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OMM France Logo  OMM France 2015


Les mille étangs - Vosges
11th - 12th July

2 Day Mountain Marathon or 1 Day Raid (Sunday only)

combined with the FFCO(Fédération Française de Course d'Orientation)

Championnat de France (2 Day) and Classement O'TOUR (1 Day) competitions

2015 Results

The 2015 results are on the ADORR site.

If you didn't make it this year, have a look at the map you missed!

OMM France 2015

OMM France moves to a brand new area for 2015 in the southern Vosges mountains adjacent to Les Mille Étangs. Also new for 2015 is the association with the two FFCO competitions, and the choice of a standard 2 Day Mountain Marathon OMM type of event with the normal mid camp, or just a 1 day Raid on the Sunday.  All courses on Sunday use the Les Mille Étangs area, where the 1987 World Orienteering Championships took place.


All the events use SCORE courses with the following time limits:

Event/Épreuve Sat/Samedi Sun/Dimanche
Championnat de France Circuit A / 2 day OMM Long 5h30 5h30
Championnat de France Circuit B / 2 day OMM Medium/Moyen 4h30 4h30
Championnat de France Circuit C / 2 day OMM Short/Court 3h30 3h30
Classement O'TOUR Circuit D / 1 day Raid Long 4h30
Classement O'TOUR Circuit E / 1 day Raid Medium/Moyen 3h45
Classement O'TOUR Circuit F / 1 day Raid Short/Court 3h00

Competitors are categorised into Male, Female and Mixed pairs in each of 5 age classes:

Age category Age range
Junior combined age 32 to 41
Senior combined age 42 to 79
Veteran 1 combined age 80 to 99
Veteran 2 combined age 100 to 119
Veteran 3 combined age 120+

Championnat de France entrants must enter the course (A, B or C) allocated to their age category as detailed in Article 4 of the FFCO Rules and Classement O'TOUR entrants must enter the course (D, E or F) as detailed in Article 5 of the FFCO Rules. All other entrants can enter the course of their choice.

Entry Fees (per team)

Date OMM 2 Day Raid 1 Day
Until 29/06/15 €75 €50
Until 06/07/15 €90 €55
From 07/07/15 €105 €65
Junior (under 21) discount per Junior €10 €5
FFCO member discount per member €5 €4

Competitors under 18 must provide parental agreement.  Minimum age 16.

Members of the FFCO (Fédération Française de Course d'Orientation) - photocopy of licence required.

Final Details

Version 1.0 (dated 07/07/15) of the final details can be found here.

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Further event information from ADORR

Further information about the event can be found on www.adorr.fr (the official event website in English).

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Tourist Information

See Office de tourisme de Melisey for accommodation and camping options on the Friday night.


Air Travel

The nearest airport is Basel (1 hr 13 min drive) and Easyjet fly there from Gatwick, Luton, Manchester and Edinburgh.  Check out other airlines too, there are lots of options.

OMM France 2014 - Avoriaz

2014 Combined International Long Score OMM Ranking - Final Results

Position Prize Team
1 Apartment in Avoriaz for 7 days + €500 John Warnock and Patrick Wooddisse
2 Apartment in Avoriaz for 7 days Henrik Johnson and Brendon Howe
3   Adrian Moir and Ellie Salisbury
4   Alan Hunt and Patrick Bonnet
5   Jackie Barker and Debbie Wilkes
6   James Parker and Ted Swift

Final Combined Ranking 2014 Results

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OMM France 2013 - Metabief

Picture Gallery


Combined International Long Score OMM Prize winners 2013:

Prizes Value Winner
1st Overall £500 + €500 Tim Patterson and Rob Patterson
2nd Overall £300 + €300 Adrian Moir and Ellie Salisbury
3rd Overall £100 + €100 Andy Marr and David Marr
Then from the remaining pairs:

1st Mixed or 1st Female
£100 + €100 Debbie Wilkes and Jackie Barker

Combined International Long Score results 2013