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Sandstone Trail Challenge (Runner class full) Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=242 + 59 on the waiting list, Online=100%)

Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename.

The entry limit is 125 for walkers and 125 for runners.

See the Event Website for ‎further details.

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Name Age
Club Country  
Walker (121)
186Mark AddamsonUnattachedGBR
187Pip AddamsonUnattachedGBR
279Claire AndrewsUnattachedGBR
276Chris AshtonBadlads DivingGBR
225Bridget AustinUnattachedGBR
135Jon BaileyUnattachedGBR
271Joshua BalmerBadlads DivingGBR
229Christopher BaseyUnattachedGBR
228Sarah BaseyUnattachedGBR
236Gordon BayleySandstone Trail GBR
237Hazel Bayley Sandstone Trail GBR
284Nicola BirminghamNoneGBR
243Gerry BowesUnattachedGBR
222Jo BridgeUnattachedGBR
119Andrew BrownUnattachedGBR
260Graham ButlerUnattachedGBR
235Gareth CadwalladerN/aGBR
197Tollitt CallumUnattachedGBR
189Paul CaveneyUnattachedGBR
206David ChappellUnattachedGBR
200Rebecca ChesmoreWestYorkshire LDWAGBR
240Bernard CorfeUnattachedGBR
241Diane CorfeUnattachedGBR
264Katie CunliffeKnowsley Harriers ACGBR
162David DolanEast lancs ldwaGBR
188Alan DurstonUnattachedGBR
142Dan EllisUnattachedGBR
204Simon EllnerWest Yorks LDWAGBR
173Aidan EmeryUnattachedGBR
117Philip EmeryUnattachedGBR
285James EnnisUnattachedGBR
267Lesley FeakesHelsbyGBR
224Marianne GaltNorthwich Running ClubGBR
249Sharon GeorgeUnattached GBR
244James GilbertUnattachedGBR
272Ben GillibrandBadlads diving GBR
212Francesca GiuntiniPenny Lane StridersGBR
266Joe GreenUnattachedGBR
253Diane HallMerseystride LDWA GBR
292Gary HallUnattachedGBR
215Steven HallUnattachedGBR
192Roger HandMember S.Man LDWAGBR
278Liam HarringtonUnattachedGBR
250Dave HaversUnattachedGBR
150Paul HextUnattachedGBR
145Philip HillUnattachedGBR
280Clive HirdUnattached GBR
201Ruth HoskerUnattachedGBR
281Debra IrelandUnattached GBR
20Steve JamesNewcastle Staffs ACGBR
233Steve JenningsUnattachedGBR
286Rick JonesUnattachedGBR
205Lee JubyUnattachedGBR
198Carmel KearyLDWA GBR
269Peter KenrickBadlads DivingGBR
270Stephen KenrickBadlads DivingGBR
185Dave KingUnattachedGBR
277Chris LarkinHalton & Frodsham HarriersGBR
214Pam LuntUnattachedGBR
239Amanda MannUnattachedGBR
238Graeme MannUnattachedGBR
112Laura MantleUnattachedGBR
273David MarshallBadlads DivingGBR
248Anthony MayersUnattached GBR
232Michael McDonaghUnattachedGBR
221Bill McDonnellPensby RunnersGBR
268Paul MercerN/AGBR
167Adrian MerrickUnattachedGBR
202Ian MetcalfUnattachedGBR
161Chris MooreUnattachedGBR
64Jon MoorhouseDelamere SpartansGBR
65Lily MoorhouseWest CheshireGBR
139Sarah MusgraveUnattachedGBR
181Anthony NicksonUnattachedGBR
180John NicksonUnattachedGBR
265Mark NicolsonKnowsley Harriers ACGBR
256Alan O'ConnorUnattachedGBR
169David OrmrodUnattachedGBR
170Thomas OrmrodUnattachedGBR
184Maria Pali100 Marathon ClubGBR
259Kate Passant-CoyUnattachedGBR
113Mike PhelanLDWAGBR
134Nick PowellUnattachedGBR
234Steve PrichardUnattachedGBR
231Bob PutnamUnattachedGBR
23Kath PyeNewcastle Staffs ACGBR
209Jason ReynoldsUnattachedGBR
230Jayne ReynoldsNorthwichGBR
227Karl RobertsUnattached GBR
226Maxine RobertsUnattachedGBR
217Sandrine RobertsUnattachedGBR
208Brian RobinsonUnattachedGBR
211Darren RodmellPenny Lane StridersGBR
282Keith RoltUnattachedGBR
105Susan RoutledgeUnattachedGBR
261David RussellStone Master MarathonersGBR
262Dave SmithUnattachedGBR
55John SmythUnattachedGBR
213Linda SpruceUnattachedGBR
251Mieko StewardN/AGBR
293Victoria TansleyUnattachedGBR
290Trevor TaylorUnattachedGBR
90Mike TyrrellUnattachedGBR
288Rebecca WalkerUnattachedGBR
289Richard WalkerUnattachedGBR
252Barbara WallN/AGBR
196Christopher WallerUnattachedGBR
216Joy WebbUnattachedGBR
207Jane Weikert-TatchellUnattatchedGBR
199Stephen WhiteLDWA GBR
138Kate WhiteheadUnattachedGBR
218Cyril WilliamsLDWA MerseystrideGBR
247John WilliamsUnattached GBR
116Lorraine WilliamsUnattachedGBR
291David WilsonUnattachedGBR
263Joseph WilsonUnattachedGBR
191Matt WilsonUnattached GBR
194Martin WinterUnattachedGBR
287Alex YatesTitle CaseGBR
254Alan YoungWalker unattachedGBR
210Tony YoxallUnattachedGBR

Runner (121)
33Spruce AnthonyUnattachedGBR
67Andy AshtonDelamere SpartansGBR
68Felicity AshtonDelamere SpartansGBR
129Paul AthertonDelamere Spartans GBR
22Tracy Bagguley Newcastle Staffs ACGBR
15Ian BlakebroughCheshire Hash House HarriersGBR
60Richard BoltonPennine Fell RunnersGBR
104Gareth BoydHelsby RCGBR
80Mike BrookesUnattachedGBR
124Philip BrownBaildon RunnersGBR
47Mary BurtonLymm RunnersGBR
91Mark ByrneWarrington Road RunnersGBR
70Chris CallaghanUnattachedGBR
87Robbie CampbellUnattachedGBR
95Simone CapponiPenny Lane StridersGBR
9Lee CarringtonUnattachedGBR
74Jenny ChapmanHyde Village Striders GBR
78Will CharlesWarrington Road RunnersGBR
30David ClampKnutsford Tri ClubGBR
36John ClarkeVale Royal ACGBR
59Peter ClaytonUnattachedGBR
118Ian ConeyUnattachedGBR
79Brett ConnollyWarrington TriGBR
31Bob CorinaldiVale Royal ACGBR
26Melvyn CraggNoneGBR
125Grant DayPortsmouth TriathletesGBR
122Phillip DayUnattahedGBR
100Julian DickinsonLymm RunnersGBR
54John DobieLiverpool Pembroke & Sefton H ACGBR
123Dave Spartan DouglasDelamere SpartanGBR
7Matthew DowsettUKRunChat Running ClubGBR
52Roy DuffyHelsbyGBR
71Caroline EaleyChester Road RunnersGBR
101Adam EdgeBirkenhead ACGBR
5Richard EdgellUnattachedGBR
37Graham EvansUnattachedGBR
103Anthony FairhurstN/AGBR
48Rachel FalconerLymm RunnersGBR
81Chris FitzpatrickHelsby RCGBR
121Mark FolkerDelamere SpartansGBR
24Simon George Newcastle Staffs ACGBR
83Andrew GoodaUnattachedGBR
82Sarah GoodaUnattachedGBR
29Adam Gordon Helsby RCGBR
136Neil GregoryUnattachedGBR
97James HackDelamere SpartansGBR
32Hugh HaimesUnattachedGBR
53John HalsonLiverpool Pembroke & Sefton H ACGBR
107Petra HardieLymm RunnersGBR
84Alan HardingDelamere SpartansGBR
28Nick HaywoodVale Royal ACGBR
141James HigginsHelsbyGBR
43Nick HillUnattatchedGBR
143Ian HolmesUnattachedGBR
66Richard HuntWest Cheshire ACGBR
51Paula HurstUnattachedGBR
46Lee IrelandUnattached GBR
25Phil IrelandNot attachedGBR
56Jim JonesHelsby RCGBR
72Paul JonesChester Road RunnersGBR
146Jim KennettDelamere SpartansGBR
2Nicholas KeyUnattachedGBR
62John LambUnattachedGBR
61Lucinda LambDelamere SpartansGBR
75Matthew LarkinHalton & Frodsham HarriersGBR
19Charles LarssonNewcastle Staffs ACGBR
39Leah LeonardWhitchurch WhippetsGBR
40Thomas LeonardUnattatchedGBR
6Mark LloydUnattachedGBR
76Chris LydonUnattachedGBR
8David LydonN/AGBR
57Daniel LynchUnattachedGBR
49Spruce MarkUnattachedGBR
93Alex MasonDelamere SpartansGBR
14Ed MasonNorthwich Running ClubGBR
4Brian McAllisterUnattachedGBR
3Cathy McAllisterWhitchurch WhippetsGBR
140Sarah McGarrDelamere SpartanGBR
50Jessica MessengerNorthwich Running ClubGBR
109Samantha MillnsHyde Village StridersGBR
102Melanie MintonNorthwich Running ClubGBR
130James MoretonUnattachedGBR
12Derek MorrisHelsby rcGBR
86Peter NaylorDelamere Spartans GBR
41Andrew NelsonUnattatchedGBR
73Jon NieldUnattachedGBR
35Tim NutterUnattachedGBR
11Anthony OakesDelamere SpartansGBR
77David ObrienBirkenhead ACGBR
126Gaz O'ConnorHelsbyGBR
89Chris OwenDirty Daps Muddy TracksGBR
120Lynn PaalmanUnattachedGBR
144Dom Perona-WrightUnattached GBR
17Ian PikeLymm RunnersGBR
99Russ PlattWarrington Road RunnersGBR
92Luke PottsWarrington Road RunnersGBR
114Noel PrivatUnattachedGBR
27Sophia ReesVale Royal ACGBR
21Belinda Riley Newcastle Staffs ACGBR
96Paul RileyPenny Lane StridersGBR
58Phillip RobertsHelsby RCGBR
128Stephen RobertsDelamere SpartansGBR
18Keith ScovellUnattachedGBR
108Dominic SextonHyde Village StridersGBR
115Dan SherwinChester road runnersGBR
34Charlie SingletonUnattachedGBR
42Leonard SteveUnattatchedGBR
44Nigel Symms Newcastle Staffs ACGBR
10Colin ThompsonHelsby RCGBR
13Andy TiptonNonGBR
85Craig TodhunterHelsby RCGBR
1Steve TreweeksSandbach StridersENG
110Anne WadeLDWAGBR
111Vaughan WadeLDWAGBR
88Kieran WalsheLymm RunnersGBR
137Andy WhittakerDelamere spartansGBR
16Becky WightmanDelamere SpartansGBR
38April WilkinsonWarrington Road RunnersGBR
69Alison WilksUnattachedGBR
45Darran WilsonUnattached GBR
98Nick WishartDelamere SpartansGBR

Walker waiting list (25)
294Jackie ReedUnattachedGBR
295Ian HullLDWAGBR
296Stephanie WrightUnattachedGBR
297Rebecca McloughlinUnattachedGBR
298Jason ShawUnattachedGBR
299Sharon DaviesDolly MixturesGBR
300Dianne SpencerDolly MixturesGBR
301Kim EvansUnattachedGBR
303Derek TrubyUnattachedGBR
305John O'ReillyLDWAGBR
306Paul HillUnattachedGBR
307Ian PritchardUnattachedGBR
308Zoey HendersonUnattachedGBR
309Sally CotherUnattachedGBR
310Susan LomaxLDWAGBR
311Claire BarlowUnattachedGBR
312Angela DaleUnattachedGBR
313Mary SinnottBirkenhead ACGBR
314Mike FrodshamUnattachedGBR
315David BenthamUnattached GBR
316Joseph WildeNoneGBR
317Ryan McCarthyUnattachedGBR
318Jerzy MatuszewskiStockport Harriers & ACGBR
319Russell CrowleyUnattachedGBR
320Hayley CrowleyUnattachedGBR

Runner waiting list (34)
147Christopher GormanNorthwich Running ClubGBR
148Tracey LyonUnattachedGBR
149Carolyn WestDelamere SpartansGBR
151Yvonne ThompsonNorthwich running clubGBR
152Carrie BrayUnattachedGBR
153Clare McFarlandUnattachedGBR
154Gaynor BagnallUnattachedGBR
155Ivan DaviesHelsbyGBR
156Jamie GroverUnattachedGBR
158Helen LonsdaleUnattachedGBR
159Leslie JohnsonUnattachedGBR
160Phillip ClarkeUnattachedGBR
164Craig FlynnUnattachedGBR
166Matt RossUnattachedGBR
168Sally NapthenChester Triathlon ClubGBR
171Lesley FeakesHelsby RCGBR
172David FeakesHelsby RCGBR
174Colin BurgessWarrington Road RunnersGBR
175Mark RocheMersey TriGBR
176Paul RocheMersey TriGBR
177Ian RocheMersey TriGBR
178Graham HalsallPenny lane striders GBR
179Adam FirthUnattached GBR
182David EdmundsUnattachedGBR
183Ian Orr-CampbellAmpthill & Flitwick Flyers RCGBR
193Roger HarrisonCheshire Hash House HarriersGBR
203Ian SeaburyWarrington Road RunnersGBR
219Jane DaviesChorlton RunnersGBR
220Andrew PatersonChorlton RunnersGBR
223Steve BriggsUnattachedGBR
242Elizabeth Tunna100 Marathon ClubGBR
255Daniel PawsonKnutsford Tri ClubGBR
257Tracy EntwistleWarrington Road RunnersGBR
258Mike EntwistleWarrington Road RunnersGBR

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