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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Near  
Entry No. / Name
Start Time
Brown (5)
18639640Chris HookerM55SOENGtba(m)
21421964Tony BurtonM50MVGBRtba(e)
3260506James LyneM21SLOWGBRtba(e)
101008511Neil CrickmoreM55SOGBRtba(m)
158628660Simon MossM50SLOWGBRtba(l)

Blue (10)
437711Alan WilliamsonM65SOGBRtba(m)
61117218Stu LeveneM45HHGBRtba(e)
841271Tim KeoghM50MVGBRtba(m)
9223326Michael WhiteM80MVGBRtba(e)
111661027Susan CrickmoreW55SOGBRtba(m)
131409713Andrew EvansM60DFOKGBRtba(h)
168628565Stephanie MossW40SLOWGBRtba(l)
17342277Mark GlaisherM65SAXGBRtba(m)
21HireStewart MillsM50HAVOCGBRtba(e)
2437270Richard CatmurM60SLOWGBRtba(e)

Green (9)
5434495John ChappellM65TVOCGBRtba(e)
78050291Ian WilsonM65SAXGBRtba(e)
128640447Philip CravenM60DFOKGBRtba(h)
14444822Dave CussensM65SOENGtba(e)
18590602Sarah HowesW55SAXGBRtba(m)
192800208Janet BiggsW60HAVOCGBRtba(m)
20HireTim LundM60SAXENGtba
229101775Bridget HooperW70SOGBRtba
23221277David CollierM65DFOKGBRtba(h)

Light Green (1)
2537276Virginia CatmurW60SLOWGBRtba(e)

Orange (0)

Yellow (0)

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