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Caerphilly Challenge Series - The Wild Boar 2017 Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=195, Online=100%)

Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename.

Your allocated Challenge Number will be published in the Race No. column below once entries close.

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Name Age
Club Country  
22 mile Wild Boar (self led walk/jog/run) (102)
7Anthony AllenUnattachedGBR
31David BailyesUnattachedGBR
63Amerjit BarrettUnattachedGBR
2Martyn BirchUnattachedGBR
72Caroline BirdUnattachedGBR
45David BowringUnattachedGBR
126Beverley BrownUnattachedGBR
164Diane BugkerUnattachedGBR
3Christian BurridgeUnattachedGBR
157Sarana BurrisUnattached GBR
160Spencer BurrisUnattachedGBR
20Mike CanhamUnattachedGBR
27Peter CarlickUnattached GBR
122Vicki CogbillUnattachedGBR
79Mark ConnettUnattachedGBR
17David Cupples-gruffyddUnattachedGBR
136Alyson DaviesUnattachedGBR
184Gareth DaviesNoneGBR
32Matthew DaviesUnattachedGBR
68Melanie DaviesUnattached GBR
137Rachael DaviesUnattachedGBR
46Stephen DaviesUnattachedGBR
21Neil EdeUnattachedGBR
125Helen FaganUnattachedGBR
128Sarah ForrestUnattachedGBR
67Michael FowlerUnattachedGBR
19Peter FrancombeUnattachedGBR
124Johanna Freedman22 Mile Boar Walk 2017GBR
123Richard Freedman22 Mile Boar Walk 2017GBR
185Ashley GardinerNoneGBR
147Hazel GibbN/aGBR
148Ian GibbN/aGBR
95Ian GibbletUnattachedGBR
155Mark GilbertUnattachedGBR
140Alun GowenUnattachedGBR
142Nathan GowenUnattachedGBR
141Susan GowenUnattachedGBR
138Malcolm HarrisonUnattachedGBR
120Catherine HatherUnattachedGBR
107David HawkinsUnattachedGBR
106Gareth HawkinsUnattachedGBR
121Caryn HicksUnattachedGBR
144Lewis HolmesThe Bean Walking ClubGBR
143Ray HolmesThe Bean Walking ClubGBR
145Sophie HolmesThe Bean Walking ClubGBR
41Lawrence HornettBridgend ramblers/ LDWA south walesGBR
152David HughesUnattachedGBR
153Lisa HughesUnattachedGBR
52Patrick IsaacUnattachedGBR
188Gareth JenkinsUnattachedGBR
42David JonesUnattachedGBR
78Emma JonesUnattachedGBR
134Gareth JonesUnattachedGBR
139Michael JonesUnattachedGBR
5Claire JordanUnattachedGBR
4Tim JordanUnattachedGBR
93James KingCaerphilly ChallengeGBR
189Paul LearCBBCGBR
190Sophie LearCBBCGBR
8Gethin LewisUnattachedGBR
30David LloydUnattachedGBR
118Claire Lloyd-ThomasUnattachedGBR
94David Lloyd-ThomasCaerphilly ChallengeGBR
85Jane LoveUnattachedGBR
64Mark MahoneyNone GBR
71Bryan MainUnattachedGBR
18Robert MainwaringUnattachedGBR
146Christine McKnightUnattachedGBR
183Gareth MillsNoneGBR
10Alex MiltonUnattachedGBR
69Luke MitchellCARGBR
117Victoria MooreUnattached GBR
59Deborah Ní GhibneUnattachedGBR
1Paul NorvilleUnattachedGBR
60Brian Ó GibneUnattachedGBR
102Keiron OhaganUnatachedGBR
103Mathu OhaganUnatachedGBR
104Christopher PaulUnattachedGBR
26Huwie PriceUnattachedGBR
25Zoe PriceUnattachedGBR
191Edward PughUnattachedGBR
110Simon ReidUnattachedGBR
56Ceri RobertsThe Brian Begg Fan ClubGBR
135Thomas RobinsonUnattachedGBR
156Joely RoseUnattachedGBR
163Jacqui SalwayUnattachedGBR
9David SargentUnattached GBR
133Lynne Thomas'Title'GBR
80Rob TurnerUnattachedGBR
43Dan TwydaleUnattachedGBR
24Kelly TwydaleUnattachedGBR
151Stuart WatsonUnattachedGBR
154Susan WatsonUnattachedGBR
23Josclyn WestUnattachedGBR
22Philip WestUnattachedGBR
119Anthony WilliamsUnattachedGBR
29Martyn WilliamsUnattachedGBR
28Terry WilliamsUnattachedGBR
86Tracy WilliamsUnattachedGBR
70Carl WintersUnattachedGBR
115Jennifer YeoUnattachedGBR
116Kevin YeoUnattachedGBR

22 mile Wild Boar (led walk) (15)
14Brian BrayfordUnattachedGBR
15Therese BrayfordUnattachedGBR
57Rebecca ColesUnattachedGBR
89Eleri DobbsUnattachedGBR
90Robert DobbsUnattachedGBR
11Bethan GriffithsNoneGBR
92Bethan JonesUnattachedGBR
91Jo JonesUnattachedGBR
13Izabela KowalewskaUnattachedGBR
16Sewart McGovernUnattachedGBR
44Sarah NichollsUnattachedGBR
87Nerys PorchUnattachedGBR
88Tim PorchUnattachedGBR
58Sanders VanessaUnattachedGBR
12Sally Yearsley NoneGBR

14 mile Wild Boar (self led walk/jog/run) (38)
33Gary AdlingtonUnattachedGBR
66Paul BakerUnattatchedGBR
77Greg ClarkUnattachedGBR
181Gareth DaviesNo clubGBR
48Linda DaviesUnattached GBR
47Richard DaviesUnattached GBR
75Adele DimmickTeam TADGBR
74Andrew DimmickTeam TADGBR
49Steven DoyleUnattached GBR
161Debra EvansUnattachedGBR
65Emlyn EvansUnattatchedGBR
53Tony EvansUnattachedGBR
127Martin FidoUnattachedGBR
82Keith GasdsbyUnattachedGBR
61Maggie GibbsSole Sisters North Bristol GBR
194Suzanne GreenProsecco Ladies Walking! GBR
195Marie-Claire HackettUnattachedGBR
51Simon HooperUnattachedGBR
50Andrew HoyleUnattachedGBR
192Lesley HughesUnattachedGBR
62Sue LowUnattachedGBR
81Colin MacfarlaneUnattachedGBR
55Brian MorganUnattachedGBR
54Graham MorganUnattachedGBR
6Kirsten OfferUnattachedGBR
174Jasmine OwenUnattachedGBR
173Robert OwenUnattachedGBR
34Suzanne PayneUnattachedGBR
182Allan ReesNo clubGBR
132Ian StruthersUnattachedGBR
131Nicola StruthersUnattachedGBR
162Karen TarrantUnattachedGBR
76Alison ThomasTeam TADGBR
73Mark ThomasTeam TADGBR
105Karen WalshSole SistersGBR
193Clare WaltersUnattachedGBR
180Richard WilliamsUnattachedGBR
129Tony YuleTaff Ely RamblersGBR

14 mile Wild Boar (led walk) (15)
167Rachael BarkerUnattachedGBR
39Beverley DaviesUnattachedGBR
40Jenna DaviesUnattachedGBR
97O'Brien DebbieUnattachedGBR
111Mandy EvansUnattachedGBR
112Robert EvansUnattachedGBR
96Olga FernandezUnattachedGBR
169Donna FreddiUnattachedGBR
113Thomas JasonUnattachedGBR
168Gwyneth JonesUnattachedGBR
171Ruth MorganUnattachedGBR
170Karin ReesUnattachedGBR
114Sharon ThomasUnattachedGBR
179Sian Van GemerenGelligaer RamblersGBR
172Tara WilliamsUnattachedGBR

11 mile Wild Boar Ramblers Cymru (led walk) (25)
38Luke Baynham UnattachedGBR
99Ceri Brickley Islwyn RamblersGBR
98Helen Brickley Islwyn RamblersGBR
150Gareth DaviesUnattachedGBR
149Louise DaviesUnattachedGBR
130Mike DaviesUnattachedGBR
37Justin EdwardsUnattachedGBR
186Lloyd EnaUnattachedGBR
177Maria GittensWild boar challenge 11 mile led walkGBR
36Andrew GriffithsUnattachedGBR
176Cindy HaskellWild boar challenge 11 mile led walkGBR
159Jon HusseyUnattachedGBR
175Wendy JamesWild boar challenge 11 mile led walkGBR
166Morgan JonesUnattachedGBR
158Hailey Llewellyn HusseyUnattachedGBR
100Angela ManningUnattachedGBR
101George ManningUnattachedGBR
84Cathy MolinaroUnattachedGBR
108Helen NuttallUnattachedGBR
109Stephen NuttallUnattachedGBR
83Ellen PerryUnattachedGBR
165Sheila RichardsUnattachedGBR
178Bowman TheresaWild boar challenge 11 mile led walkGBR
35Christopher ThomasUnattachedGBR
187Lisa WilliamsUnattachedGBR

1 - 5 mile Lets Walk Cymru (led walk) (0)

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