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Rose Inn Race Series Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=43, Online=100%, Event1=39, Event2=42, Event3=38, Event4=39)

Event 108/05/2018 Rose Inn Series Event 1
Event 212/06/2018 Rose Inn Series Event 2
Event 310/07/2018 Rose Inn Series Event 3
Event 414/08/2018 Rose Inn Series Event 4

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Name Age
Club Country   Start Times
Event 1Event 2Event 3Event 4
4 mile road race (43)
1Mark BurbidgeMSENChepstow HarriersGBRtbatbatbatba
2Lyndsay PoulsomWSENPont-y-pwl & districtGBRtbatbatbatba
3Jeremy CreaseyM50Spirit of Monmouth GBRtbatbatbatba
4Anne BeardW50Pont-y-pwlGBRtbatbatbatba
5Nicholas CardM55Ponty-y-pwl and district runnersGBRtbatbatbatba
6Jayne WaltersW45Pont-y-pwl & District RunnersGBRtbatbatbatba
7Kimberley PriceWSENParc Bryn Bach RCGBRtbatbatbatba
8Marcus SmithM45Parc Bryn Bach RCGBRtbatbatbatba
9Andrew SmithMSENPont-Y-Pwl & District RunnersGBRtbatbatbatba
10Andrew KnottMSENForest of Dean ACGBRtbatbatbatba
11Louise EvansW45GBRtba
12David CornerM50GBRtba
13Peter Covington JonesM60Forest of Dean ACGBRtbatba
14Ian BellM55San Domenico Road RCGBRtbatbatbatba
15Rhys PippardMSENPont-Y-Pwl & District RunnersGBRtbatbatbatba
16Deborah SatchellW50Pont-y-pwl & District RunnersGBRtbatbatba
17Jen WilliamsWSENCaerphilly RunnersGBRtbatbatbatba
18Clare PattersonWSENPont-y-pwl & District RunnersGBRtbatbatbatba
19Alan RobertsonM60Forest of Dean ACGBRtbatbatbatba
20Stephen LaphamM45GBRtbatbatbatba
21Rich HolmesM50GBRtbatbatbatba
22Ben SkinnerMSENHereford CouriersGBRtbatbatbatba
23Laurence PoleM40Pontypridd Roadents ACGBRtbatbatbatba
24Nick HaywardM40San Domenico RCGBRtbatbatbatba
25Claire BellW50Les Croupiers RCGBRtbatbatbatba
26David GeorgeM45Les Croupiers RCGBRtbatbatbatba
27Claire GeorgeW45Les Croupiers RCGBRtbatbatbatba
28Helen HubbackW45Les Croupiers RCGBRtbatbatbatba
29Angela ChampionW40Les Croupiers RCGBRtbatbatbatba
30Godfrey RonM55PontypoolGBRtbatbatbatba
31Alun JonesM50Pontypwl and DistrictGBRtbatbatbatba
32Hilary MathesonW60CaldicotGBRtbatba
33Katy RoyWSENChepstow HarriersGBRtbatbatbatba
34Andy HiscocksMSENGBRtbatbatbatba
35Kath ParkinsonW40Pont-y-Pwl & District RunnersGBRtbatbatbatba
36Martin NortonMSENLliswerry RunnersGBRtbatbatbatba
37Nicola CoganWSENGBRtba
38Joseph ReardonMU16Aberdare Valley Amateur ACGBRtbatbatbatba
39Mike ChippingM65Bristol & West AC (est. 1882)GBRtbatbatbatba
40Wayne StewartM50Forest of Dean ACGBRtbatbatbatba
41Robert GaleMSENParc Bryn Bach RCGBRtbatbatbatba
42Zoe ElverW45Lliswerry runners GBRtbatbatbatba
43Charlie NortheyM50Brecon ACGBRtbatbatbatba

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