRtba
37Karen NewtonFTeam Derby RunnerGBRtba
40Sharon JacksonF45N/AGBRtba
42Pascale HoldenF40Shelton Striders GBRtba
43Nicola DaviesF40NaGBRtba
44Amanda MurrayF40Notts Women RunnersGBRtba
53Cheryl OsullivanF35UnattachedGBRtba
55Julie CorbyF45Shelton StridersGBRtba
69Grania TowleF40Ivanhoe RunnersGBRtba
70Lynn FullertonF45Notts Women RunnersGBRtba
76Marie PearceF35Team Derby Runner GBRtba
89Emma SmithF45Desford StridersGBRtba
91Emma SquiresF40Notts Women RunnersGBRtba
99Joanne PaddockF45Little Eaton hornets GBRtba
100Marie JacksonF35NoneGBRtba
101Magdalena LakomskaF40NoneGBRtba
102Rebecca BarberF35NoneGBRtba
104Tracey GloverF45South Derbyshire Road RunnersGBRtba
113Fiona RoweF40Ripley RCGBRtba
120Janet HallF40Leicester RoadhoggsGBRtba

F50 (13)
13Jo ButlerF50HattonGBRtba
26Nicky GodridgeF55UnattachedGBRtba
41Sally WintertonF50Shelton StridersGBRtba
49Helen RipleyF55Sinfin RCGBRtba
67Helen AndrewsF50Shelton StridersGBRtba
93Karen BradleyF50Barnet and District ACGBRtba
98Julie AllisonF50Little Eaton HornetsGBRtba
108Jane SandersF45Little Eaton HornetsGBRtba
111Toni PerryF50Little Eaton HornetsGBRtba
114Catherine CliffordF55Shelton stridersGBRtba
115Kate JohnstonF50Shelton StridersGBRtba
117Judith MooreF50Smiley PacesGBRtba
119Louise HaworthF55Barrow RunnersGBRtba

F60 (2)
59Margaret CowlingF65Shelton StridersGBRtba
106Linda TempestF65South Derbyshire Road RunnersGBRtba

F70 (0)

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