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Meirionnydd RC Membership to 31/03/2018 Member List

Member Statistics (Total=47, Online=91%)

Postal members (nnn*) were last uploaded on 05 April 2017

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Name Age
Senior (20 - 64) (39)
1tbaNich BradleyM60GBR
2tbaElly DowningW40GBR
3tbaTomos RobertsMSENGBR
4tbaArfon HughesM45GBR
5tbaMat FenwickMSENGBR
6tbaJustin PilkingtonM45GBR
7tbaAnneliese LoveluckW45GBR
8tbaSteve LoveluckM50GBR
9tbaAdam PrestonM45GBR
11tbaJuliet EdwardsW55GBR
12tbaSandra WilliamsW45GBR
13tbaGlyn RowlandsM60GBR
14tbaDylan EvansM55GBR
15tbaJude EvansW50GBR
16tbaJeremy RandellM50GBR
17tbaClive EdgingtonM60GBR
18*tbaJimmy CarterM40GBR
20tbaTristan EvansMSENGBR
21tbaOlly DowningM40GBR
22tbaSioned Mair JonesW40GBR
24tbaDavid RayboneM50GBR
26tbaKevin EvansM55GBR
27tbaMpho BogatsuW45GBR
28tbaPeter BarnesM55GBR
29tbaGudrun JonesW60GBR
30tbaGwion RobertsMSENGBR
31tbaSteffan OwenMSENGBR
35tbaBen WellsM40GBR
37*tbaDave RiceM70GBR
38*tbaJeff DaviesM65GBR
39tbaAndrea VaughanW45GBR
40tbaSarah HarrisWSENGBR
41tbaAllanah FenwickWSENGBR
42tbaSue BarnesW55GBR
43tbaNaomi ParryWSENGBR
44tbaFrankie VaughanM60GBR
46tbaCara EvansWU23GBR
47tbaJacqueline FowlerW50GBR
48tbaHaydn FowlerM55GBR

Junior (11 - 19) (0)

Concession (65+) (1)
19*tbaSheila SymmondsW80GBR

Second Claim (1)
34tbaBen WellsM40GBR

Social (6)
10tbaJanet PrestonW45GBR
23tbaArthur Wyn WilliamsM55GBR
25tbaMary BradleyW60GBR
32tbaChristine OwenW45GBR
33tbaKevin OwenM45GBR
45tbaAlan WilliamsM45GBR

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