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Sunday 09 June 2019 Competitor Statistics (Total=44, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Brown (7)
2HireRoss Arnold M45 SLOWGBR tba
108630404Antoine Pesenti M45 DFOKGBR tba
111409713Andrew Evans M60 DFOKGBR tba
17886754Guy Lidbury M50 HAVOCGBR tba
211407047David Pickup M45 SAXGBR tba (h)
228010976Ian Hargreaves M40 SOSGBR tba
24HireSune Sogstad M18 GJØVARDNOR tba

Blue (17)
11805550Simon Greenwood M60 SAXGBR tba (h)
38630912Edward Cox M60 SOGBR tba
41961949John Van Rooyen M70 SAXGBR tba (h)
58657462Graham Thomas M55 SAXGBR tba (h)
6342277Mark Glaisher M65 SAXGBR tba (h)
7590602Sarah Howes W60 SAXGBR tba (h)
92072474Maxime Pesenti M16 DFOKGBR tba
12444884Gillian Edgar W50 HAVOCGBR tba
132064257Dale Bennett M55 HAVOCGBR tba
147050232Garry Parmenter M70 HAVOCGBR tba
16223496David Dawson M60 DFOKGBR tba
32339754Colin Jackson M60 HAVOCGBR tba
338654195Ian Catchpole M40 DFOKGBR tba
378641883Andrew Parkinson M65 SOGBR tba
388639640Chris Hooker M55 SOGBR tba
391401153Keith Parkes M70 DFOKGBR tba
402061483Andrew Pitcher M55 DFOKGBR tba

Green (13)
151426938Karen Ransley W40 SAXENG tba (h)
192085199Roger Pring M70 SAXENG tba (h)
202080022Beryl Pring W70 SAXENG tba (h)
23400480Gaby Roch W45 SAXGBR tba
25HireLive Sogstad W16 GJØVARDNOR tba
288333701Philip Norris M70 SAXGBR tba
298641887Ray Kingdom M60 SOGBR tba
318641885James Kingdom M18 SOGBR tba
349101775Bridget Hooper W75 SOGBR tba
358108220Leslie Hooper M75 SOGBR tba
4241275Jean Fitzgerald W65 SAXGBR tba (h)
432085341Gill Sinclair W45 SAXGBR tba
442120609Mike Solomon M75 SAXGBR tba

Light Green (4)
26HireTage Sogstad M14 GJØVARDNOR tba
27HireMaren Sogstad W45 GJØVARDNOR tba
308641886Sophie Kingdom W20 SOGBR tba
361420636Sarah Reith W55 SAXENG tba

Orange (2)
82096739Vadim Pesenti M12 DFOKGBR tba
412096713Madeleine Pitcher W14 DFOKGBR tba

Yellow (1)
181836905Hugo Maule-Lidbury M10 HAVOCGBR tba

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