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 Incorrect Link or Session Management Problem 

If you just reached this page via a link from an event website, then the event organiser has used the wrong link.  Please could you inform them of this problem. You will probably find the event you are looking for by clicking the Home menu item above and looking in the live events list.

If you wish to use the Adhoc Payment feature (e.g. to pay in sponsorship money or to pay for an amendment to your entry) then select Home from the menu item above, and then select Adhoc Payment from the menu list in the top left hand corner of the Fabian4 home page.

If you did not come from an event website then read on.

A problem has arisen with the session management.  This normally occurs when your browser is set up to block session cookies.  A session cookie is a temporary file, stored on your computer, which enables the web server to identify you as you move through the 6 steps of the online entry process.  The session terminates when you close your browser, or when the session times out after a 20 minute period of inactivity.

To unblock session cookies on your browser, you need to alter the settings of your privacy policy.  For example in Internet Explorer 6.0 this can be found in Tools => Internet Options = > Select the Privacy tab.  On this page there are several options including those under the Advanced... and Edit... buttons.  Fabian4 recommends that you either:

  • Set your privacy level to Medium High (or below) or
  • Allow cookies only from www.fabian4.co.uk by entering the web address under the Edit... button.

For further assistance please contact Fabian4 support.

Finally if the Fabian4 page is displayed as a subframe of another domain (i.e. the fabian4 header is not at the very top of the page) then the fabian4 cookies are treated as third party, and are commonly blocked by the browsers default privacy policy.  To remove the enclosing frame click here.  Again this is a problem at the event website end.  Please could you bring this to their attention.

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