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(C) Welsh League - Whitford Burrows (Gower) Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=26, Online=100%)

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Brown (5)
29711993Ben MitchellM21SBOCCYMtba
39005240Megan Carter-DaviesW21MWOCCYMtba
112080001Matthew PickeringM21UBOCGBRtba
17347572Peter LakeM40SBOCCYMtba(h)
212080002Wah Kin Michael LaiM21UBOCGBRtba

Blue (12)
18190558Steve JonesM55SBOCCYMtba(h)
58643401Victoria McCreadieW35RSOCENGtba(e)
7400402David MitchellM55SBOCCYMtba(e)
97733136David PalM50WREGBRtba(e)
102105233Esther RevellW21LEIGBRtba
128070579Tereza Maria RushW35BOKGBRtba(l)
141401147Robert GriffithsM70MWOCCYMtba
162059633Phil ConwayM50GOGBRtba(l)
201978730Kerina LakeW35SBOCCYMtba(h)
221963308Gill LockW50SBOCGBRtba
24681744David PalmerM70BOKGBRtba(m)
26333073Anna BurganovaW21SBOCGBRtba(m)

Green (5)
48641854Peter RibbansM60SWOCCYMtba(m)
840227Robert TeedM75NGOCCYMtba
152059634Keiko ConwayW55GOGBRtba(e)
23HireStanley SzajdaM70SBOCGBRtba
251412025Anne PalmerW65BOKGBRtba(m)

Short Green (0)

Light Green (1)
19347566William LakeM12SBOCCYMtba(h)

Orange (2)
138180406Ella May RushW12BOKGBRtba(l)
18HireFrederick LakeM12SBOCCYMtba(h)

Yellow (1)
6HireMccreadie RussellM10RSOCENGtba(l)

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