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Pontyclun Santa Fun Run 2018 Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=69, Online=100%)

Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename.

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Name Age
Club Country  
5K Run (52)
28Alexander BurrellMU9GBR
27Amanda BurrellW50Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
26Steve BurrellM50Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
43Tim DaviesM45Pontyclun road runners GBR
42Victoria DaviesW40Pontyclun road runners GBR
69Joanne DendleW45Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
63Emily DentWU13Cardiff archersGBR
1Mike DonnellyM45Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
18Linda DoyleW45Pontyclun Road Runners GBR
62Russ FraM55GBR
61Lynne FrancisW65GBR
17Gill GubbingsW65Pontyclun Road Runners GBR
56Caroline HellardWSENPontyclun road runners GBR
22Kerry HillW40Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
60Kelly HumphreysWSENCanton ChargersGBR
39Alan JacksonM55PRRGBR
12Rhyddian JohnM40Pontyclun RoadrunnersGBR
21Madeline JonesWU10GBR
19Nat Kendrick-doyleW40POntyclun Road RunnersGBR
47Bethan LambertWU9GBR
44Clare LambertW40GBR
45Gareth LambertMSENGBR
46Rhys LambertMU11GBR
25Kay LawlessW55Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
29Fay LawrenceWSENPontyclun Road RunnersGBR
24Jon MeadM60Pontyclun RoadrunnersGBR
23Vicky MeadW50Pontyclun RoadrunnersGBR
20Katie Mortimer-JonesW40Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
36Ruth NorthwayW55Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
55Tara PhillipsWSENPontyclun Road RunnersGBR
41Nicola PrewettW45Pontyclun RoadrunnersGBR
34Sarah ReesWSENPontyclun Road RunnersGBR
9Chloe RobertsonWU11GBR
10Freya RobertsonWU8GBR
8Gresham RobertsonM40GBR
11Sarah RobertsonW40GBR
58Kath RodgersWSENGBR
59Sarah ShepheardWSENPontyclun Road runners GBR
7Stephen ShepheardM60Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
16David ShewringMSENPontyclun Road RunnersGBR
35Jack SmithMSENPontyclun Road RunnersGBR
40Victoria ThomasW40GBR
57Emma TippingsW45Ponyclun road runnersGBR
30Ben TrotmanMSENPontyclun Road RunnersGBR
2Tanya TyeWSENPontyclun Road arunnersGBR
49Charlie Williams MU8GBR
51Chris WilliamsM45GBR
54Gracie WilliamsWU11GBR
52Harry WilliamsMU23GBR
53Ollie WilliamsMU9GBR
48Richard WilliamsM40GBR
50Eleanor WorganWSENGBR

3.5K Run or Walk (17)
37Martin CharlesM40Pontyclun RoadrunnersGBR
38Thomas CharlesMU6GBR
65Hannah DaviesWSENGBR
64Matthew DaviesM45GBR
68Nia DaviesWU10GBR
66Oliver DaviesMU6GBR
67Rhys EmmottMU13GBR
13Angharad JohnWSENGBR
14Max John MU12GBR
15Millie JohnWU8GBR
6Ellen ShepheardW60GBR
31Mandy Thomas-gullifordW40Pontyclun roadrunnersGBR
33Seren Thomas-gullifordWU5GBR
32Tiana Thomas-gullifordWU6GBR
3Kevin TyeM40GBR
5Ruby TyeWU3GBR
4Tegan TyeWU8GBR

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