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OMM France Logo  OMM France 2015

Les mille étangs - Vosges
11th - 12th July

2 Day Mountain Marathon - details to follow 

OMM France 2014 - Avoriaz

2014 Combined International Long Score OMM Ranking - Final Results


  1. To be eligible, teams must be composed of the same two people.
  2. The qualifying events for 2014 are OMM France, OMM Iceland and OMM UK.
  3. Teams must enter the longest Score class on offer at each event (e.g. Long Score).
  4. Teams must score points at the OMM UK event and at least one other qualifying event.
  5. The best 2 scores combined (from any of the 3 qualifying events) will determine the final positions.
  6. In the case of a tie, the team with the highest score on the OMM UK will win (or the fastest team if OMM UK scores are equal).
  7. The prizes will be presented at the OMM UK, which is the last OMM event of the year.

Position Prize Team
1 Apartment in Avoriaz for 7 days + €500 John Warnock and Patrick Wooddisse
2 Apartment in Avoriaz for 7 days Henrik Johnson and Brendon Howe
3   Adrian Moir and Ellie Salisbury
4   Alan Hunt and Patrick Bonnet
5   Jackie Barker and Debbie Wilkes
6   James Parker and Ted Swift

Final Combined Ranking 2014 Results

Full OMM France 2014 Results

Full OMM Iceland 2014 Results

Full OMM UK 2014 Results

OMM France 2013 - Metabief

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Combined International Long Score OMM Prize winners 2013:

Prizes Value Winner
1st Overall £500 + €500 Tim Patterson and Rob Patterson
2nd Overall £300 + €300 Adrian Moir and Ellie Salisbury
3rd Overall £100 + €100 Andy Marr and David Marr
Then from the remaining pairs:

1st Mixed or 1st Female
£100 + €100 Debbie Wilkes and Jackie Barker

Combined International Long Score results 2013