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(C) BTO SOUL 8 Danestone Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=64, Online=100%)

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Emit Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Men Open (M18-M35) (6)
5HireAlasdair RaynorM18INVOCGBRtba(l)
10HireAlexander MaclachlanM21GRAMPGBRtba
32HireMark StocktonM35GRAMPENGtba(e)
50HireGordon UrquhartM40GRAMPGBRtba(l)
56HireBen BrownM18ESOCGBRtba(l)
57HireAlistair ChapmanM18MAROCGBRtba(m)

Men Veteran (M40+) (5)
11HireJohn LangM50GRAMPGBRtba(e)
26HireNick LangleyM45CLYDEGBRtba(m)
27HireJeremy HuthwaiteM50GRAMPSCOtba
43HirePeter McLuckieM45MORSCOtba(m)
46HireAndrew CampbellM50MORGBRtba(l)

Men Super Veteran (M55+) (11)
3HireIan MaxwellM55RRSCOtba(l)
9HireStuart AndersonM55GRAMPGBRtba
15HireSam GomersallM55GRAMPGBRtba(e)
28500025Robert HicklingM60GRAMPGBRtba
29HireIan HamiltonM55GRAMPGBRtba
31HireTrevor RickettsM55MAROCGBRtba(e)
39HireEvgueni ChepelinM55GRAMPGBRtba(e)
40198448Keith RobertsM55MAROCGBRtba
48HireDonald PetrieM60CLYDESCOtba(l)
54HireKeith BrownM55ESOCGBRtba(l)
58HireDavid RobertsonM55ESOCGBRtba(m)

Men Ultra Veteran (M65+) (5)
1HireRobin StrainM65ELOGBRtba(m)
14HireAlan MacGregorM65GRAMPSCOtba(e)
18408624Les SmithardM65KFOSCOtba(m)
34HireAlastair LessellsM70ESOCGBRtba
62HireTed FinchM65FVOSCOtba(l)

Men Hyper Veteran (M75+) (0)

Men Junior (M16-) (3)
6HireFinlay RaynorM14INVOCGBRtba(l)
13HirePatrick LangM14GRAMPGBRtba(e)
64HireSam GriffinM14GRAMPGBRtba(l)

Men Young Junior (M12-) (3)
25HireAndrew TwiggM12FVOSCOtba
42HireFinlay McLuckieM10MORSCOtba(m)
61HireCalum RobertsonM10ESOCGBRtba(m)

Women Open (W18-W35) (6)
17HireJosie GomersallW18GRAMPGBRtba(e)
20HireJennifer RickettsW21EUOCGBRtba(e)
30HireFay WalshW21EUOCGBRtba(e)
33HireKirstin MaxwellW21RRSCOtba(l)
44HireCarolyn HindleW21FVOENGtba(m)
45HireLaura HindleW20FVOENGtba(m)

Women Veteran (W40+) (9)
7HireAlison MathesonW45INVOCGBRtba(l)
12HireMarianne LangW50GRAMPGBRtba(e)
21HireLaura FarquharsonW50GRAMPGBRtba
24HireNicola MelvilleW45FVOSCOtba
41HireMorag McLuckieW45MORSCOtba(m)
47HireElizabeth CampbellW50MORGBRtba(l)
51HireElizabeth BarrW50MORGBRtba(l)
55HireJudith BellW45ESOCGBRtba(l)
59HireHanne RobertsonW45ESOCGBRtba(m)

Women Super Veteran (W55+) (5)
4HireEileen MaxwellW55RRSCOtba(l)
8HireHelen AndersonW55GRAMPGBRtba
16HireLesley GomersallW55GRAMPGBRtba(e)
38HireCaz DudleyW55MAROCSCOtba(e)
49HireAmelia PetrieW60CLYDESCOtba(l)

Women Ultra Veteran (W65+) (4)
2HireSheila StrainW70ELOGBRtba(m)
19194803Heather SmithardW65KFOSCOtba(m)
35HireKathleen LessellsW70ESOCGBRtba
63HireVal FinchW65FVOSCOtba(l)

Women Hyper Veteran (W75+) (0)

Women Junior (W16-) (3)
22HireMorven FarquharsonW14GRAMPGBRtba
23HireKirsty FarquharsonW14GRAMPGBRtba
53HireRachel BrownW16ESOCGBRtba(l)

Women Young Junior (W12-) (2)
52HireMegan BrownW10ESOCGBRtba(l)
60HireMaja RobertsonW12ESOCGBRtba(m)

Course 1 Open (1)
66HirePhil CampbellM21GRAMPGBRtba

Course 2 Open (0)

Course 3 Open (0)

Course 4 Open (0)

Course 5 Open (0)

Course 6 Open (0)

Course 7 Open (1)
65HireNoah GriffinM12GRAMPGBRtba(l)

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