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Kelston 10K Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=197, Online=95%)

Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 12 December 2018

Start Time Preference - You will be allocated a start time as follows:

(e) = Early = 10:00
(m) = Middle = 10:05
(l) = Late = 10:10

Entrants that have no preference will be allocated to the balance the load.

See the Event Website for ‎further details.

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Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
10K (197)
1Jer CourtM40Emersons Green Running ClubGBRtba(e)
2Sheena RobinsonWSENEmerson's green running clubGBRtba(m)
3Donna WarrW45GBRtba(l)
4Thomas SmithMSENEmersons Green Running ClubGBRtba(e)
6Andy BushMSENEmerson’s Green Running ClubGBRtba(e)
7Helen SpilsburyWSENEmersons Green Running Club GBRtba(m)
8Pamela BeattieW65Emersons Green Running ClubGBRtba(m)
9Kathy HowellW60GBRtba(m)
10Mandy Collier-kingW45Emerson's Green Running ClubGBRtba(m)
11Gary CollierM40Emerson's Green Running ClubGBRtba(m)
12Anna ClarkeW40Emersons Green running club GBRtba(m)
13*Abi CorboyWSENFry Club JoggersGBRtba(l)
14Caron FinnW45Emerson's Green Running Club GBRtba(e)
15Sue CollinW55GBRtba(l)
16Richard LordM40GBRtba(l)
17Kevin KnightM45Emersons Green Running ClubGBRtba(m)
18Joe BerezaWSENEmersons Green Running ClubGBRtba(m)
19Richard BreakspearMSENGoodgym GBRtba(e)
20Deb FarrellW50Emersons Green Running ClubGBRtba(m)
21Ian RoddM45Westfield TT GBRtba(e)
22Christopher HemsleyMSENEmersons Green Running ClubGBRtba(e)
23Tom HutchingsMSENGBRtba(e)
24Gary CoultartM50Bitton Road RunnersGBRtba(m)
25Yvie FisherW45Royal Wootton Basset HoundsGBRtba(m)
26Sarah NewnesW45Thornbury running clubGBRtba(m)
27Theodore RobertsMSENGBRtba(e)
28Sandy KingW45Southville RCGBRtba(m)
29Kevin GrimleyM50Southville RCGBRtba(m)
30Samantha KellyW50Wootton Bassett Hounds RCGBRtba(m)
31Alan EveryM50GBRtba(e)
32*Anna ThomasW55Emersons Green RCGBRtba(m)
33James AveryMSENGBRtba(e)
35Greg TurnerMSENSouthville RCGBRtba(e)
36Anna PleasanceWSENSouthville RCGBRtba(e)
37Peat RebeccaWSENGBRtba(l)
38Daniel BallMSENGBRtba(l)
39Lisa WaltersW45GBRtba(l)
40Michael GrinhamM50Bitton Road RunnersGBRtba(m)
41Sheila ClarkW60BittonGBRtba(m)
42Warren LewisM45GBRtba(l)
43Nick WilsonMSENGBRtba(l)
44Lucy CartlidgeWSENGBRtba(l)
45Liam DunnMSENEmersons green running clubGBRtba(e)
46Leanne FordW40Emerson Green Running Club GBRtba(m)
47Steven BurgeM40Emersons Green Running ClubGBRtba(e)
48Anne BurgeWSENEmersons Green Running ClubGBRtba(e)
49Leanne WeeksW40Emersons Green Running ClubGBRtba(e)
50Graham WrightMSENEmersons Green Running Club GBRtba(e)
51*Eoin McQuoneM45CLC StridersGBRtba(l)
52Paul DownieM40Southville Running ClubGBRtba(m)
53Terri LingardWSENGBRtba(e)
54Sarah AshbyWSENGBRtba(e)
55Philip DavisM60Royal Wootton Bassett HoundsGBRtba(l)
56*Caius FreemanMSENNorth Bristol Running GroupGBRtba(e)
57Robert HobbsMSENGBRtba(l)
58Carrie GurnseyWSENGBRtba(l)
59Lily SouthamWSENGBRtba(l)
60Nathan LandegM40GBRtba(l)
61Rachel SandemanWSENThis Mum RunsGBRtba(e)
62Paul MackesonMSENGBRtba(m)
63Beccy TarlingW45Team Bath ACGBRtba(e)
64Debbie HeywoodW40Team Bath ACGBRtba(e)
65Moe WhitehallW60Royal Wootten BassettGBRtba(e)
66Jocelyn ReidW40GBRtba(m)
67Mike ReidM40GBRtba(m)
68Tracy WardW45Bitton Road RunnersGBRtba(m)
69Gemma AddisonWSENGBRtba(e)
70Bryant AlexMSENGBRtba(e)
71Karen ValdezW40Royal Wootton BassettGBRtba(e)
72Matt BurchMSENNorth Bristol Running ClubGBRtba(l)
73Matt LewisM45GBRtba(m)
74Stewart PalmerM45GBRtba(m)
75Paul BarberM45GBRtba(m)
76Wendy GwinnethW40Emersons Green Running ClubGBRtba(e)
77Shaun MaunderMSENSouthville RCGBRtba(m)
78Emma RobsonWSENGBRtba(e)
79Peter CableMSENGreat Western RunnersGBRtba(e)
80Debra JonesW55Women Running PenarthGBRtba(l)
81Barry WoodsM45Somer ACGBRtba(m)
82Debbie RichardsW45Women Running PenarthGBRtba(l)
83Susan LazarusW50Women running penarthGBRtba(l)
84Kirsty CarrW40Women’s running PenarthGBRtba(l)
85Matt PeglerM40Somer ACGBRtba(e)
86Oliver JohnsonMU19Bitton Road RunnersGBRtba(e)
87Gareth FordMSENGBRtba(l)
88Richard DawsonMSENNAGBRtba(m)
89Karen WarlowW50Women Running PenarthGBRtba(l)
90Lee BignellM40GBRtba(e)
91Dominic HincheyM50Emersons Green running clubGBRtba(m)
92Georgina HoughtonWSENJust RunGBRtba(e)
93Julie Anne KellawayW40Just RunGBRtba(e)
94Debbie EmeryW40GBRtba(e)
95Richard BlytheMSENGBRtba(m)
96Roisin QuinnWSENGBRtba(m)
97Harry NeillMSENGBRtba(m)
98Rich GriffinM40GBRtba(m)
99Simon KnappMSENGBRtba(m)
100Chris JoyceMSENGBRtba(m)
101Vanessa RedmondW55NBRGGBRtba(l)
102Sue CampbellW60Bristol & West AC (est. 1882)GBRtba(e)
103Peter HancockMSENSomer ACGBRtba(m)
104Les SimmonsM50GBRtba(e)
105Lucy RichensW40Westbury HarriersGBRtba(m)
106Emma CockramW40GBRtba(e)
107Stewart KnottM40GBRtba(e)
108Chris HobbsM45GBRtba(m)
109Helen ClarkW40Bristol & West AC (est. 1882)GBRtba(e)
110Alison Wherry-AlimoW45Bitton Road RunnersGBRtba(l)
111Tom WellerMSENGBRtba(e)
112Mark TaylorM40Wootton Bassett Hounds RCGBRtba(l)
113Aimee SavageWU23GBRtba(e)
114Hannah SpargoW40Wootton Bassett Hounds RCGBRtba(l)
115*Kerry RiddifordWSENNew Berkeley HarriersGBRtba(m)
116James CaolaM55Fry Club JoggersGBRtba(m)
117Simon JonesMSENGBRtba(e)
118Carmen FisherWSENGBRtba(m)
119Nathan ReeveM45Emerson green running club GBRtba(e)
120Ken HamM55Westbury HarriersGBRtba(e)
121Yasmin RomeWSENGBRtba(e)
122Emma JoyceWSENGBRtba(e)
123Elspeth DuncanWSENGBRtba(l)
124Simon DunkM65VCACGBRtba(m)
125Christine Ireland W40GBRtba(e)
126Zoe HainesW40GBRtba(e)
127Susan SideyW50Bath Amphibians Triathlon ClubGBRtba(e)
128Maria SageW40GBRtba(m)
129Steven MillerM40WESTFIELD TTGBRtba(e)
130Claire PerryW40GBRtba(m)
131Simon BridgewaterMSENNBRGGBRtba(l)
132Amy JonesWSENGBRtba(l)
133Mel BoundW45This Mum RunsGBRtba(e)
134*Andre SwanepoelM45Lonely Goat RCGBRtba(e)
135*Steve ReynoldsM50UKrunchat Running ClubGBRtba(e)
136Peter GandonMSENBristol & West AC (est. 1882)GBRtba(e)
137Bradley VaughanMSENGBRtba(l)
138Alice MorrisWSENBristol up and runningGBRtba(m)
139David BryanMSENGBRtba(l)
140David TownsendM45Corsham RCGBRtba(m)
141Ross LawsonMSENGBRtba(m)
142Brian PetersM45GBRtba(e)
143Mark PalmerM45GBRtba(e)
144Darren WilkinsonM40GBRtba(e)
145Larisa GreenW45GBRtba(l)
146Sian EbdenWSENGBRtba(l)
147Andrew WarrM50GBRtba(l)
148Jill WringW50Cheddar Running ClubGBRtba(l)
149Kev OwenM40GBRtba(e)
150Mark DavinMSENGBRtba(e)
151Polly AinsleyWSENBristol & West AC (est. 1882)GBRtba(e)
152Jenny MiltonWSENUnattached GBRtba(m)
153Aaron SuttonMU23#teamsuttonGBRtba(e)
154Hannah WilliamsWSEN#teamsuttonGBRtba(l)
155Gemma AbbottWSENGBRtba(e)
156*Maddy DawsonWSENNorth Bristol Running GroupGBRtba(e)
157*James RogersMSENNorth Bristol Running GroupGBRtba(e)
158Mark MattockMSENGBRtba(m)
159Sarah BaggsWSENGBRtba(e)
160Dax MellorM45GBRtba(e)
161Isobel DaviesWSENGBRtba(e)
162Robert DaviesMSENGBRtba(e)
163Claire CoombesWSENGBRtba(e)
164Mark SellickM40GBRtba(m)
165Thomas SimpsonMSENGBRtba(m)
166Simon ShellardWSEN.GBRtba(l)
167Tom HillMSENGoodgym BristolGBRtba(l)
168Will PopeMSENGBRtba(l)
169Emily HargraveWSENGBRtba(l)
170Craig SuttonM40#teamsuttonGBRtba(l)
171Andrew PresttMSENGBRtba(l)
172Joanna FlattWSENVegan Runners UKGBRtba(e)
173William HardingMSENGBRtba(e)
174Hannah GravesonWSENGBRtba(m)
175Andrew TrippMSENGBRtba(m)
177Gary DyerMSENGBRtba(e)
178Lucinda DixonWSENNorth Bristol Triathlon ClubGBRtba(e)
179Malcolm DixonMSENNorth Bristol Triathlon ClubGBRtba(m)
180Thomas ConstantineM45GBRtba(l)
181Sarah PughWSENCoach/leaderGBRtba(e)
182Teresa LovernW60Somer AACGBRtba(e)
183Jeremy SmartM45Somer ACGBRtba(e)
184Wendy LawrenceW60Forest of Dean Athletic ClubGBRtba(l)
185Kirsty PriorW45GBRtba(e)
186Matt PriorM40GBRtba(e)
187Mark LuffmanM50Royal Wootton Bassett HoundsGBRtba(m)
188Eva GoodheadW40Forest of Dean ACGBRtba(l)
189Ben WilliamsMSENN/AGBRtba(e)
190Magdalena ColeWSENKingswood Tri Club (Bristol)GBRtba(m)
191Brad RobbinsMSENEmerson Green Running Club GBRtba(m)
192Caroline SandallW45GBRtba(m)
194Alex MasseyM60GBRtba(l)
195Carolyn TrippickWSENSomer ACGBRtba(m)
196Maggie SalterW55Bristol & West AC (est. 1882)GBRtba(e)
197Dave SalterM60Bristol & West AC (est. 1882)GBRtba(e)
198Ian GohMSENGBRtba(l)
199Laura HumphreysWSENGBRtba(m)
200Lee GawlerMSENGBRtba(e)
201Samantha BellW40Fry Club JoggersGBRtba(l)

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